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OpenDNS Not So Open

Here’s what sucks (and appears at the time being that there’s no way around this).  Net admin decided to go ahead and use OpenDNS, which is supposed to be one of the world’s most secure DNS servers.  Part of me would love to belt out laughing, because history has shown that anyone who makes a bogus claim as such is usually proven wrong in, I don’t know, a rather macabre way.  That aside, I despise OpenDNS for one reason:  they’re rather ban happy – meaning that anything considered lewd, adult, or otherwise morally questionable is outright banned from access across their servers.  Among these sites are:

DeviantART (partial ban – browse.deviantart.com subdomain only).  Reason: Adult Themes, Pornography.  
(This means I can’t search the site for particular works of art, not even Azlynn).

Inkbunny (full ban – invalid SSL certificate).  Reason: Pornography

DailyRotten (full ban).  Reason: Adult Themes

Filestube (full ban).  Reason: P2P/File-sharing

Oddly enough, FurAffinity is not blacklisted at all.  I find that oddly peculiar, since FA is older than Inkbunny and hosts pretty much the same lewd adult artwork as its cousin site.  I find this kind of regulation rather gross and insulting, given the fact that someone, somewhere, has decided that I am too naive to view porn.  Well let’s see – I’m 28, and in America that means I’m able to vote and drink, and I pay my taxes.  So I get particularly pissed off when the one site I go to on the WHOLE INTERNET to learn how to draw is blacklisted.  Nevermind that I get most of my news of the world from DailyRotten.  

I can only guess that OpenDNS does this to protect the little children.  Two things about that – the first being that it isn’t the responsibility of a DNS or ISP to police the Internet, and two, it’s the fucking parent’s responsibility to monitor the Internet use of the child.  So let me get this straight: child predators consistently scour Internet chatrooms for kids to sex up, which isn’t blocked at all.  But seeing an image of Furry characters fucking each other is going to scar the kid for life, eh?  I’m sorry, perspective parent, but your ten year old son has, at one time or another, gotten a boner and/or masturbated to a picture of a Playboy bunny.  I think I’d be a little more worried about a sex predator trolling my child online than him seeing a image of bare titties staring him directly in the face.  At least if my son is masturbating to that, I’d take comfort in the fact that he’s perfectly normal.

And if there’s any religious tenants behind the banning of the Adult Themes/Pornography bit on OpenDNS, then it really isn’t open at all.  “Thou shalt always keep thy religion to thyself,” as George Carlin would say.

PS:  Oh, and one more thing before I forget to mention it.  It’s my understanding that in order to view adult artwork on Inkbunny, DeviantART, or any other art hosting site for that matter, not only do you have to have an account to access the site, but you also have to be 18 or older to view the rather lewd content.  If a child is sly as a slithering snake and lying about his or her age to gain access to adult materials to jerk off to, that’s not my problem.
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
Excellent rant and I know what you mean. It rather ticks me off too that there is one soapbox stander or another trying to get porn censored or even removed from the net and all in the name of "protecting kids" seems to be a dubious form of child explotation in my opinion. Some of these people are even parents and to me it even seems like they want ISPs, Hollywood, Schools and so forth to raise and keep an eye on their kids when it is the parents job to do their own parenting.
I feel the same way as you, if I wanted to have a son and had one I would keep in mind that by a certain age sex hormones would start pumping through him. I too would rather he masturbate to porn than risk going out and having sex with a random stranger and risk getting an STD.
Again, excellent rant and I'll step down from my soapbox now.
7 years, 1 month ago
I agree.
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