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Arja Barjar
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Nelen Fullmoon

Natasha Kernovich

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Character Sheet for Nelen Fullmoon
Human (blood mage)
Character Description
Nelen is Simoni's older brother (remember, she wasn't born Hindi). He learned blood magic as a teenager and was exiled from Clan Fullmoon because of it, marked for death by his grandfather, Franklin.

Nelen's abilities are as follows:

Blood Magic: Nelen practices blood magic, a school of magic associated with sickness and disease. He can cause supernatural infections by shooting blood at his enemies, the strains he creates being non-contagious but supernaturally resilient and able to spread at a rate that would terrify any mundane doctor. He can also shape his blood into tendrils which are quite strong, able to lift up a fair amount of weight on their own and inflict a good bit of injury to anyone he attacks with them, about akin to a leather whip in terms of damage.

Immune to Exsanguination: Due to the magical nature of Nelen's blood he can't bleed to death, however he does get weaker the less blood he has in him and will fall into a coma if it's completely depleted. He has to consume food and drink to replenish his blood supply, giving him the kind of appetite that creates buffet restaurant legends.

Fullmoon Half-blood: While he doesn't have the damage resilliance of a full member of Clan Fullmoon he is still tougher than most mundane humans. Its nothing compared to a full blooded member, but he can still limp away from some pretty severe things (such as being blasted through a huge set of double doors and two stone walls) with relatively minor injuries (three broken ribs and a concussion as opposed to, y'know, being turned into hamburger).

Magical Tools: Nelen has several magic tools he's picked up on his journeys after being exiled from Clan Fullmoon. What these are and their function will be revealed as the story goes on.

Unsealing: The bandages that Nelen wears on his hands are, infact, a seal to keep his magic in check. When he removes them he can use the full force of his powers, but runs the risk of losing control of his magic. While this is a very powerful ability he's also very reluctant to do it unless it's quite literally a do-or-die situation.

Minor Enchantments: He can put minor enchantments on items. Nothing extremely powerful, but small things that can do one or two very specific effects. His main one is to enchant bracelets to disguise the wearer in different ways.

Merihim: In truth, Nelen is host to a demonic entity known as Merihim, who has replaced Nelen's blood with his own physical form. When physically incarnate he appears as a skeletally thin being made entirely out of blood with no facial features save for a pair of blood clots in place of eyes and a crown made out of razor sharp teeth. Unusually for a parasitic demon, Merihim seems rather protective of his host. Most demonic parasites will be pretty blasie about them, merely being banished back to Hell when their host dies until they can find someone new to wear.

When Nelen is severely weakened in a psychological or mental sense Merihim can temporarily take control of his body.

Weakness: His blood magic is potent, but it has a major drawback. Against an undead or dead enemy (zombies, ghosts, geists, etc) his blood magic is almost totally useless. His tendrils can do some damage, but his most potent aspect (inflicting diseases) is useless against such beings. The ONLY exception to this is vampires, due to their own intimate ties to blood.

Also, while his blood magic keeps him from dying from exsanguination, if he uses up all his blood he will fall into a coma until his body can produce more. His whip doesn't drain blood (he can pull it back into his body), but if his blood leaves his body then he has to re-absorb it. Shooting blood, throwing blood bombs, and so on will cause the blood to completely leave his body. He can speed the regeneration process by eating, but naturally he can't pause for a snack in the middle of a fight.
Nelen joined up with Arja mostly to keep an eye on his sister and keep Clan Fullmoon off her back, though he's taken a liking to his extended family as part of her group.

He's physically the oldest of the group (Natasha is older than him), at least a decade older than anyone else on the team, and having spent his adult life travelling, doing mercenary work, and just surviving the attempts on his life by Clan Fullmoon he's learned a lot about the supernatural world. He's basically the 'Rupert Giles' of the team. When something unknown shows up if he doesn't know what it was he'll probably have a good idea as to where to look.
- Spicy foods
- Books
- Caffeine

- Country music
- Fundamentalists (he's had issues in the past when conservative religious types saw him using his powers)
Nelen grew up knowing about the supernatural world. When he was seventeen a close friend of his came out of the closet as a homosexual and became the victim of a hate crime, being murdered by a group of older teens. His murderers weren't prosecuted, the police having let the case go due to the victim being gay (early 2000s and Bible Belt USA) and the head of the murderer's group being the son of a wealthy businessman.

Enraged over this, Nelen searched for a way to strike back at them and found the means to summon a demon. He performed the summoning ritual and Merihim, Lord of Pestilence and member of the Court of Wrath, answered.

Nelen entered into a pact with Merihim, allowing the demon to possess his body by replacing his blood with his own demonic form, and using his newfound power he infected his friend's murderers with a supernaturally enhanced strain of leprosy. Two of the boys died (suicide, Nelen intentionally made it non-lethal), the other two are still hospitalized over ten years later.

Nelen wasn't charged by the police (after all, who would believe that he literally cursed them?), but Franklin Fullmoon had made learning magic taboo in Clan Fullmoon and, when word reached him of what had happened, he banished Nelen from the Clan and marked him for death, forcing him to drop out of school and flee his hometown.

After his escape he became a sort of magical mercenary, problem 'solver', and sorcerer for hire. He made his money where he could, travelling constantly to avoid Franklin and Clan Fullmoon as he tried to survive and learn to control Merihim.

During his travels he met Dawn, adopting her after Franklin slaughtered the rest of her litter during a fit of rage when he was unable to find his grandson. The two have traveled together ever since.

While Dawn was spying on Franklin (in her animal form) she discovered the plans to assassinate his sister and the two of them immediately went to India, rescuing her and Arja from a team of Fullmoon warriors that Franklin had sent to kill them. They've lived with Arja and the rest of the group ever since.

After the events of Part 2.13, Blood Price, Merihim has reverted to his former self and is now Cernunnos, ancient Celtic God of the Hunt. While he and Nelen share the same body, its in a more spiritual sense than a literal one. This has caused Nelen to lose his Blood Magic powers, though he's gained some new ones in their place.
Simoni Barjar: His kid sister, born shortly before Nelen's exile from Clan Fullmoon.

Franklin Fullmoon: His grandfather, a sociopathic old man who's  marked him and his sister for death.

Jeannie Fullmoon: His great aunt, Franklin's sister who was next in line to become the Matriarch before Franklin murdered their mother and declared himself Patriarch.

Catherine Fullmoon: Nelen's mother. A woman in her fifties who is short, plump, and more Irish than an army of Leprechauns all drunk on Guinness. She and Nelen care for each other, though they butt heads frequently.
The world in this story is a sort of alternate earth with a contemporary fantasy mix to it. Supernatural beings and magic exist, but mainstream humanity doesn't know about them.

I take a lot of cues from games such as The Secret World and the World of Darkness series as well as the writings of authors like Kim Harrison and Simon R. Green.
Nelen is about six feet tall, tends to let his beard grow out, and has graying hair. He's not very young anymore and its beginning to show, but he's still able to keep up with the rest of the group.
He prefers loose casual clothing that's easy to repair or replace, having gotten in the habit of using such during his mercenary days.

He also always keeps his hands bandaged. He usually tells people that it's because his blood magic leaves his hands all messed up under the bandages, but the truth of it is that the bandages are enchanted to act as a seal to keep his powers under control. Without them his blood magic goes haywire and attacks everything nearby.
- Glasses (Nelen is nearsighted)
- Black baseball style cap (He just likes the look)
- Messenger bag (enchanted to hold much more than it's dimensions would normally allow and filled with various things ranging from a triclops skull, a bag of runed bones, several bracelets enchanted to disguise the wearer, and some useless junk as he doesn't clean it out very often).
by Simoni
Originally I had planned to have Nelen use chaos/probability magic rather than blood magic. He'd affect chance and so on, but wind up slightly off kilter and a bit insane from it... but I dropped that idea when I realized that Nelen fit the group better as a more stable mix of big brother and Rupert Giles from Buffy.

I've always been a major geek for fantasy and magic, so in this setting Nelen is the mentor-character for the team. He and Dawn have been working together for a while now and he knows the most about the supernatural world as a whole.

If something is making kids vanish in the night in a village or a strange storm appears and won't leave he's the one most likely to know why.

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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 4 years, 5 months ago
Rating: General

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