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"School Festival Band" pony crew info

Okay. I got a reference sheet done, but I am waiting for a "high-resolution" artwork file for my paid adoptable "Flair Breeze" from "Goddess-of-BUTTSECKS" on DA. Also, I can't fit all of the character info in my reference sheet.. So I might as well make it here, FA, and DA journals!

Gender: Female
Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: Pocket Watch
Talent: Detect time as well "be on time"
Info: A super-active little Earth pony who has the talent to tell time (in a non-magical way), as well speed her way to her marked schedule. She is the lead singer and the motherstorm of the band she came up with herself and Soaring Flames, before they met up with Flair Breeze and Ice Note. Both Timepiece and Soaring are fillyhood friends, first met when little Timepiece defends Soaring from being bullied. Oddly enough, Timepiece is also titled as "Jessica's stalker".

Soaring Flames (Jessica Ushiromiya)
Gender: Female
Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: a flaming bird with wings designed based on the family emblem
Talent: Casting "flaming hooves" on combat
Info: A strong-hearted pony who had the talent to ignite "flaming hooves" when it "sparks" to protect her friends. Jessica is a rich pony, currently living on a small private island named Roukenjima. (Her family loves to pull "fancy" names and titles, says Jessi.) She is also the class president (by force), and a non-Cutie-Mark talent of playing the guitar. (She practices the guitar after school and ships home late.) Since fillyhood, she is a weak little pony due to being anti-social because of her family (and influence) background, but Timepiece demonstrate her bravery and friendship that Jessica look up to her and became the tough pony today.

Flair Breeze
Gender: Male
Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: Ice-colored, heart-shaped music note with the tail in flames
Talent: Making fast-pased yet "cool" music
Info: A pony with the the personality of "hot and cold" (like his cutie-mark), as well the talent to pull a breezy yet hyperactive tunes with his instruments, especially the guitar. He was recruited by Timepiece and Jessica for the school festival band. He respects everypony's genre interests and takes a second chance at listening to songs he is not familiar with. Jessica label him as "hippie on the backstage to a crazy rock star on the concert"!

Ice Note
Gender: Male
Type: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Ice-covered music note
Talent: Arranging icy-trance music (IE: Frozen Ray by dj TAKA)
Ifno: Quiet yet cherry, he has a dream of becoming a DJ when he is out of school. Like his cutie-mark; a ice-covered music note, he composes his own music on the private (mostly work on trance music). When assigned to the band, he can play the drums with his unicorn magic. Oh and his favorite animals are bunnies. He never gets bored at his music love, as well having friends to keep his shy personality company.
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