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Slushey by xXChocolateStarfishXx
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Slushey by xXChocolateStarfishXx
I Know What Your Problem Is.... by xXChocolateStarfishXx
I Know What Your Problem Is......
Flowers by xXChocolateStarfishXx
Ear Scratch Collab by xXChocolateStarfishXx
Ear Scratch Collab
Gabvy by xXChocolateStarfishXx
New Fursona : Gabbie : Collab w/Fur-tastic_Rainbows On FA by xXChocolateStarfishXx
New Fursona : Gabbie : Collab ...
Welcome To My Page,I'm xXChocolateStarfishXx! My REAL Name Is Jessica,If You Need Anything Just Ask! I Don't Bite! (Unless You're A Cookie)

 I Live In McAlester Oklahoma,I Have 2 Beagles (They Come From The Same Litter.) I am an animal lover and I can be very friendly unless you get on my nerves...I got into furries when i was around 9-10 and learned about fursuits and fursuiting when I was 11.Ive loved them ever since. I eventually got my best friend interested in them and now she likes them too. X3 I am not the best at drawing,and I'm actually new to digital art so You are going to see alot of crappy stuff in my gallery. I barley post though...

My Fursonas Are :
Chelsie (Chels) - A Tricolored Collie Mutt : Tan,Brown,White : Green Eyes
Jax - Bicolored German Shepherd : Tan/Brown,Black, : Blue Eyes
Julien - Tricolored Labrador : Light Grey,Dark Grey,Blue,White : Blue Eyes
Slushey - Bicolored Fox : Blue and Black : Green Eyes
Alexis - Bicolored Doberman : Black/Grey Tan, : Purple Eyes

Closed/Made Up Species :
Cake - 4 different colored Angel Dragon : Blue,Tan,Brown,White : Purple Eyes
Ruby - Bicolored Firequine : Black,White : Orange Eyes
Sugar - Rainbow Candy Wolf : Rainbow and Dark Grey : Blue Eyes
Casey - 4 different colored BubbleCat : Blue,Dark Grey,Green,White : Purple Eyes
Lilly - Bicolored Z-Bubber : Silver/White,Light Blue : Purple Eyes

Ocs From Games/Shows/Cartoons/Youtube Video Series :
Wolfie - Animatronic Wolf : Grey,Light Grey : Blue Eyes (FNAF)
Blu - Bicolored Husky : Blue,White : Green Eyes (Sonic)
Candy - Bicolored Hedgehog : Hot Pink,Tan : Blue and Green Eyes (Sonic)
Skippy - Bicolored Squirrel : Blue,Purple : Green Eyes: (HTF)
ColorSplash - Alicorn : White Body : Rainbow Mane : Blue and Green Eyes : (MLP)
AuroraBorealis - Unicorn : Pink Body : Pink,Purple,Blue,Green Mane : Green Eyes (MLP)

I Do Tend To Text Talk And Talk Like A Little Kid To Be Funny Sometimes, For Example.
Its = Ish
What = Wat
Don't = Dun't
Though = Dou

And If That Bothers You Its Okay, Just Tell Me And I Won't Do That

Here are my Usernames for the games that I play.
Roblox : Randomness225580
Tanki : Thelegendarytaco
Animal Jam : Wolflover12249

I accept any and All friend requests!
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