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RCFM and More

here is the con report and awesome fun after trip report as best as I can remember it.

Thursday We left around 4:30AM on the 26th to head down to Huntsville AL for our very first RCFM. We'd been told for the last few years by several friends we NEED to go to this con because it's just all kinds of awesome and fun. Everything started out OK. We topped off the gas tank, grabbed a couple of cappuccinos and went on our merry way. Around halfway there the first disaster struck. We heard and felt a loud "pop", the truck wobbled I pulled off the side of the road. The damage: The rear driver's tire threw tread. Not only was the tire now showing wire mesh, but the plastic wheel well guard was broken, there is a huge dent near the rear bumper, the gas door is broken and there are scuffs down to the metal. Yes, it could have been much worse, but we have a history of tire issues with this truck.  We have a spare, no biggie, right... wrong... the spare is flat. Woops...did we forget to air it up after getting it repaired? Oh well, nothing to do but limp the truck up to a nearby gas station and fill the tire up. Thankfully, the tire that threw tread was holding air. We got the tires changed over and were once again on our way.  A few hours down the road we stopped into a small town and managed to get our ruined tire replaced.   The rest of the drive was most uneventful though we did see some beautiful scenery and some that was disturbing where there was obvious storm and tornado damage. We made it to the hotel after a GPS hiccuped taking us to a empty farm feild.  Once in town and at the Hotel and checked in only to find with the RCFM room rate we were quoted around 500 dollars once there the price suddenly became 600 for soem reason that the hotel staff could not give us a answer for.  Nor were we told that it costs 6 dollars a day to park there based on them asking if we had a car...We arrived early and our room wasn't ready. No biggie to sit and wait and watch other people arrive. After getting in to our room we marveled at how big it is compared to most hotel rooms  The room had a living room with wet bar , fridge , microwave , a couch that pulled out to a full bed.  Our livign room also had a 32 inch flat screen TV and security safe.  the bedroom had another flat screen tv and 2 full sized beds total size is MUCH bigger than any hotel we have ever stayed in.   We settled in and waited for Keefur to arrive. He got in around midnight, we helped him unload, spent some time chatting and then went to bed.

Friday Woke up early and went down to partake of the free breakfast. I expected dinky muffins/toast/bagels/cereal type stuff, but HELL NO. Their complimentary breakfast consists of a nice buffet line with scrambled eggs, bacon, gravy, grits, biscuits, toast, muffins, bagels, cereal, sausage, pancakes, oatmeal, and extras on one side. On the other side is a "made to order" line where you can get fried eggs, omelets, turkey sausage, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes and sometimes belgian waffles. For drinks there was the usual milk, coffee, and several juices and yes, all you can eat for FREE. It was delicious. They made sure the food was kept hot and fresh.
With breakfast done, I helped Emira with her things and to await the opening of Artist Alley. It was about 10am and the Artist Alley  was going to open at noon. There were only 16-18 spots. Normally this wouldn't be an issue as I was one of the first ones there, but the chick in charge decided to change the rules on us and say that if too many showed up it would go to a lottery system instead of first come first served like it was supposed to be. (Ya know cause first come isn't fair...)Emira kept her cool I was pissed off about it and ready to find Brody the con chairman and more or less ask him WTF. Thankfully, not too many showed up and everyone got spots. Emira got set up and I walked around taking some photos and picked up a couple grab bags in the Dealers Den from AnimeCat.  While paying for my purchases Yoken  made a announcement that a dealers table was up for grabs Emira snatched it up thankfully. Took care of all that and got set up in there.We still got pretty much ignored as we didnt have the perler bead works or Emira's full art gear to do color work.

Saturday/Sunday Not much happened those two days. Again we were passed over for the most part in the dealers room, but oh well.   tamararose and Emira did a quick panel on Service Dogs and fursuiters. It went over well enough for a last minute panel, and they planning one for MFM as well as RCFM next year. With more and more SD's showing up, we feel it's important to educate people, especially the suiters on how to act around the dogs so no one gets hurt or suits become damaged. We had fun at the Furry Formal Dance and then sat out just chatting. We packed up the truck Sunday night to save time.  I have to give out props as the RCFM convention was NICELY laid out the conspace was clean staff friendly and went above and beyond to set up a great con.  

Emira and I had the pleasure to meet ScapeGoat and talk with him.  I found him to be a great person and someone I will value as a friend.  I felt kinda bad for KO at RCFM staff members raided money and at the charity auction on him having his hair cut and to be thrown into the creek behind the hotel.  Both happened.  I joked some that KO was shaved and bathed.  All in all I would say that RCFM is a great con and even though its a lil expensive I will go back Anytime.  I really liked the sales system that Yokken set up it works well anyway around it to make sure artists are paid in a timely manner they don't worry about sales tax and the person who buys from them HAS to pay money +tax then return a signed slip to the artist to receive their product.  

Monday about 8 AM headed out to Warner Robbins GA to visit friends. It was a nice quiet trip and once again we saw some great scenery  And some more of the tornado dammage. We arrived at  wielder's around lunchtime, had a good meal of chinese delivery and started catching up with her and her Mate Cloud.

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur. Mainly we geeked out with movies, video games and great conversation.  We watched the movie Fanboys and even Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and they were good. We had the best art jam ever with wielder,  Addlesee, Emira ,and newgeorgiarr. We're seriously trying to make a miracle happen and move down to that area. It feels so "homey" and welcoming down there. The town is good sized but it doesn't feel all crowded in together and there is actually stuff to go do. Plus, if that town doesn't have what we need there are several others within reasonable driving distance. We're also within a few hours drive of other friends and even more stuff to go do as well.  I liked the fact that homes are about 1/3rd the price that they are here and most are in better condition.  I seriously will work to live down there.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
Glad you guys had fun! Hopefully next time we can make our way up there and hang out.
7 years, 9 months ago
that would be AWESOME
7 years, 9 months ago
RCFM is great :3
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