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Natasha Kernovich
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Drusilla Lorine

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Character Sheet for Lupe Bzou
Puppy (she -hates- it)
Character Description
A young werewolf girl. Impulsive, feral in her habits, and with all the social graces of a wild animal.

Powers and Abilities:

Bestial senses: Her sense of smell is downright superhuman, she can sniff a fart and tell what you had for dinner three weeks ago. She also has excellent hearing, but not as extreme as her sense of smell.

Shapeshifter: She can change between human, wolf, and the infamous hybrid form... though in her werewolf form she's less 'giant monster' and more 'kemonomimi girl'. After all she's still just a kid, she can't turn all the way yet. Also, despite popular belief, she doesn't need a full moon to change, she can transform whenever she likes:

- Human: She can think better in this form and is more rational. She still acts wild however, but is otherwise indistinguishable from a mundane human.

- Wolf: She appears as a brown-furred wolf cub with gold streaks in her fur in this form. Her sense of smell is incredibly strong like this, rivaling a trained bloodhound, but she can't talk in her animal shape.

- Werewolf: She prefers this form, even though she's incapable of transforming completely. Her werewolf form looks the same as her human form, but her ears become pointed and furry, she grows a wolf tail out of the base of her spine, and her nails and teeth become longer and sharper. She's much more impulsive and animal-like in her behaviors when she's in this form.

Claws and teeth: Her fingernails, toenails, and teeth are very sharp and very strong and her jaw is capable of biting through solid wood. She's not very good at controlling her strength either.

Run like the wolf: She is perfectly capable of running on all fours, and can move faster than any mundane human when she does. She can do this in all forms, but is best at it when either in her hybrid form (her arms grow longer in this form) or her wolf form (which is designed for it)

Regeneration: She can heal from anything short of decapitation, though regrowing limbs is beyond her (she will heal over before she can bleed out though). The exceptions to this are any injuries caused by either silver or fire. Both will burn her flesh, cancelling out her supernatural regeneration powers. She can heal from them, but no faster than a normal human would.

Blood fury: (Requires Natasha) If Natasha feeds her some of her blood then Lupe will transform into a full-werewolf rather than her halfway form she normally uses and become incredibly strong and fast, even able to overpower Drusilla and Arja... however the werewolf cub is unable to cope with the sudden rush of power and goes berserk in this state, attacking blindly and unable to distinguish between friend and foe.

Weakness: She's a werewolf so anything silver can injure her. Silver bullets, knives, swords, and such will burn her flesh where they hit her, preventing her from healing them. In addition... she's not very bright and pretty impulsive. She can be outsmarted fairly easily, though when it comes to anything involving Natasha she tends to take the 'whatever keeps Alpha-bat safe' route.
Simple, impulsive, and more like an animal than a human most of the time. She's very loyal to her adopted family, which she thinks of as her pack, and especially to her 'alpha', Natasha.

She's got no concept of tact however, and doesn't quite understand the concept of things like manners, social graces, or even clothing really.

Having been raised in the wild, she doesn't really do well with languages and tends to speak in broken English, referring to herself in the third person and referring to others by nicknames rather than their actual names as follows:
- Arja = Monkey
- Simoni = Bird
- Natasha = Alpha-bat
- Drusilla = Big Eye
- Trixie = Girl-boy
- Stephen = Bird Boy-girl
- Nelen = Blood-guy
- Dawn = Annoying cat

Its also worth noting that while Lupe is uneducated she's not unintelligent. She's able to make observations and notice things that the others might miss. However, she had about as rural an upbringing as one could have and never went to a proper school or anything.
- Natasha (Alpha!)
- Hunting (Lupe good hunter!)
- Meat (Yum!)

- Dawn (Jerk!)
- Silver (Ow!)
- Being called a dog (Lupe not dog! Lupe wolf!)
Hailing from Romania near where Natasha used to make her home, Lupe belonged to a pack of werewolves that lived in the forests near the small village. However, after Natasha left with Arja and her group Clan Fullmoon swept the area and, having stumbled upon Lupe's pack, took them apart. A werewolf is strong in a fight, but Clan Fullmoon came prepared with swords edged in silver and their own enhanced strength. Lupe was the only survivor, fleeing into the night while the rest of her pack fought and died against the Clan's weapons.

She wound up breaking into Natasha's old house, making it into her lair of sorts while the vampire was away... and then Arja's crew returned to Romania and Natasha discovered her, mistaking her for a human girl at first until Lupe transformed and attacked her. Natasha fought her at first, until she noticed that the werewolf was extremely skinny and found out that her pack had been killed off. Taking pity on her, she offered to show her where she kept some food stores for her mortal servants, which the werewolf quite literally tore into.

Natasha felt bad for Lupe after the werewolf told her that the 'fire-hair warriors' had wiped out her pack, realizing that they had been looking for Arja and her friends, and offered to let Lupe come with them back to India. Lupe resisted at first, until Natasha wound up forcing Lupe to submit to her and see her as a new 'alpha' of sorts.

The settling in period was hard for Lupe. She had lived alone for almost a year and had lived in the wild before that, so it took time for her to adjust to living a more modern lifestyle. Even now she still speaks in broken English (her Romanian wasn't very good either) and goes around on all fours more often than upright. She also shows quite a few canine habits even in her human form..
Lupe's actual relatives and packmates were killed by Clan Fullmoon, but she thinks of Arja and her group as her new pack and Natasha as her alpha.
The world in this story is a sort of alternate earth with a contemporary fantasy mix to it. Supernatural beings and magic exist, but mainstream humanity doesn't know about them.

I take a lot of cues from games such as The Secret World and the World of Darkness series as well as the writings of authors like Kim Harrison and Simon R. Green.
Human form: A young girl with messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

Wolf form: A feral wolf with yellow fur and eyes.

Hybrid form: A human girl with long black finger and toenails that are unusually sharp, fangs rather than teeth, and yellow eyes. She has wolf like ears and a tail, and her arms become longer in this form as well to make it easier to run on all fours.
She tends to go naked whenever possible, mostly because she's not used to needing clothing. She'd wear simple leather clothes when she was living wild in Romania.

She does wear clothing when the others make her, but she squirms out of it at the first chance whenever possible.
She wears a black leather collar with metal studs, a gift from Natasha, at all times. Even if it's hard to explain away she insists on it, and will fight anyone who tries to take it from her.
by Simoni
This one is one of my characters, a young werewolf girl from Romania with the power to take the form of a wolf, human, or a hybrid (sort of).

Because she's young she can't change completely, but she can grow claws, fangs, a tail, and shift her ears from human to lupine.

female 550,252, fantasy 12,512, magic 12,300, werewolf 5,902, contemporary 100
Type: Character Sheet
Published: 4 years, 4 months ago
Rating: General

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