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Honor In Blood Chapter 1 by souchou
Honor In Blood Chapter 1
Read Before Reading My Stories
Please note I have no preferences when Kung Fu Panda romances are addressed. I am not partial to any pairings. I would like to not be labeled (as I seem to be on fan fiction) as a Tigress/Po lover. I ...
5 years, 8 months ago
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Honor In Blood Chapter 1 by souchou
Honor In Blood Chapter 1
The art in one's soul is usually not found on paper, on a website, or even on a computer. The art of one's soul resides in the mind and should that mind become polluted so shall the art become also. Trying to pull art or even words of writing out of one's minds may be the hardest thing that anyone has ever tried to do. This, I believe is why artists are never fully satisfied with their own work and why going back to look at works long since past gives a bit of pain. To know that at one time everyone was not as great as they would have liked to be but was more like a child or was a child trying to craft the art that was in their hearts, minds, and souls. It is not as easy as it would appear.

This I have found to be as true today as it was at the time it was written and translated and then updated by myself a long time ago. -half smiles- Because at the time it was written there were no computers or even internet. The time was simplier and it talked more of the beauty of nature and all things living. I, however, adapted it for myself and made it a mantra of sorts. For any of those who don't know what a mantra is please stop reading now. Turn to the nearest dictionary and look it up. -huffs and smiles- I don't really have much care if anyone were to read any words that I write, nor if they don't enjoy what I write. A picture is worth a thousand words and a word is worth a thousands pictures. A kind word when spoken softly to another can make someone's day just that much brighter. But a harsh word even uttered indirectly can make a day seem to last a thousand years. Things to remember if one speaks out of anger.

 -sighs and nods slightly at anyone still standing around.-


-bowing deeply and backing away as I take my leave of anyone who still remains.-
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