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Welcoming myself to Inkbunny.

For some time now, I've had an account on Furaffinity. But recently I quit Furaffinity in favor of Inkbunny. There are several reason why.

One reason is that I simply don't like the way Furaffinity is run. The banning of cub-material is involved, but is only a symptom of a greater condition I've seen there. Simply put, Furaffinity is quite possibly the world's largest furry website, but has only a handful of staff. The staff are overworked and exasperated. This inevitably leads to laziness. The staff do everything from modding to updating at their leisure. However, I don't blame the staff at Furaffinity for this. Fatigue will always lead to laziness if it goes on long enough, no matter how strong you think you are. I fault the poor design of Furaffinity for this behavior, rather than the staff themselves.

But that reason is only secondary. The main reason I left Furaffiniy is that it's design is difficult to navigate, and it's in-site story-format simply has no streamlining whatsoever. Inkbunny far surpasses furaffinity on both accounts. The staff here have already announced several complete overhauls of InkBunny in planning, and to me, it seems it'll only get better.

Finally, for the two reasons sighted above, I simply think Inkbunny will eventually—as in over years—replace Furaffinity, just as Deviantart replaced Elfwood. I'm just getting ahead of the times.

So here I am. And from now on, all furry material I post elsewhere, I'll also post here.
Just as a warning, in case you don't like his works, my main focus on Inkbunny will be posting fanfics of Bartleby Tales by Alexreynard.

As for my avatar, that's a likeness of myself I made in South Park Studios.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
<applause> Well said. A nice, concise comparison of the sites.
6 years ago
You left out the fact that FurAffinity makes pic by pic navigation difficult.
Say you go to "AlexReynard" and you look at, say "sin with Christmas tree lights" and then wish to go back to the general "AlexReynard" file. You get "page expired" crap and have to invoke "search" all over again, and so each time you want to surf that site. Also I tried 2-3 times to post a pic, but got a blank instead. I never tried again.

Now I also do not post pics on "InkBunny" now, because I was subjected to the most infernal abuse about them and other things, from somebody I was just trying to be friendly with. Just look at my userpage.
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