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Balto and Pups
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A Persuasive Friend

Some Days, It's Tough Being a 'Kitteh

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by Cry
Sir, You Still Have a Problem
Some Days, It's Tough Being a 'Kitteh
Balto and Pups
Lending a Hand
Solar Fragment (spanker) is Drifting Ash's (spankee) friend and also a superior by rank. Drifting Ash worries too much. End of story.

Also I decided to write spanky story thing to go with it this time. I always want to, then I decide to be too shy to. It's not the best refined, because I got tired from staying up til 8 am to go over it. >,> So I'm posting it as is. Oh and I'm aware I defy all logic in a couple ways with it, starting with color visible through fur...BUT IT'S MORE FUN THAT WAY. ouo

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------------- Leetle Story----------------

  It wasn’t often that Solar Fragment and Drifting Ash got the time to talk. Solar Fragment was a squad leader, and Ash was a cell in another squad entirely. Still, the two were good friends. Today was thus a rare occasion when they squads were allowed to mix for border patrol. There usually wasn’t anything too exciting on a border patrol—unless some other Faction got the great idea to try and cross the border to prove a point—so Solar Fragment had motioned the rest of the squad to go on ahead. They happily complied in eager anticipation to prove their worth and strength to their fellow cells.

  Meanwhile Solar took the chance to follow behind at a slower pace, accompanied by his nervous gray-speckled Keh’kitteh friend. The two were very opposite in that regard. While Drifting Ash spent his life worrying and fretting, Solar Fragment was known for his bursting positive outlook. His poor friend looked more nervous than ever, scarcely even taking a moment to look at their surroundings for anything but danger as if he expected someone to pounce on him right then and there.

  Solar Fragment shook his head. “Great Shattermind, Ashy, you look as if another Faction snuck up behind you and pulled your tail.”

  Ash ducked his head in embarrassment and swished his tail back and forth. “Sorry, just being cautious.”

  Solar Fragment rolled his eyes good naturedly. “It’s just a border patrol, take it easy. We have more than enough cells if any trouble shows up. Just relax, enjoy the sights.”

  “That’s a little difficult to do when I’m focused on my job.” Drifting Ash replied. “What if they ambush us? What if they’ve been working to set up some elaborate scheme to invade our whole base? What if they’ve got spies amongst our cells? Can we really trust anyone? What if someone gets hurt?” The gray ‘kitteh fretted, his pace quickening.

  “Really, Ash. You’re going to worry yourself to death, settle down.”

  “I wish I could.” He replied. “But I’m afraid that’s impossible.”

  The two were quiet for a bit as they walked side by side through their territory. It wasn’t the most beautiful land amidst the Factions, in fact it was arguably one of the ugliest, but it was home, and could be relaxing to observe on a casual walk. It was mostly dry and rocky; a lot of flat surfaces and a lot of sun. The shade was sparse much like the trees, appearing only in clumps here or there. At the present moment, they were coming up on one of those clusters of trees amidst some parched grass where the shade didn’t reach. It seemed the rest of the assembled squad had moved out of sight.

  Solar Fragment pondered as he walked alongside his anxious friend. The gray Keh’kitteh’s tail constantly flicked this way and that, and eyes did likewise. His ears as well, were constantly shifting slightly as if he expected to hear some battle cry as Windchill Keh’kitteh poured down the distant mountainside.

  Was he always like this? Ash had always been a nervous Keh’kitteh, but this was unreasonable. At this rate, he’d cut his lifespan down by half from pure stress, but what could Solar do about it? If Ash wasn’t willing to at least try mellowing out some there really wasn’t a lot that could be done.

  Solar’s ears twitched as his gaze travelled to the spindly branches of the surrounding trees. Or maybe there was a way…it was worth a shot if nothing else. Ash probably wouldn’t appreciate it at the moment, but if he could encourage his friend to reconsider lowering his stress factors…

  Solar Fragment stopped beside an old downed log. Ash continued to walk for a few more steps before noticing his companion had stopped. His ears poked forward in silent question.

 “Don’t worry, we’ll catch up.” Solar Fragment stated as he moved to the tree, examining its branches, eventually he found one he liked and easily freed it from the tree with a small bladed weapon. With a few quick slices here and there, the stick became satisfactory for the purpose it was about to be used. He swished it in the air a couple of times to test it then looked to Ash who was still rather puzzled by this whole situation.

  “Ash, over here.” Solar Fragment called as he walked back over to the log and rested one foot on it. Drifting Ash did as instructed, coming to stand beside his friend. He opened his mouth to speak, but Solar Fragment beat him to it.

  “Look, we’re friends, and you know I care about you, you frizzy furball.”

  Ash’s ears tipped forward and down slightly as a shy smile found its way onto his face.

  “However. Right now, as your superior,” he tapped the log with his newly created switch, “bend over.”

  Ash’s ears shot up almost instantly. “W…wha? You mean over the log..? But Solar, I—”
  Solar Fragment brought the switch across the seat of Ash’s tan pants firmly. “Now, Ash.”
  Ash whimpered, his ears flattening down against his head, but he did as instructed, slowly positioning himself so that his belly rested over the top of the log, facing the opposite direction of Solar Fragment.
  “A little further.” The officer instructed.

  Reluctantly Ash complied until his face was close to the ground on the other side. He positioned his hands almost directly beneath his chin to keep himself from falling forward or something similar. This new position, as a side effect, made his rear poke up into the air at the higher point of the log.

  Wordlessly Solar Fragment hooked a finger in the waistband of Ash’s pants and tugged them down along with the accompanying underwear to rest just below his furry behind. Ash whimpered again, resisting the urge to move and pull them back into place. Solar Fragment was his superior after all, and his friend, but still.

  “Is this really necessary?” The gray Keh’kitteh whined.

  Solar Fragment sat down on the log beside him, and in the same motion brought the switch sharply against his friend’s posterior, making the other Keh’kitteh yelp.

 “Of course it is.” Solar Fragment replied, taking Ash’s tail in his other hand to move aside. “Why else would I do it?”

  Solar Fragment sighed as he got himself comfortable on the log beside his friend. He might as well, they were going to be here for a good bit. “Your worrying is unhealthy. If you’re not willing to make adjustments by request, well then, as your friend it’s my duty to be a bit more persuasive.”

  “It’s about that? Sol—“

  That was as far as Ash got. The switch found its way across his rear yet again, and again he helped, no more prepared for it the second time as he was the first. Solar Fragment waited for a couple seconds, then snapped it across the Keh’kitteh’s rear again, and again and again. With each swat, Ash would yelp. Some of his tail fur had fluffed up, but otherwise he stayed there. That was good—for both of them. Solar Fragment would’ve hated to have to swat his friend’s rear around for disobeying an officer on top of it all. Again the switch swished through the air, ending in a sharp snap against its target. Time after time it scored bright pink stripes across the otherwise speckly gray behind.

  Ash’s foot came up off of the ground, the toes of his paw curled up on themselves as the switch struck again and again, biting into his posterior with a fiery pain very unlike any he’d ever managed to get in any border skirmish.

  “Solaaar!” He whined.

  “You’re doing fine.” His friend replied evenly, and snapped the switch down again.

  Ash whimpered, burying his face behind the cover of his arms. “It doesn’t feel very fine.” He added quietly.

 Solar Fragment just chuckled and shook his head, crossing one leg casually as he carried on. The swish of the switch became almost rhythmic with the yelping of Ash as his friend squirmed and struggled to stay in place; his well punished rear now a reddish hue. Tears trickled through the gray Keh’kitteh’s face fur and speckled the dusty ground around him.

  Solar Fragment slowed his pace and the strength of the swats gradually once his friend was sniffling and whimpering on a much more consistent basis. Eventually he stopped entirely.

  “Listen Ash, you’re my friend. Of course being careful is important, but not to the point you make yourself sick!”

  The Keh’kitteh didn’t protest.

  The switch whipped down and Ash yelped.


  “Yes, of course,” Ash mewled in reply, “I get it!”

  “You need to make a point of cutting back on all the obsessive worrying. “ Another quick score of the switch.  

  He took a deep breath, knowing the following would make his friend break down all the more, but this whole session would be pointless if the message behind it were lost. Reinforcement. Solar Fragment readied the switch again, much to Ash’s dismay.

  “If you don’t—you have to answer to me.”

  Ash braced himself, expecting to feel the sharp bite of the awful little thing. It didn’t come. Not when he expected it at least.

  “Do. I. Make. My-self. Clear?” With each syllable Solar Fragment switched the Keh’kitteh’s behind firmly. Ash squirmed and mewled, nuzzling his face further beneath his arms, tears flowing down his furry face. He was certain he’d never sit down again.

  “Clear! You’re perfectly clear!” He cried.

  Solar Fragment looked sympathetically at his poor friend and hiked all of his lowered attire back to its proper place. With a quick rub to his back and a couple pats, he helped him back up. Fortunately the others were quite some ways away still, so at least he had the time to get himself put back together.
  Ash wiped at his tear stricken face, and blinked, rather embarrassed to meet his friend’s gaze as he rubbed his now clothed, albeit sill very sore, behind. Finally he glanced down at Solar Fragment who was still sitting on the log.

  “So…what do you think?” Solar Fragment asked, “Will you be able to do that?”

  Ash wiped his eyes again and did his best to shake off the look of discomfort, replacing it instead with a half amused, but obviously still quite sore, grin. “I should hope so. You’re scarier than any border skirmish I’ve ever seen.”

Solar Fragment grinned and stood up, ruffling his friend’s head fur with a purr. “Yeah, and don’t forget it!”

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 4 years, 1 month ago
Rating: Mature

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4 years, 1 month ago
ouch!!! hurt and hard xDD
4 years, 1 month ago
Yeah it does look rather painful, lol XD
4 years, 1 month ago
adorable spanking pic and story
4 years, 1 month ago
Thank you c=
4 years, 1 month ago
4 years, 1 month ago
and the hug is made!~
4 years, 1 month ago
Wut hug o3o
4 years, 1 month ago
D: oh dear, spanked to tears and no hug was given ono

Pats are good enough ouo
4 years, 1 month ago
Yis. Cause the stereotypical process of it all bugs me XDXD So I like variety.
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