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Thinking of Re-Designing my Fursona

After much thinking and in a drawing mood (my art materials were borrowed by my brother), i'm thinking of re-doing my fursona "Tiana" AKA the loli-bunny "Timer Rabbit" or "T-Rabbit".

For starters: I am starting to dislike brown hair (my real-life hair color is black, but there is no such "color" as it was meant to be a VERY DARK brown for most "Asain" people or those born with "black" hair). I have a hint for liking blonde/golden hair after admiring Jessica Ushiromiya TO NO END! (And no not the "American Blonde" type.)

The eyes... I'm thinking of a set of blue and red eyes because of:

1. The red represent the Timer from Pop'n I know, and normally demons have red eyes... And I pretty much a demon-chick fanatic.
2. The blue eyes is to match the idea of a blonde girl with blue eyes. Jessica (in the anime) has those too... So that helps I guess.

Next is the outfit. Choatic, Albido, and Tiana had similar outfits that themes a bubbly schoolgirl sci-fi universe. I'm tossing the sci-fi interest away and probably will make Tiana and the two Mithra "sisters" wear more 21st century fashion. (And no i'm not like "Rainbow Dash always dresses in style~" kind of person.)  I have a certain type of clothing set I like to wear.. But overall most of my clothing collection is mostly containing a simple tee with character art in it, LOL! But we'll see. With fashion, I am also love to exaggerate my fashion tastes with a bit of "skin". Like Tiana's fantasy self, I will be sure she will have "open-skin legs", much like the "Furniture" in "Umineko no Naku Koro Ni". (Because it's hot!)

After clothing is the accessories. Since i'm a artist and music lover, Tiana will probably have a special belt design for her to carry her stuff like pencils, pens, and a eraser, and also a .mp3 player and such. I wonder how bunnies wear headphones... I may figure out on giving her a unique-looking hat... But not sure what. :(

I am keeping her fur markings, but I may go further with "make-up" on her face.. Or have some kind of face mark on her face. I don't know, but I have this urge to slap a big black "X" on her face. O_o

For her age, she will be a semi-loli, but she is much older than you think. As much I can act stupid like I wanted to, I am not Derpy Hooves. I have a mind of my own, I am not interested in certain subjects to the point I am not motivated. (EX: Math.)

To end, I want to make a new alias for me/Timepiece. This happened when I saw Renard Queenston created his new alias "Darius", a badger-skunk. He was cool, okay? So... I want to find a name that people would love to call me besides "Timer Rabbit". As to help with my current personal mind: I am in a light yet psychotic mood at the moment, especially with my makina/hardcore collection. My artist page @ Facebook is nicknamed "Black Battler (Timer Rabbit)" because...

SPOILER: In one of the tips in Umineko Tsubasa and the upcoming Ougon Musou Kyoku X game, the "Black Battler" is Battler in the role as the (bloody) culprit. Basically I like Ryukishi07's new trolling trick with flipping the hero into a villan for a short time (or "tip").

I pretty much want a name that can suit both a hero and a villian, like "Timer Rabbit" works as a gender-questionable alias. (I'm a girl but I like to have a name as a man or both.) Something elegant yet modern would be nice as well. Plus points if you can somehow have a last name based on a rabbit type.

I can go and design my new Tiana, but if anyone wants to come up with a new alias for my artist portfolio at least, then feel free to leave a comment there.

 - Timer Rabbit
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
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