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Gray's FurFright meme

Reference Bases by Keedot(Free)


 Stolen from kittengrinder kittengrinder

 Where are you staying?
 At the event hotel. As always.

 What day are you getting there?
 Thursday, around noon.....

 Who will you be rooming with?
 My friend Jim will be staying with me, Mrs. Muzzle having bailed.....

 Who will you hang out with during the convention?
 Neko. I'm supposed to meet Lupine Asaasin. I hope to meet Tygurstar.

 What is the best way to find you?
 Go to my panel Friday, 1-3.

 Are there any panels you might be attending?
 Other than my own? I'll likely be at all the writing/fursuiting/tattoo panels.

 What do you look like?
 A giant tan fox. Or, a middle aged white guy 5'9", 200.

 Will you be suiting?
 Of course! I'll have old Gray Muzzle, as well as new Gray.

 Do you do free art?

 Do you do trades?
 Maybe! Like booze for sex?

 Do you do badges/commissions?

 What is your gender?

 How tall are you?

 Are you mated/in a relationship?
 Yes, married for a LOT of years.

 Can I talk to you?
 Sure. Please be patient, I'm kind of shy. Catch me in the bar after a few drinks, though.....

 Can I touch you?
 Hello-hugs are fine; I'm a little more outgoing if we're but fursuiting.

 Can I visit your room?
 If I invite you. Don't hold your breath. I can recall extending ONE invitation to a stranger.

 Can I buy you drinks?
 Always! Martinis or Jack Daniel's will get my attention.

 Can I give you stuff?
 Um, I guess.

 Can I hug or snuggle with you?
 Hugs are fine to say hi, Again, I'm a bit more open when I'm in character.

 Are you nice?

 How long are you going?
 Until I get bored on Sunday. Or until the con crud overtakes me.

 Do you have an artist table?
 No, but I have panels on Friday.

 Will you be going to parties?
 Nope. Unless you invite me to one. Jim is the party animal.

 If I see you, how should I get your attention?
 Say "Hi, Gray!"

 Can I look in your sketchbook?
 If you can find it.

 Can I draw in your sketchbook?
 See above.

 Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
 I'm probably more open to that than usual, since I won't be with my mate.

 Can I take your picture?
 In suit? Always! Out of suit? Please ask; I'll likely agree.

 What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
 Have fun; do good panels, meet a few folks I've wanted to meet in person, did I mention having fun? Enter the car show with my new wheels.


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Added: 5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
"Enter the car show with my new wheels."

What is it?  (if you don't mind sharing)
5 years, 4 months ago
" Buddy wrote:
"Enter the car show with my new wheels."

What is it?  (if you don't mind sharing)

Not at all! It's a MINI John Cooper Works edition. All red, 17" wheels, 208 hp 6 speed manual
5 years, 4 months ago
Sweet ride!  ;-)
5 years, 4 months ago
Thanks! It's a lot of fun.
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