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What a "holiday!"

Well, had the house to myself for 5 weeks. Been awesome.

Stole an armchair, crammed it right up against a 42inch HDTV with my laptop and PS3 plugged in. I've been happy as a pig in mud, really. Contrary to expectations, the house has not caught fire and it is not a total mess.

Which is an important, serious topic I actually want to address later on... but it's not for this journal!

So, popped into a local cafe today for lunch after work. Asked for a steak sandwich, but didn't feel like trying to scarf down an entire plateful of salad so asked for most of it to be removed (seriously, I almost died trying to eat the massive thing anyway).

The owner frowned, then decided to give me a discount for asking for no salad. When the dish was brought over, it was the chef herself who bore it; she set it down then mentioned she'd sneaked a little more steak into it.

We're talking premium Scotch-fillet steak. Probably over half a pound at least.
Not had a "lunch" like that in long time, but you can guarantee I'll be having it again soon. One hell of a cafe, and it's five minutes from my house.

Interestingly, with the house to myself, I've actually been saving money. My pay has been piling up. Perhaps because I don't want to leave the house empty too often (iffy neighborhood), but I've still had plenty of chances to blow my hard-earned cash. I think I know why, but it's too depressing to put here.

Now, my friends finally talked me into buying a pair of ACU pants, to more or less complete my "US Army" costume for laser-tag. I have no idea why I listened, not being one inclined to playing dress-ups. At least not since I was five, anyway.

I had to laugh, actually. If the stuff I've got accurately mimics the real uniform, I have to say it's bloody comfy. Regular street clothes are more uncomfortable when you're running around in the sun, and I assume the official underlays and crap would help even more. That said, carrying 30kgs of gear would probably suck.
The desert sun and uniform I can handle. The "being shot at" and carrying the equivalent of an adolescent hippopotamus on my back... I think I'll leave to the professionals for now.

So I was sitting up late at night, and it was freezing. I was in my pajamas (because why not, bitch?) when I realized I had to put something more warm on. So I slipped on a simple gray t-shirt and the ACU pants. It was still cold, though.

After a moment, my brain suddenly reverted to the age of nine and I got up with a massive grin on my face. I put the jacket on and sat there feeling very pleased with myself.

Hey, it was warm, shut up.

After about two seconds I started cracking up. I was home alone, playing soldier, a few days after my twenty-third birthday.

So no, not looking forward to my folks getting back home; although moving out on my own is pretty much impossible. Though, you know what?

I think I'll put the uniform on when my dad's back, at least once. See, he's got a pathological fear of me joining the military, particularly the US Army. When I visited the USA, he tried to sabotage the trip and get me home.

Because he was convinced the CIA would kidnap me and force me into the US Army in Iraq. As strange as that is... I'm kinda touched he gave enough of a shit.

By the way, that's why I bought the ACU jacket when I was over in the US. The original plan was to send my dad a mocking picture with me posing as a serviceman. I dropped the idea. Not only was it impractical, I was a bit disgusted at myself. Talk about disrespectful to the people fighting and dying over there (including the Iraqis). Though the reaction from my father would've been utterly priceless.

Nonetheless, I kept the jacket and am honored to wear the colors of the US Army... even if it's just for shooting toy laser-guns at people playing dress-up.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Haha, man... Gotta love days like that, huh? I think the reaction from your father (Based off of how you described him) WOULD have been priceless. But, living in the US, I'm glad to know that you wear our colors... As you said, even if it's just for shooting toy laser-guns at people playing dress-up. (Great... Now I want to go play Laser tag... Thanks a lot, dude.)

Keep us updated on any more fun stuff you do before your folks get home. By the way... What game(s) were you playing on the PS3?
7 years, 11 months ago
Oh yeah. Only got one more day to go then the party's over, but I'll try to make the most of it - without alcohol or anything like that.

The entire story was this: I had an ACU jacket, a CIA hat, and with some clever photography one of the guys I was staying with could've looked like an Iraqi. So it would've been me as a soldier, a CIA guy in a TOTALLY NOT OBVIOUS CIA HAT and someone we would pretend to be arresting. We even had an M9 handgun I hoped to use in the picture.
I doubt the idiots my dad knows online would've been able to tell it wasn't genuine.

If you find anything like this sort of laser-tag, I advise trying it out. Surprisingly good workout and lots of fun.

I have very few PS3 games, and because of the crappy internet here I haven't got a PSN. I just finished Alpha Protocol for the fifth time, and I have UFC 2010, Sonic Unleashed, HAWX, Terminator Salvation, Just Cause 2, and a few others - mostly thanks to my friend who is letting me borrow them. Mostly a PC gamer (cheaper for some reason).
7 years, 11 months ago
Haha, so how was your last day of the "party"?

As for the picture: Oh my god, that would have been priceless. It's definitely something I would have asked to see if it had actually happened. Ah how I love your little stories about life.

What kind of laser tag is this? I'll definitely take a look around where I live to see if there is anything like it. Though... I'm not the most fit person to be running around trying to shoot people with laser guns (Nor do I have the best accuracy while I'm at it.)

And finally: Alpha Protocol I have never even heard of, I've wanted to play Sonic Unleashed (I can be slow), and I think my dad played Just Cause 2... I've been more into the Mass Effect games. Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and when it comes out next march, Mass Effect 3. Definitely a good game if you like RPGs. Mass Effect is on PC and XBox 360, whereas Mass Effect 2 is on PC, XBox 360, and PS3. These games have turned into my favorite games of all time as the decisions you make in the first game affect some of the things that happen in the second, and things decisions you make in the first and second will affect the third in some way as well. So it's a pretty good series, if you haven't tried it out yet.
7 years, 11 months ago
Haha  That sounds like an awesome day to me.  Not much to do in a little apartment like mine (since i literally just moved in), but I can make do.  

"I was in my pajamas (because why not, bitch?)"   Exactly!!  Whoever makes fun of people who wear PJ's can go die a slow death.
7 years, 11 months ago
Precisely! Besides, it's cold here now, and if you don't need to go out, why put real clothes on to lounge about in? Yes, I know, Robert would object, but too bad for him! >:3

Hrm. Empty apartment eh? Try doing something you haven't done since you were a kid, or something you otherwise can't do with company. Make the best of it -- unlike me, I kinda squandered this. Too much to do, so I spent all my time "doing stuff" instead of doing handstands or jumping on the couch.
You never grow up, you just invent so much BS to occupy yourself you forget how to do it properly. Bah.
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