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Character Sheet for Frogela
Frog, Froggie
She is fairly introverted, not being too loud in public when she's on her own. When she's with her friends or boyfriend, she's as shrill and abrasive as she likes to be naturally, even in crowded areas where it's not appropriate. This frog isn't afraid to show her true colors when she has trusted company around, and it's the side that she's most comfortable with; a playful, boisterous and joking version of herself, who isn't a stranger to accidentally screeching 'fuck, shit, dicks..' etc, for innocent bystanders and children to hear.

But like most people, she has a more serious private side. When she isn't acting on film or acting her foolish self around the people she loves, she can be very quiet and reflective. She has a intense curiosity, and likes to learn about random things that strike her fancy. She also enjoys philosophizing about anything, and has a skill for causing her own personal bouts of short-lived depression from her derailing of the value of life on a daily basis.
Likes: The adrenaline rush on stage, older men, the internet, snuff videos, making everything gay (ships everything), looking at guro, jumping around spastically to music when no one is watching, and listening to sound porn videos on youtube.

Dislikes: Dancing in public, doing ANYTHING new in public, her scars, self-righteous people, delusional people, religion, stereotypically cute animals, sleeping, and not having money.

Strengths: Super flexible; can put her legs behind her head, her ability to act her way out of almost any situation, has an okay singing voice, her fierce determination, and she's a badass.

Weaknesses: Asthma, horrible upper body strength, carpal tunnel in wrists, suffers from non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, can't dance, and has self-esteem and anxiety issues.
Born April 28th, 1992, to a pair of often bickering frog parents, Frogela picked up a few of their quirks. As soon as she was able to form words, she was cursing like a sailor. She had fun imitating the roid-rages that her parents would experience throughout the day. In one episode caught on camera, she was driving around in her toy car at 3 years old, screaming for people to get off the road. She then jumped out of the car, slammed the door and screamed, "BITCH!"

When she first entered public school she was a pretty popular child. She was a cute, blonde little girl and sociable, and this lead to her becoming friends with the most popular kid, a mischievous fellow blonde. With their small band of groupies they ruled the playground. It wasn't too long after, 5th grade to be precise, that Frogela switched schools and unfortunately her poor vision developed enough for her parents to notice, and subsequently she was forced to wear wire frame glasses. She quickly lost her ability to make a lot of friends. This lead to her withdrawing into herself to become the total nerd that the other children claimed she was. She completely indulged in her early fondness for technology and art, two mediums which she later ended up combining.

Frogela's remaining school years were turbulent. She had issues with sleeping for as long as she could remember, and it greatly impacted her ability to get up for class. She would show up late, or often not at all, coming up with any possible excuse to skip the day. Her truancy nearly got her in trouble with the law, but her consistently high grades were too valuable for the matchbox sized school to follow through with an investigation and expulsion. This was one of many reasons why she begged to be 'homeschooled' for her high school education, and her parents agreed.

The following four years were all but a blur; many highs and lows, a failed relationship or two, overall a long gestation period that would prepare her for the rest of her life. During this time, Frogela honed her love for researching fascinating subjects on the internet and indulging in movies. After her long break from life, responsibilities, and society as a whole, Frogela rushed off to college to attain a degree a theater, and partied as hard as she could to make up for the time she wasted, all while still wasting plenty by herself online.
Jox -- Frogela's boyfriend. She met the fellow actor on the set of an indie film production. She was immediately attracted to the charming, older silver fox, a feeling that she found was reciprocated. Jox showed genuine concern for the frog because of injuries she had sustained while on set, and outraged at the crew for allowing it to happen. The two are now inseparable.

Kat -- Frogela's friend. She would have gone insane if Kat had not been there for her in some vital moments. They helped each other develop into strong individuals in their later teenage years. While they don't talk much anymore, she's grateful for their friendship.

Michael  -- Frogela's dad. Michael is her biological father, a hefty, balding frog in his 50's, still working his modest office job to pay the bills. He developed COPD after a life of smoking and continues to smoke despite it, and his daughter's rather vocal protests.
After graduating college, Frogela took a long vacation to unwind after the intense workload she had to deal with for two years. She then immediately set off to attempt life. This entails of her auditioning and occasionally succeeding at getting roles in indie productions and infomercials. She is met with a lot of lapses in action considering the slim pickings available in her hometown, which results in a signature bout of short-lived depression. She works part-time from home as she saves up the money she needs for the next chapter in her life.

A year after graduation, Frogela landed her first "big" part; a lead role in an independent feature film. She played the victim of a kidnapping, a role which required a lot of screaming, crying, and unfortunately for her, stunts that the amateur crew was not prepared for. She suffered many injuries to her legs and knees in the form of deep gashes, scrapes and bruises. Worst of all, she was accidentally punched in the nose which resulted in a hairline fracture, a feat that was only met with the jeering of an overjoyed crew because it was captured on film. It was a very bad experience, however, it was meant to be. It was on this set and because of her wounds that she met her boyfriend, Jox, who was concerned by her injuries and made certain that the irresponsible filmmakers wouldn't allow any such harm to come to her again.
5'7"; 107 lbs.

Being a frog, Frogela's skin looks shiny and wet, yet it's velvety smooth to the touch rather than being gooey as some might assume. She is light green with yellowy markings going from the lower half of her face down her chest, ending slightly below her thighs. She also has the same yellowish hue on her backside, starting from the bottom of her stubby frog tail, traveling down the back of her legs to the bottoms of her feet; her underarms and the palms of her hands are this same shade as well. The round pink blush marks gracing her cheeks are permanent markings. She has other blushy areas including her shoulders, elbows, nose, knees, and thighs, flushed pinkish simply from the blood flowing through her being visible.

Frogela was born with bleach blonde hair which lasted through her early childhood, but it started to gradually darken until it became the muddied blondish dishwater color that it is today. Depending on the day, Frogela's parents either blame the fact that she's not in the sun enough or it was the overexposure to lake water that did it, but she maintains that it happens to the majority of people who are born with hair so light. Her hair is naturally a wavy, untamed mess. She has to straighten it to get it to look as normal as it does. This frog is also equipped with iconic, bright blue eyes, which unfortunately don't function as well as they look; she wears contacts or glasses depending on her mood. Her teeth sport a small malady as well; a snaggletooth on the left side, which causes the appearance of a single fang when she opens her mouth.
Physically, Frogela isn't nearly as in shape as she wants to be, but is lucky enough to be naturally thin. Her upper body strength is abysmal, though her lengthy frog-legs can pack a bit more of a punch. She has never been in a physical fight in her life, aside from staged ones, and would do anything not to be in one since she'd most definitely lose. She suffers from the occasional flare up of frog facial acne, which she covers up dutifully because she would never get work without doing so. They're not warts and she hates anyone who accuses her of 'inter-species sex' because of the blemishes.
by angela
First in pool
a life worth fighting for
introducing my frogsona, frogela!

she has a weebly which houses all of her art here: (some nsfw) http://frogbog.weebly.com/frogela.html

female 567,387, artwork (digital) 34,143, panties 20,430, underwear 19,034, frog 3,953, bra 3,550, amphibian 1,550, frogela 13
Type: Character Sheet
Published: 4 years, 5 months ago
Rating: General

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3 years, 6 months ago
3 years, 6 months ago
aw yeahhhh froges 4 lyfe...
though you'd probably like her loli self better: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=950960
3 years, 6 months ago
I like both >:3 , also most of oc frogs ihave are young adults or teen x3
3 years, 6 months ago
i was just looking at that awesome group pic you drew of all your hot frogs, i love how unique each one is! *__*
3 years, 6 months ago
Hehee~ thanks x3

 we should do a frog trade ( art trade ) someday ;3c
3 years, 6 months ago
i would love toooo! maybe in jan after the holidays (which are crazy at my job ugh)???? throw me a note!!!!
3 years, 6 months ago
Okay~ :3c
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