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Al dia/at Day

Ammm... aqui reportandome despues de esta inactividad, que continuara hasta finales de Julio, todo el tiempo disponible lo consume los dibujos que me comisionaron hacer, debido a esto subire trabajos viejos para rellenar un poco la galeria xD!... ya que me desocupe de esto vendran cosas mejores, la principal es que probablemente para mediados de agosto comience a aceptar comisiones por primera vez... estoy algo ansioso por ello y a la vez nervioso por cumplir completamente con las expectativas en cada dibujo >.<... respecto  a este tema, es todo un debate el precio a cobrar, ahi mucha oferta y poco dinero... tanto asi, que algunos artistas cobran demasiado poco por lo que hacen, eso afecta mucho a la hora de estimar cuanto deberia cobrar uno por lo que hace, en mi caso, me cuesta bastante hacer un dibujo, lo poco que sé lo he aprendido empiricamente, mi carrera profesional no esta relacionada para nada con las bellas artes, nunca he realizado un curso de algun programa de diseño, no he tomado clases de dibujo... bueno, ustedes me entienden, despues de pensarlo mucho, decidi no abaratar mi arte, sin importar que no sea tan bueno como el de muchos otros artistas, de esa manera, la poca gente que me llegue a comisionar algo es por que les agrada el estilo que manejo, y no por que hago dibujos baratos... a esperar un par de semanas para el inicio de esto, tengo buena vibra al respecto, espero no equivocarme >.<''

Pasando a otras cosas... uhmm... no hubo cine esta semana, estamos esperando la llegada de los estrenos de veranos, nos espera una cartelera espectacular, la mas esperada es la de Harry Potter, y como no despues de ver el trailer me quede de OoO..., por el momento he estado siguiendo los deportes... basicamente el Mundial Sub-17 apoyando a mi pais :3... ademas del Beisbol de Grandes Ligas mientras me siento a dibujar... la serie de Reds vs Yankees esta sacando chispas... lastima que no transmitieron el del miercoles... los Yankees se llevaron una paliza, aunque ellos ganaron el primero de la serie... en fin, no los aburro mas xD!

En el Rol... iniciamos a jugar Pathfinder... ya por fin soy player de nuevo, despues de concluir mi historia, el sistema es similar y compatible con D&D, aunque las novedades que tiene superan a las de 3.5, el arte es otro fuerte de Path... muy buenos diseños... elegi la clase de Inquisidor para jugar, iniciamos con un campaña en Ravenloft... esperamos terminarla... hasta ahora todo bien, ya en niveles superiores veremos que pasa xD!...

Bueno eso es todo, espero verlos pronto nuevamente, les mando muchos saludos, byes ~^.^~

----> Translate <----

Ammm ... reported here after this inactivity, which will continue until late July, all the available time is consumed by the commission I'm doing, because of this I upload old work to the gallery xD! ... as I move out of it better things will come, the main one is probably mid-August start accepting commissions for the first time ... I'm kinda looking forward to it and yet completely nervous to meet the expectations in each drawing >.<... on this issue, is a debate on how much to charge, there are many offers, and little money ... So much so that some artists charge too little for what they do, it affects a lot when estimating how one should collect what you do, in my case, I have enough trouble drawing a picture, what little I know I learned empirically ... My career is not related at all with the arts, I've never done a course in any design program or taken classes in drawing ... well, you understand me, after much thought, I decided not to cheapen my art, though not as good as other artists, in this way, the few people I get to commission something is that they like my style and not for I do cheap drawings ... wait a few weeks to the start of this, I have good feels about it, I hope not mistaken >.<''

Moving on to other things ... uhmm ... no film this week, we are awaiting the arrival of summer releases, we expect a spectacular billboard, the most anticipated is the Harry Potter, and of course after seeing the trailer left of my OoO ... for now I've been following sports ... basically the FIFA U-17 to support my country: 3 ... addition to the Major League Baseball as I sit to draw ... Series Yankees vs. Reds this striking sparks ... pity that did not transmit the Wednesday ... the Yankees took a beating, though they won the first of the series ... in short, not more bored xD!

The Role ... Pathfinder began to play ... player and I'm finally back, after concluding my story, the system is similar and compatible with D & D, although developments have exceeded those of 3.5, the art is another strong Path ... very good designs ... Inquisitor class elected to play, start with a Ravenloft campaign ... hope to finish it ... so far so good, and at higher levels will see what happens xD! ...

Well that's it, hope to see you again soon, I send many greetings, byes ~^.^~
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
heheh. re: comisiones, creo que ya hablamos del tema suficiente. *^^*

ah, no sabía que eras fan del baseball. y suerte con tu juego d&d! ^^

y como siempre, mis mejores deseos para tí, y tu arte. ^^
7 years, 9 months ago
I really have no useful advice here, I actually hate doing commissions. Like, it's not that I hate working, it's drawing the art for money and things that I ordinarily would balk at drawing but I need the cash... and hentai commissioners at the worst. Ask for non-hentai ones too. Trust me on this.

Being a draw-whore really is a drag and a pain in the ass, basically. It's exactly because I love art that I don't enjoy doing commissions regularly. Your clients will run all types: good friends, good fans, flexible customers, perverts, people who won't take "no" for an answer, first time clients that type terrible, clients that will become your friend because they are just that awesome, pushovers, jerks, assholes, douchebags...

My only advice is, hey, it's money and sometimes we need it and we don't have a choice.
7 years, 8 months ago
Ammm ... I see ... a one more friend who hates the commissions xD! ... know? that does not give me much encouragement >.<''..., but do not worry, I was always the idea to make a point of view on something there to meet him first, which will be tough at first, but. .. I hope to get used over time. Aside from the money I see other benefits, ... from my point of view would be:

- I think they push you to improve your style, drawing after drawing, put more effort and dedication, to exploit your potential, this is because anyone are paying for a drawing and you such is responsible for doing a good job, or at least that's my mentality, unlike when I draw for me, where I omit the final details and if something is wrong I don't correct ...

- The other benefit is to give more to know, that simply are satisfied customers who recommend you with friends, making a chain, which ultimately benefit you ...

I try to avoid thinking about the negatives of the matter, I will be in the best disposition possible, and we'll see the results, I send you greetings *hugs* ~^,^~
7 years, 8 months ago

Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to be a killjoy, Jader. I'm pretty hard-working myself, but it is definitely taking what you love and using it to turn a profit, it makes any normal fan artist feel strangely. If you HAVE to do it to pay the bills, that's even worse... it's a feeling like compromising your ethics.

That's true, commissioners do push you to be proud of your art and have it be perfect for them AND you ... but, also, there can be resentment too.

I'm like a cynical idealist, I believe in the best possible of all worlds but I've been proven wrong many times as well.

Let me start over: it's awesome to have the freedom to BE a freelance artist and feel empowered and professional and really like you are actually being employed doing what you're good at. Myself, I wish I could support myself full-time through commissions alone: not just through pornography but also through illustrations and non-hentai animations and game development projects.
7 years, 9 months ago
You just have to make sure you charge enough money so it feels good to draw the commission. If you feel like it is too much work, then the cost is too cheap!
7 years, 8 months ago
yep ... occasionally see videos by artists who make Speed ​​Paint and makes me jealous to see how fast they are ... I'm drawing, spend hours and not feel a work progress >.<''... anyway ... when I post the prices, customers will judge If it's worth or not pay ^-^
7 years, 9 months ago
Nothing wrong with a good bit of perversion - but yes, be sure to state when on your commission page exactly what you won't (or feel you can't) draw. Read other people's commission pages to get an idea. But also say there, what you really LOVE to draw - that will mean you are most likely to get those commissions.

Many artists do charge too little, I feel, because they do not feel they are good enough to charge more, or they don't *need* the money and are doing it as a hobby. This can make it hard for other artists to compete. So, yeah: figure out how long a commission will take you (include extra time for a couple of revisions); figure out a reasonable hourly rate that will keep you happy; and don't charge less than that.

7 years, 8 months ago
Yep .. when making drawings of example, I take the time it me costs to finish a drawiing, for adjust the costs at a more reasonable price :3 ... I have thought about not putting any restrictions on commissions, simply because I respect everyone's tastes, although I've never done anything different to that shown in the gallery ...but help me to explore new ways ... thank you very much for the comment Catwheezle, helped me to clarify some doubts, greetings ~^,^~
7 years, 8 months ago
That was a good Football game. Mecico 4 U.S.A. 2
yes i watch football.

I hope you have a good week.

→Traducir ←
Perdón por la mala traducción

Ese fue un buen partido de fútbol. Mecico 4 U.S.A. 2
yes i ver el fútbol.

Espero que tengas una buena semana.
7 years, 8 months ago
yep, it was a good game, at first I thought it would come out champion U.S., but Mexico was able to tip the scales in your favor with effort, good, luck favored this time ... and more opportunities will come for rematch.

I liked to watch Football Soccer... but... due to many issues surrounding this sport ... ceases to be a fan ... now I'm see more MLB Baseball and now I'm more a fan of American Football... my teams with the NY Giants and Batimore Raven's ... In addition to special support for NY Jetz for Mark Sanchez xD! ... I want to start the season now >.<''
7 years, 8 months ago
hehe la mayoría de la gente que no es fútbol americano del odio americano. el pozo allí puede no ser un N.F.L.
 este año. encontré que lo que pienso es un buen traductor http://es.babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_txt
7 years, 8 months ago
adoro los mensajes cortos aqui te va uno: precios acordes con tu habulidad ocea no aceptes maenos de 30 $ amigo t elos mereces 3 segiundo no entendi lo que dijiste del baseball X3 peero croe que tenog unaidea suerte suerte! y claro hip hip urra por el D&D XD adoro D%D yo me lo jugue una vez en mesa(y depsues scion)
7 years, 8 months ago
Gracias por el consejo, y si ya habia pensado cobrar mas... haber que tal funciona, de igual manera no dependo de esto, tengo un trabajo estable... esto seria como algo extra... ademas de que veo otros beneficios aparte del dinero como el acrecentar la reputacion y el mejorar cada vez mas, pues no es el mismo detalle que le pones a algo que te estan pagando a algo que lo haces de manera gratuita... esperemos todo salga bien, ya habia leido algo de que habias jugado D&D alguna vez pero a falta de un grupo no continuaste o algo asi >.<... ojala y encuentres uno, es una muy buena manera de pasar el rato... y en cuanto al Beis... bueno la temporada la componen unos 162 aprox... tons se enfrentan en multiples ocaciones, hacen series de 3 partidos seguidos contra un cierto equipo de local y otros tantos de visitante... normalmente veia solo la serie mundial... pero comoen la tele ultimamente ya no pasan nada que llame la atencion... pues... mejor me pongo a ver el beis ball xD!... y me ha estado entreteniendo, dejo de dibujar cada que escucho una buena jugada xD!
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