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CFZ Meme

Copied from another Journal

What is your gender?
- Male

How old are you?
- 30

How tall are you?
- 5'10"

Are you in a relationship?
- Indeed with

Where are you staying?
- The hotel

What day are you getting there?
- The Day before 21st

Who will you be with?
-  Several People

Do you have art in the art show?
- Nope.

What suit(s) will you have?
- None

Can I dance with you?
- I can't dance so i never do

Can I touch you?
- Hugs and Snugs yes nothing more tho :P poking maybe

Can I talk to you?
- If you can get a word out of me, i am usually listening to my security radio

Can I hug you?
- Yes you can, just not tight

Can I take photos of you/with you?
- Why would you want to D: i don't have a suit

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
- Yes, you can indeed

Do you drink Alcohol/Smoke?
- I smoke an e-cig not real ones and i drink yes

Can I give you lots of money?
- Sure i am skint!

Can we hang out?
- Sure, most of the time tho i will be doing security

Where will you be most of the time during the con?
- Ermm around the Art Show and places where i do security lol or the pool :D

Who are you rooming with?

Attending any events?
- Pawpets yes, not sure about anything else

How can I find you at the con?
- Just look around for me xD i am usually working

Are you doing anything in line with the theme?
- No :(
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