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Dictator Euro's Journal
"History Will be Kind to me for I intend to write it" - Sir Winston Churchill

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"Euro is the cause of everything that has ever happened to the world"
"The Allies didn't win WWII, Euro won WWII"

So, I got back to California about 5 days ago and thank God. Its actually not that bad here, the rain was coming and going, but now it looks like its going to stay away and start being summer. I love walking in the morning because its still fairly dark and its fairly warm. I walk with a sweater and my parents walk with heavy coats, you can tell the weather difference between the two places and I am very amused.

Good news is that now that schools over ill have more time to do artsie stuffs as well as writing things. I've got a list of artsies stuff to get done, I have some pages of FAAV started as well as a first page of Intrenched started. I also need to finish writing something for my roomie and her art project. And last but not least I've got some commissions to finish up. So yes, got lots of stuff to do over these next few weeks. I want to see how much I can get done before the end of the month >u>

Got my first rejection today for the vignette "Ghosts." and the reason being it was "too pedestrian". Oh well, always things to improve upon and make it better. Dunno how I'm going to go about that because the character's not meant to be anyone special or too different from the average joe, maybe I'll set up with a war story for the next time. Or I'll send them "Jakob". I think they still have "Letters." In the end, always more things to write, more things to read and more times to try again.

Still looking for an official job for the summer, I have like 8 places still up in the air and I'm hoping one of them will take me.
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6 years, 9 months ago
also.....Banks wanted Euro to be imposed as main coin cos TEHY KNEW Europe was way too old way too diversified from town to town and definitely way too preservative culturally to be actually able to withstand such monetary challenge

what i dont understand is WHY IN THE HELL Frontiers must be related to National Coin..i mean...why not using own's national value and keep Frontiers opened from town to town? NOSSIR..they wanna keep this ol'continent well shattered and weakened...of course!
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