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Hi I'm a graphic designer/web developer/ all round funny chick. I love my music I have such a wide taste from things like Blondie to classical to very dark heavy metal.

I,ve done a lot of jobs in my time I started out training to be a electrician then moved in to being a stage hand work back stage at a lot of concerts . I've worked back stage at a beastie boys concert seen blondie live, waited on tables cleaned up puke and worked behind a match bar or too waited table at a masonic lodge dinner and even been a bar manager a few times. I've been the deputy manager of a internet cafe I've even air brushed boobs for a living. and yes i Have even taken my clothes off to make a buck lol. I now run  my own  company RGBdesignuk.com

I,ve been a support tech and a refresh technician. and worked for a big faceless corporation.

Lets just say I've lived a very full and interesting life and am looking forward to more stuff to come even if it is full of some crappy bits along the way.

I have several blogs on there links below

My main blog
www.fromthemouthofjade. blogspot.com/

My Portfolio Blog
www.Jadestewart.co.uk & my design sites www.rgbdesignuk.com
I try to keep this up to date with some of my latest designs and designs ideas

I am bouncy, dozzy, and lost
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4 years, 7 months ago
So as It says in my profile Im a graphic and web designer Im currently setting up a small blogging  site I can provide access to a Wordpress  blog  with the options to have domain mapping included please message me if you would like more information
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