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Fa Bullcrap and movement to another site

Most of my watchers and people I talk to know that I have been in a drag out fight with the FA owner Dragoneer recently well I can say it is over.  Long story condensed here for everyone to know.  I do perler bead work some of my work is done based on other artists on Deviant Art.  I have asked permission from them to do them and its been alright till lately I noticed a Perler bead artist from the UK I watched her page to see what she came up with.  I started to notice that the same works I had done were put up at first no big deal I mean its a couple Inuyahsa characters that I had asked permission to do.  Then I noticed some Custom stuff that I had made was reproduced and in her gallery.  This got Anger level to hit close to a 9 out of 10 on my pissed off scale.  I contacted the artist asking why she had taken my work and reproduced it without crediting who I got permission to make it from and why she had reproduced original work that I came up with myself.  I simply got a reply of go fuck myself.   No problem I reported the works to FA admins as stolen art and explained she didn't credit the artist and had stolen my personal work.  I was contacted by a Admin ( I will not reveal their name here unless PM'ed ) they said they looked at it and there was no case here.  I explained everything to this admin again how I didn't mind the Inuyasha characters I had made were reproduced since I do not own Inuyasha.

 HOWEVER I would like it that she at least credited the original artist that I got permission from and to please take down my Original art that was remade.  The admin then again spoke to me telling me if I made even a single shout or comment towards that artist I would be banned.  I went over the admins head to Dragoneer and told him about how I was being threatened for following THE FA RULES..I was told show proof so I went to my PM folder to find that EVERY PM to and from any Admin I had contacted that was in my archive folder , inbox and trash were gone deleted completely.  I told this to Dragoneer who said Admins cannot look at PM's  they cannot even delete them without his permission.  Since I didn't have proof I told him that someone deleted them  and it wasnt me but oh well.  I posted up a Artist Beware journal about this situation.  I didnt find out till later that the admin that was handling the case was good friends and later I was told is dating Dragoneer.  I cant prove the dating thing though.  So clearly on Artist Beware dragoneer and some of his friends came on and squashed me then harassed me about how I had no case.  I was going to just drop the whole thing and try to go on after being told I would be suspended for 3 days for arguing with a FA admin.  I pull up my firefox browser the next morning and its counting down my suspension time I checked my accounts later that day before a trip to see some friends only to find that I was completely Permabanned I went to my Email and there was ZERO notification as to why.   So I contact one of the admins though Deviant Art.   They inform me that only Dragoneer can Permaban people and to wait till my suspension period was over and it should be lifted.  

OK NO PROBLEM!  Well the 3 days went by still Banned.  I start trying to Email Dragoneer only to find out there was a problem with his ISP and he had no internet I wait a few more days find out he has net back so I start to contact him.  I come to find out that I am being either ignored or Dragoneer was too scared to contact me.  The admin that I had contacted though DA blocked me and I came to learn that a GAG ORDER was placed on the situation several of my watchers had asked as to why I was banned and when I was going to be allowed back they were ignored showing the LOW LOW level of professionalism from Dragoneer and his admin team.  One of my watchers even wishes to put a petition up to get signatures for dragoneer to see that I should be allowed back into FA.

So far I dont know if he has tried that.  Worst of all I have customers that cannot contact me due to I cant view their pages on FA and send them my contact info.  Anyhow I had limited upload ability here on Inkbunny with the AUP not allowing my human looking perler bead work that's no biggie so I found Artspots.  A non adult Furry art site.  I looked into it and joined so my artwork can be found there both Anthro and non-Anthro.  I had been uploading old and new work onto there when Dragoneer finally contacted me on Live Journal saying that I was banned because I lied about having permission for my art.  I asked him who they contacted and he said that he asked around on DA as part of a fact finding ordeal that he did not like.  My mate jumped in when Dragoneer and another person were misspelling my name and were getting the bare bones facts wrong and twisted.  My mate was then threatened with a ban on Livejournal if she continued to support that I was right they were wrong.    AGAIN showing off the NONEXISTENT LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM IN DRAGONEER AND HIS ADMINS.

So we have let it drop I do not wish things to go badly for my Mate.  We both upload though Artspots my mate still on FA.  The other day my Mate found a place on the web she could build her own art buisness site so she created the buisness webpage that can be found under our Studio Name of

Frost Claw Studios the melding of her art studio : Fantasy Feathers Graphics and my own Dark Claw Designs.  Her hard work came up with our site here http://frostclawstudios.webs.com/

My Artspots account is found here :  http://kengi.artspots.com/

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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
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