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FA's flaws

We've seen a lot of shit go down within the last month, lets go through some of it shall we?

1. The Transparency that Users were promised still does not exist
If it did, we would have known about the viglink incentive.  Mind you, my problem with it was not the fact that they did it, my problem with it was that according to the TOS (which since has been changed) said they would not record or distribute personal information, and then they proceeded to do it.  So they lied to their users, flat out lied.  I don't know about you guys, but I don't appreciate being lied to, especially when it concerns trivial bullshit.  Major ball was dropped on this one.

2. Administrator Inaction and Bias still exist
They know its there and they claim that they are trying to fix it, but it is still there because most people don't know how to be impartial (in an all honest case, that would be about the only place I would beat any mod or admin out because I like to think I'm VERY impartial.  But that alone isn't enough, plus I don't want it lol.).  Case in point, Nir.  I'll just put this right here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2678004/

Might it be considered baww by white knights? Sure but who gives a fuck about white knights?  The fact is that the bias DOES still exist and it favors the popufurs.

3. Promises keep getting broken
This wouldn't be as much of an issue if the userbase didn't keep getting guaranteed dates.  I of course am referring to the new UI.  It LOOKS nice and somewhat appealing, but how much longer is shit going to keep getting dragged out?  This is crazy.  I know shit takes time but when you give a time on something, people expect you to hit that time.  Lets say I ordered a pizza from you and you guaranteed it to me in 5 minutes.  I wait and 5 minutes go by, still no pizza.  Congratulations, you just pissed off a customer because they expected their pizza in 5 minutes.  Sure, coding a website and making a pizza are two completely different tasks, one being much more complex, but the lesson is exactly the same.

So, for now at least, to wrap this up:

- FA needs to practice better transparency.  If you say you're going to tell us shit, tell us shit.  If you say you aren't going to do something and then decide you do want to do it, you have to tell us because you are bound to the TOC just as much as we are.
- FA needs to show more impartiallity and blanket enforcement of the rules.  What is good enough to enforce on me or all the rest of the common folk of FA is good enough to enforce on the popular artists.
- FA needs to learn not to push out promises so hastily that they have to end up renegging on them.

I am going to have to ask that any hate speech be kept off.  This is meant as constructive feedback, even though it is likely to be ignored.
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