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Is my english really THAT bad!?

I mean, our english teacher must think Im the worst english pupil in class. and I always write longer texts without as many failures as the others, I always try to pronounce the words as good as I can, but my english teacher are all "WORK MORE WITH YOUR ENGLISH BECAUSE I THINK YOU NEED TO >:U" as if I were really bad, which I cant believe since I talk better english then my friends, or... so they say.

Im not saying that Im the BEST in class when it comes to english, but many of the others in class are _REALLY_ bad. I mean, when they are writing "Bad" as "Bæd". and they always laught when someone says "Sad" because its pronounced just like "Sæd" which is norwegian for "sperm" >.< I mean, seriosly :I

and I usually do help my friends with their english, because they think Im better than them, and I do, but I think I should stop doing that because our teacher tells me that Im BAD in english. this makes me even more unsure about going to Canada with class, if my english really is THAT bad X___X

Yeah, I do really make a big deal about this. why? because I work hard with my english so you guys can understand what Im saying.

Today I had nothing to do in class because we had "Studietid" (google translate that <_<) and I didn't have any books with me to do my homework, so I began drawing on my computer. THEN our english teacher (Stig) came to me and said "Put away your computer and stand working". then I told him that I had nothing to do, because my books are at home and I didn't know we had "Studietid". then he said "You could work with english because I think you NEED to do that!".

FFFH IT MADE ME SO SAD ;___; and some other pupils were annoying me with things like "DO YOU HAVE CS? WHAT KIND OF PHOTOSHOP DO YOU HAVE? HAVE YOU DRAWN YOU DESKTOP PICTURE????" and such, and they said that to be mean, not to be kind.

Im off... and I hope you did understand SOMETHING of this...
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
8 years, 3 months ago
You write better English than most people on the net. That's all I know. xD
8 years, 3 months ago
yeah... I just got a note on youtube from someone who used numbers as letters and such x_x...
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