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A Sacred Storm - Page 01 by uisce
A Sacred Storm - Page 01
Learning Japanese
I have had an interest in Japanese since I was at least 13 years old and have learned many bits and pieces over the years as an idle curiosity. However, I have - within the last couple of months - sta...
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Texas Relief Effort Trip Cancelled Unfortunately
After a week and a half of miscommunication, misinformation, lack of communication, as well as missed communication times, I no longer feel safe going to Texas to help with the relief effort through t...
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort
My job asked for volunteers to go to Texas to help with the hurricane relief efforts. I volunteered and was selected. I don't know exactly when I will be leaving or for how long. Unfortunately this me...
4 months, 2 weeks ago
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A Sacred Storm - Page 01 by uisce
A Sacred Storm - Page 01
Scaredy Doe by uisce
Scaredy Doe
Uisce no Suisei the Shinigami #2 by uisce
Uisce no Suisei the Shinigami ...
Work Doodles (February 25-26 2017) by uisce
Work Doodles (February 25-26 2...
Gift for Shippo by uisce
Gift for Shippo
FINALLY! by uisce
Alchemy Circle by uisce
Alchemy Circle
S.T.R.A.Y.S. Teaser by uisce
S.T.R.A.Y.S. Teaser
2nd Commission by uisce
2nd Commission
Geolist Pendant by uisce
Geolist Pendant
Tablet Practice 01-21-2015 by uisce
Tablet Practice 01-21-2015
Tablet Practice 01-20-2015 by uisce
Tablet Practice 01-20-2015
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Uisce's New Colors *Animated* by uisce
Uisce Husky Avatar 01 by uisce
Tablet Practice 01-01-2015 by uisce
Uisce Fursona
A folder to store the various depictions of my Uisce character.
25 submissions
Uisce's New Colors *Animated* by uisce
Uisce Husky Avatar 01 by uisce
MLP:FiM - Pirate Ponies - Page001 by uisce
Feral Art
A folder for any of the non-anthropomorphic art I do, clean or otherwise!
57 submissions
2nd Commission by uisce
A place for me to post the pictures I have done for others for a fee
22 submissions
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Blue eyes Nimbattie by warden006
Blue eyes Nimbattie
by warden006
Scratchboard 2 by vilani
Scratchboard 2
by vilani
Destaur 2017 by Brainsister
Destaur 2017
A good moo by tchaikovsky2
A good moo
MLP Movie - Tempest Shadow by lumineko
MLP Movie - Tempest Shadow
by lumineko
Comic: A Friend in Need  P2 (+18) by blitzdrachin
Comic: A Friend in Need  P2 (+...
Comic: A Friend in Need  P1 (+18) by blitzdrachin
Comic: A Friend in Need  P1 (+...
First Snow by SilentRavyn
First Snow
Punk Girls by MrSmile
Punk Girls
by MrSmile
Patreon Reward by WinickLim
Patreon Reward
by WinickLim
Watchpoint by Zummeng
by Zummeng
[Collaboration] More Sweets? by WinickLim
[Collaboration] More Sweets?
by WinickLim
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My Sexuality: I prefer Ferals and Flat-Chested Furries. I am polygamous and only Interested in females.
My Gender: Male (physically)/Female (spiritually).
My Favorite Animal(s): are Canines, Equines, Cervines, and Mustelines.
My Fursona's Name: Uisce.
My Fursona's Species: Spirit (can shape-shift freely, but is usually in the form of a Wolf, Horse, Deer, or an Otter.)
My Fursona's Gender: Gender-Fluid, but usually female.
My Favorite Color: Aqua/Teal/Turquoise/Cyan/Blue-Green.
My Religion: Scientifically Grounded Pantheism (Nature Worship) with Syncretic (mostly Buddhist and Shinto) and Therianthropic (Soul Identity) tendencies.
My Diet: Vegetarian


More Specific info on some of those things:

I am very sexually oriented, I love porn, I love sex, and I have no qualms saying that because I am free from the dogma traditional religions tend to place on people. I only find females attractive, I prefer ferals, and when a character is a furry or a human I prefer them to be flat chested and preferably smaller in stature. I am polygamous and love orgies with lots of girls, I also love anal sex.

Uisce is a spirit with the power to shapeshift into anything, although she mostly identifies as female and prefers the forms of a canine, equine, cervine, or musteline, although many other forms are also enjoyed. Uisce is predominantly a water elemental, however, she also possesses the ability to manipulate water based weather (including wind and lightning wherein moisture is involved - such as clouds or fog) and she also possesses the ability to manipulate darkness as a more secondary element. Uisce is only attracted to females (though sometimes I will make exceptions in art).

I am a Scientifically Grounded Pantheist with many flights of fancy that tend to lean me towards Buddhist and Shinto ideology. While I fully believe in science, I also believe that some things are not (yet) explained sufficiently through the scientific method to 100% conclusively convince me that things like an afterlife may or may not exist, so while I tend to believe science leans towards no afterlife (with reincarnation being the most likely form of afterlife should one exist) I do still have "hope" and "theories" on what exists beyond this mortal coil. I mention this because many of my stories and art are derived at least in part by my pseudo-spirituality. I am therianthropic (meaning that if a soul exists then mine identifies with being something other than the body it currently inhabits. Possibly as a result of reincarnation.) While I do not believe in a true deity - outside of raw, nonjudgmental, non-anthropomorphic nature - and I do not believe in a cosmic concept of "sin," I do still have my own morals (such is why I am Vegetarian).

I am Vegetarian because I don't believe in killing animals unnecessarily. I eat eggs and dairy products, but I don't use leather or any bi-products that result in the animals death such as rennet. I try not to kill even insects if I can avoid it. even my dogs are vegetarian (yes it is safe, I consulted my veterinarian about it multiple times before making that decision.)


Art Notes:
I am partially colorblind, in particular to certain shades of red and green, please forgive any weird colorations you see.
I have worked traditionally for most of my life with pencil and paper, only more recently have I made the jump to working on the computer. Likewise I have not been coloring for a very long time as that primarily started about the time I began doing digital art.
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4 weeks, 1 day ago
Hey thanks for watching c: glad you like my stuff :3
1 month ago
Thank you for watching =)
2 months ago
Ty for watchin!
2 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch! <3
3 months ago
Thanks a lot for watching me ^^
4 months, 4 weeks ago
Thank you for the watch! I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into!
2 years ago
Your welcome.
2 years, 1 month ago
Thanks for the fave and the watch! <3
2 years, 3 months ago
Appreciate the fave Uisce!
2 years, 4 months ago
no prob ^^
2 years, 6 months ago
Thanks for the favorite, I really appreciate it :) .
If you have the time and it's not too much trouble, would you consider taking a look at a few more things from my gallery?
2 years, 6 months ago
thank you so much for the watch ^^
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