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Ghetto "Public" Libraries

it's a shame that for something called a public library in the FU state, it isn't so public.

The main problem with Dallas' libraries are their crappy computers, which have never been upgraded since 2002, still only use an antique version of IE, and has Windows XP, which it isnt that bad compared to 8, but it also forces me to cringe in rage whenever I cannot do anything that sites nowadays demand from said PC systems.

Then there are the really crappy ones with problems like shutting down and rebooting just when I am about to use a session or whenever I am in the middle of anything, and I already talked to these people about this.

The only thing I hear are excuses and promises.

Being that I am ever so damn broke, I would give up eating if it meant that I can have a connection at home with a so so computer, but at least be able to work on things I cannot do while using a phone.

If only.

In other news, my injured right knee feels like is about to fall off even when I walk short distances.  Hooray.

Also sent a Note to that Videogamelovers group asking why the hell aren't I allowed to post in it anymore.  Since I got no reply for over a week, I decided to take it to their timeline and see if they can be proffesional enough to reply.

I feel if they don't bother, then I shouldn't either.  I don't think the guy who manages will bother at all if I sent him a Note on his own account.  The MLP FiM group as always, keeps declining every single thing I send.  I feel like just trolling the kids and sending other stuff until they ban me.

To clore with a golde pin into my foot, I had a skirmish with some mexican and his big truck, which was blocking the sidewalk as he was talking to some fat mexican woman.  While he was hitting on her, I had to LIMP around it hoping another car would not pass by and turn me into roadkill.  I tap on his truck telling him to move his shit, since it's not nice to force pedestrians to move from a sidewalk for no good reason.  Moments later as I am trying to use this cane for both useless legs, he makes a u turn and honks at me as he flips me off, driving away while eating a burrito.


I love Texas.
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