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I am still stranded for the next couple hours. But really, that is my choice. I really don't want to be near his mom when she is upset with me and he is no where near to protect me. I guess that's how it goes with the boyfriend's mother and all that. But, honestly, who is she to tell me how I should lead my life? She doesn't know what I've been through, what I constantly struggle with. The anxieties that plague my every decision. And yeah, I don't know her life, I don't know the struggles she goes through. But at least I try to understand it from her point of view. Things have been going so much smoother since I started reading her like an open book. My own boyfriend doesn't really understand her, but even before I came here to live with him, I knew how she felt, what she was going through and why. Call it the woman's intuition and all that, but I just know. And I have been helping him make the right choices to not piss her off and to make things a smoother experience. I give, and I follow the rules to the best of my ability, but when I don't have my own room, it's hard to go to bed at the right hour when I'm truly exhausted and my mind is shutting down. If I stay up passed that point? I end up sleeping all day and she gets mad at me. Then she complains about me sitting in one place all day. What am I supposed to do? I have no friends. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do outside of my computer. It's no wonder I shut myself out of the world, it just seems to be asking too much of me. I try, I really do, and tomorrow, I will have to wait for her to come home in order for me to get my tablet. A fact I forgot, so I have to wait until Tuesday to get back to work. I apologize for yet another delay.
On the other hand, and away from complaining about his mother, I have a few comic ideas that I will probably have to complete in the next couple weeks in order to get Sophie here. I found that I will have to raise between $160 and $250 for my part, and even then I don't know if my boyfriend will be able to contribute because his mother keeps taking the pay check. But I'm sorry. I'm talking about her again.
Anyway, look forward to the next weeks catch up, and I hope to be taking commissions again soon. But they will have to be quick, this is a race against the clock.
Sorry for the long post...
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