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Seriously, Steam is possessed or something.

After noticing again that the "do not automatically update this game" setting had been reset on L4D2, I changed it again and shut down Steam. Later, when I opened it, the first thing I did was check that the setting was unchanged - miraculously, it was still as I left it.

Except half an hour later, I just knew somehow to take a look at Steam. Yes indeedy, it was downloading a 5GB update.

I checked again. No, believe it or not, the setting had not been changed. In spite of the setting saying "do not automatically update this game" it was automatically updating the game. With a five gigabyte patch.

After stopping the patch, I went to see what it actually is.

It's a few tweaks to the recently released Dead Air campaign (a beta of a ported campaign from the original game). Not entirely sure why it's 5 gigs, or even if it really IS five gigs, because Steam seems a little unreliable when it comes to this.

Seriously, they're doing little things like removing a "defib kit" and fixing one of the "Jesus Spots" in the final level of the campaign, etc. How can this be five gigabytes? I think all my furry porn is less than that. I know they have to actually change the level and the players need to re-download the new version for their fix to work, but the entire Dead Air campaign isn't 5 gigs - the entire game isn't more than eight.

Somewhere in this equation, Steam is lying to me. Confess, you damn program! Confess!!

At any rate, no joke, no lie. I swear my instal of Steam is possessed.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
....... That's really fucked up.  Especially because that update is only 63.5 MB.  It should NOT be 5 fucking gigs.  x.x  I think your install of Steam might just be retarded.

Edit: ONOWAIT.  I GOT IT.  It's Steam's way of saying "FUCK YOU, AUSTRALIA, WITH YOUR RETARDED INTERNET!!!"  This must be in.  *nodnods*
7 years, 6 months ago
Tried hiring a priest?
7 years, 6 months ago
I agree with Squirrelfox.  Go email steam and see whats up.
7 years, 6 months ago
Steam sucks. It needs to GO.
7 years, 6 months ago
@_@ This is not limited to Steam. While trying to transfer files off my old hard disk, now in a USB enclosure, I booted in Safe Mode and tried to turn off the screensaver to save on memory and processing power. No matter what I did, switching it to "no screensaver" and hitting "Ok", when I came back to the control panel it was reset. Even hitting "Apply" with the Display controls open, it would STILL go to screensaver after 10 minutes.

Oh, and the chronic problems that were the reason I had to change hard drives in the first place, seem to go away entirely when I have an ice pack underneath the enclosure. (Not actual ice--a gel hot/cold pack wrapped in a towel.) I actually went and bought another to be able to swap them out with one fresh from the freezer. And that night, I had a weird dream involving--you guessed it--ice packs. (I was troweling cookie dough into a freezer for some reason, when my mom [on the other side of the continent in real life] came in and needed an ice pack, but I'd taken them out and they'd thawed.)
7 years, 6 months ago
steam can be annoying at times.

one thing i can suggest is to uninstall the games you dont play much anymore to prevent them from autoupdating.

you can also bring it up in the forums and give a trouble ticket for it
7 years, 6 months ago
I only have two games on Steam at present, and I love em both... particularly L4D2.
7 years, 6 months ago
I keep getting automatic updates despite disabling them myself. *facepaws* Time and time again!
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