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Lunar Reference Sheet
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Lunar Hermit (post nanobot infusion)

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Character Sheet for Lunar Hermit
LuneLune, Lune, Specks
Silverfox android
Character Description
Description from normal Lunar still applies; more details below....

Basically, Lunar now has millions of tiny nano robots in his blood stream that rebuild his entire body, inside and out. These nanobots have basically replaced his immune system and pretty much everything else; pretty much all of his original body and organs have long since gone and been replaced with synthetic equivalents. In this sense, he's more of an android than an organic being. This also means that he can be reformed if enough of his original body remains.

After rebuilding Lunar’s body, the nanobots struggled to keep themselves working efficiently. Lunar’s normal diet, while acceptable for an organic being, did not fare so well when all of his organs and cells had been replaced with little tiny robots and synthetic compounds. The nanobots found another source of fuel however: Lunar’s pica. The detrimental mental disease Lunar had since birth was now exactly what the nanobots needed to fuel themselves.

The nanobots set to work, got rid of Lunar’s digestive system and rebuilt it with a few changes to handle metal and plastic. After these changes, Lunar gained a larger stomach, shorter intestines, and lost most of his urinary system. All bodily waste (not just digestive waste) is deposited directly into his large intestine.

After this, Lunar cannot digest normal food and does not need water. He still eats normal foods ‘cause he likes the taste, but it literally just passes right through him. It should also be noted that Lunar’s digestive system is 100% efficient; waste passed is merely excess or stuff that can’t be used (such as normal food, (dead) bacteria, and dirt). His waste is also sterile, all bacteria is killed in the mouth and/or stomach. In other words, and to be perfectly blunt, the only reason Lunar defecates is because he eats too damn much!

Lunar’s skin isn’t the only thing to have been stained black; all of his blood and bodily fluids are now black as well with the exception of his tears and saliva, which are translucent grey. This is primarily due to the simple fact that it is saturated with nanobots (similar to ferro fluid). This has also affected the viscosity of his bodily fluids as well: Lunar’s blood is similar to a lightweight oil, his saliva is like maple syrup, and his stomach acid is thick and sticky... pretty much exactly like ink (cut open the cartridge in a ball point pen if you want an example).

It is also worth noting that the nanobots were able to fix his eyes; he no longer needs glasses (much to his delight). However, the staining effect of the nanobots on the fluid in his eyes has reduced his colour vision slightly; the nanobots have rebuilt his eyes to be more sensitive to light to combat the darkening effect the staining has had. Due to the fact that he was staying in a darkened nuclear bunker at the time (see History), the nanobots overdid this a little bit and as a result, his pupils are always small slits in normally lit rooms and almost disappear in bright sunlight.

But perhaps the most notable change to his biology would be the removal of his heart. That’s right, Lunar’s literally a heartless little derp! The nanobots move around on their own and don’t really need a heart to move fluid around Lunar’s body. Instead, he has a billiard ball sized sphere right where his heart should be, connected to all his blood vessels and “wired” directly to his brain. This is pretty much the central hub for the nanobots, and the primary controller for the distributed AI. It has a direct connection to Lunar’s brain and constantly backs up his memories; because of this it can also help with the mundane everyday amnesia (such as “where did I leave my keys?”). It is not a direct replacement for his brain though, merely a back up; a decent analogy could be made equating his brain to a supercomputer, and his “billiard ball heart” to the backup server for the supercomputer.
derpy, naive, kind, caring, gullible, good problem solver, very shy, likes to help people (even if help isn't wanted), stubborn, childish, gullible, loyal, coward, lazy, kinky, nerdy, awkward, sarcastic
electronics of all kinds, eating electronics of all kinds, fixing things, Hi-Fi, hugs, making people laugh and laughing himself, music (mostly electronics variants), logic, pizza, under-cooked cookies, junk-food, cold temperatures, cloudy rainy days

Hot temperatures, illogical or stupid things/people (like people who drive 10 mph under the speed limit), sunny days, having to wear glasses, injustice, vegetables, MLP, 1337 speak, large crowds, being the center of attention
Like many sci-fi stories, Lunar’s takes place on a planet very similar to earth: Alterra. In Alterra’s history, a war breaks out between several of the planet’s super powers resulting in a nuclear apocalypse destroying almost everything. Because Lunar lived away from major cities, he was able to escape with his life, albeit with a fair dose of radiation. Through a fortunate series of events before the apocalypse, he knew of a (mad) scientist who lived near by in an abandoned bunker: Felix Fennel.

Felix was the father to one of Lunar’s friends, Finneus Fennel, and they had met a couple times before. Felix was a hermit and had difficulty trusting anyone after working years for Evion’s corrupt government (who was using it’s own citizens as well as prisoner’s of war for scientific experimentation). He specialized primarily in medical sciences, but also in robotics, psychology, and electronic engineering in general. Lunar and Felix got along fairly well, though that may be mostly because of Lunar’s naivety and his proclivity for eating just about whatever was presented to him (especially old electronics and pill cams); not to mention his willingness to swallow an endoscope or submit for X-rays and MRIs.

With an early death inevitable, depression settling in (losing his fur may have contributed to this), and nothing but a barren wasteland to look forward to, Lunar agreed to be a guinea pig for one of Felix’s more radical ideas: medical nanobots.Having perfected a design for microscopic nanobots several years ago, Felix had been thinking about different ways to use them as an alternative to open surgery. They were small enough to be injected into the bloodstream and could be controlled remotely or set to automatically carry out menial tasks.

After several animal tests, and with Lunar becoming sicker, Felix started infusing Lunar with thousands of the nanobots. This operation was to be more than just a fix for his radiation poisoning, but a permanent infusion for research and to build a details microscopic map of Lunar’s body for general reference. At this point Lunar was not terribly keen on keeping his own life, but providing Felix with the knowledge to help save other people’s lives.

After a detailed scan of Lunar’s body, Felix instructed the nanobots to perform several experimental surgeries; this was met with remarkable success! With Lunar’s radiation poisoning worsening, Felix told the nanobots to attempt to start rebuilding Lunar’s organs. This process was almost entirely run by Felix’s computers with him overseeing it and modifying the process as he saw fit. All known reference material was taken into account including a nanobot scan of Felix’s own body (which was unaffected by the radiation due to him practically living in his bunker).

Slowly, Lunar’s condition actually started improving and Felix felt comfortable leaving the nanobots to their own devices and let them have control of Lunar’s body in a final and blatantly risky experiment. Left to their own devices, and with all of the the computing power available in Felix’s lab/bunker, they completely broke down Lunar’s body and rebuilt it as they went along on a cellular level. More nanobots were built to take the place of different cells and eventually nothing organically made remained.

Felix was not terribly confident in this experiment succeeding (“...only a 43.672% chance of survival is likely, but if you do survive you’ll be full of science and robotty coolness!”), but succeed it did! The only side effects seemed to be his appearance; the fact that his skin had been stained pure black.
Futuristic setting. He lived in a setting where space travel is common place, so he could be found on planets still in the earlier years of development. So, flexible I guess. o.o
Skinny and short with black fur, messy unkempt black hair, and white speckles on his back, stopping at his upper butt, and on the sides of his abdomen/torso, as well as on top of his muzzle like freckles. He has white eyes with black scleras and very skinny pupils, and black skin inside and out (where applicable). It is worth noting that he would look exactly the same in a black and white photograph as he would in a colour photograph.
Slate blue shirt with white bleach stain splotch on the chest, dark blue pants with lighter blue seams.

In winter he wears a tan Nordic sweater with black, red, and green patterns, and brown pants with the same brown leather belt as summer; maroon or black/white striped scarf optional. Alone indoors replace brown pants with slightly-to-large red lounge pants with wavey green stripes, and the sweater with a much-to-large brown long sleeved shirt.
He always has a late 90s styled pocket computer in his right pocket. This can be used to program his nanobots to carry out specific changes in his body. Such changes may include: growing or shrinking, hair/fur growth, making him gooey (yes, he can turn into a goo fox!), making him stretchy (to eat larger electronics, like your computer).  

Lunar can also load different DNA sets into the nanobots, and change his species. DNA sets take up a lot of memory though, so he can only have a few of them preloaded.

Only he and his 'doctor', Felix, know the applicable coding required for more intricate changes.
Lunar Reference Sheet
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Lunar Reference Sheet
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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 4 years ago
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3 years, 9 months ago
I have nothing to compare with this. Nothing.

It's also a moot question, since I stopped cartooning some 19 years ago and am highly unlikely to resume, given my poor cartooning skills and my having other projects going. Text fan-fics also stopped when I burned out. My last book, DIVERGENCE, suffered from my fighting this burn-out, now very deep.

I heard of one Japanese-type robot who has a variety of forms, incl. a slime puddle, with a variable number of nanobots determining how complex she can be (ranging from a puddle to humanoid).
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