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Nelen Fullmoon
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Natasha Kernovich

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Character Sheet for Natasha Kernovich
'Tash' or 'Nas'. Lupe refers to her as 'Alpha-bat' as well.
Vampire (Clan Ventrue)
200+ (physically she's about twelve).
Character Description
Natasha is the group's resident vampire. She was turned into one of the undead back when the concept of America was still fairly new, mustache wax wasn't just for hipsters, and nobody knew what the hell 'electricity' was.

Physically she's about twelve years old with brown hair and very pale skin. In truth she's over two hundred years old, frozen in time at the moment of her transformation.

Powers and Abilities:

Immortal Blood: Natasha is a European vampire, Romanian specifically. She's immortal in that she doesn't age and can't get sick, though like any vampire she can still be killed by outside forces. She must also feed on human blood regularly to sustain her undead body.

Hypnotic Eyes: Natasha can hypnotize victims by making eye contact. She mostly does this to keep someone from fighting when abducting a new person to feed from. She tries not to drain a victim dry however, and does return them to their home when she finishes.

Vampiric Bite and saliva: Natasha's bite induces a euphoric reaction, her saliva numbing pain while causing her victim to become hyper-sensitive to pleasurable sensations. This can lead to addiction if done too frequently. To hide her feedings she simply licks the wound, the puncture marks closing when she does.

Undead Strength: Despite her childlike body she is quite strong, easily able to match Arja in terms of physical strength and perhaps even some members of Clan Fullmoon. However, she would still lose in a direct fight with Arja due to her vampiric weakness to fire.

Vampiric Flight: Besides Simoni and her cousin, Stephen, Natasha is the only member of the group capable of flight. She can fly in her human form, or turn into a cloud of bats.

Feeding: Natasha can feed on human blood to rapidly heal injuries and restore stamina. She also must feed on human blood on a regular basis to maintain her undead state. She will regularly feed on the other members of her group, with different degrees of success.
- Humans: Her primary source of blood.
- Other Vampires: She can feed on them, but she runs the risk of becoming bound to that particular vampire if she does so.
- Werewolves: Werewolf blood is potent and heady, akin to hard liquor for her, but it can also make her very aggressive and short tempered after she drinks it.
- Fae: Fairy blood is a special prize for the undead as it has the power to temporarily cancel out their curse, allowing them to eat normal food and stand under the sun. The effects are only temporary however.
- Demon: Any vampire who feeds on a demon is in for a very nasty surprise, their blood will react violently with the vampire's body, often in a very fatal manner.
- Cheshire: A vampire planning on feeding on Cheshire blood had best pack their bags first, because they're in for one hell of a trip. Cheshire blood is an immensely powerful hallucinogenic to the undead.
- Cyclops: Indistinguishable from human blood.
- Zombie: Lara's blood isn't actually blood, more some sort of alchemical muck, so it won't even count as food for her. She'll just throw it right back up.

- She has to drink blood on a regular basis to maintain her undead state. If she fails to do so her body will slip into a coma-like state known to her kind as 'torpor'.
- Fire is incredibly dangerous to her, and sunlight will utterly destroy her.
- A stake through the heart will paralyze her, but only wooden stakes will have this effect. Plastic, metal, and such will certainly hurt, but won't do anything else (besides make her VERY angry).
- A holy symbol (cross, Star of David, copy of the Quoran, etc), when wielded by a human who has real faith in it, can potentially cause her great harm. The faith must be genuine however. An agnostic holding a cross may as well be holding a tree branch. The symbol won't do anything unless they're actively using it against her however.
Natasha is very old fashioned in many ways. She doesn't feel comfortable with modern technology, usually needing Simoni or one of the others to help her with any machines she may want to use, and her hobbies are things like needlepoint which she tried to introduce to her friends... with little success.

She's very much a dominant-type. She's a vampire for one, and a Ventrue to boot, but she does care for her friends as they're the first people who have actually been around her longer than it takes to have a meal in decades.

She's very knowledgeable about vampires and undead society, even knowing details that Nelen would miss, but when it comes to technology or modern society she's not very well versed.

Also, Natasha is Jewish and when the situation permits it she will go to any nighttime services if a synagogue is near where the group is currently staying.
- Needlepoint
- Gothic Lolita fashion (the only 'modern' clothing style she likes)

- Modern vampire stories (Twilight, anything about Dracula)
- Most modern technology (she has no idea how to use it)
A Romanian vampire girl, Natasha was turned into one of the undead when she was just thirteen. In actual years she's easily old enough to be Simoni's great grandmother at least. During a trip to Romania she kidnapped Simoni, wanting someone her own age to both feed on and play with (her small village had no children her age), prompting Arja, Nelen, and Dawn to go after her.

Their zeal for rescue deflated somewhat when, upon storming the vampire's lair they found not a tall pale-skinned monster, but a frightened little girl crying bloody tears at the scary people who kicked down her bedroom door. Simoni warmed to her kidnapper after that, deciding that she was really just lonely after she pointed out she'd been alone in the manor house for fifty years (that and, well, Arja kidnapped her when they met so maybe some nostalgic feelings in there).

Upon discovering the aprhodisiac-like side effects of Natasha's bite, as well as her shared interest with the things that Arja and Simoni enjoyed in their personal time, they added her to Arja's harem. Despite Nelen's protests, she joined the group and went back to India with them.

Natasha has been undead for over two centuries now and has trouble wrapping her head around modern things like cartoons, video games, and so on. She shows distaste for modern depictions of vampires (especially Count Dracula, who she actually remembers from her history lessons as a mundane human) and especially dislikes the works of Stephanie Meyer, though very few non-mundanes like those books. She enjoys things like needle-point and calligraphy writing, though she has trouble convincing her friends of the merits of such.
All of her relatives are long dead, one of which even dying by her hand (See Story Part 12: Dreams of the Past), but she treats her circle of supernatural friends as a sort of surrogate family.
The world in this story is a sort of alternate earth with a contemporary fantasy mix to it. Supernatural beings and magic exist, but mainstream humanity doesn't know about them.

I take a lot of cues from games such as The Secret World and the World of Darkness series as well as the writings of authors like Kim Harrison and Simon R. Green.
She appears as a twelve year old girl, a bit short for girls her age (but then people were shorter back then) with brown hair usually tied into a bun and very pale skin.

She also has elongated canines, but they aren't obvious unless she's about to feed. When angry her irises will glow red.
Natasha greatly prefers old fashioned styles of clothing, and thanks to Simoni has begun a collection of goth lolita outfits (the only kind of modern fashion she likes) via websites like eBay, Etsy, and similar sites.

When unable to wear such, for whatever reason, she tends to go for very modest outfits such as blouses with long sleeves and high collars, full length skirts, and so on.
She almost never goes anywhere without her cape unless she absolutely can't plausibly explain it away. Its one of the few pieces of clothing she's had for more than a century and is genuine silk.

Also, she usually has a necklace with a pendant in the shape of the Star of David worn under her shirt. She's Jewish and kept her faith after becoming undead.
by Simoni
Probably one of my favorites out of Arja's characters... Natasha is a 200 year old vampire.

Despite the mature appearance she's actually no older than Arja or Simoni (physically anyways). Rather, when she was mortal kids just grew up faster than they did today, so she wound up appearing more adult than she actually is.

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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 4 years, 4 months ago
Rating: General

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