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Ask the 'Devivs: Sparta *Derpily Animated*
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Loan Shark Full Ref (Updated 2013)

Pokeyoo Wif'Needul 2013 Ref

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Character Sheet
Frostbitten Nightmares Ref
Kerfuffle Ref 2014
Merry 'Deviv Christmas 2014
100 TC: Fun
  The visuals show Loan Shark’s story both past, present and future, but for the sake of not ruining the stories and keeping some aspects unclear until spoken of in the stories, I will keep it scrolled back to present dayish. Also I did add to its profile if you have seen it before. Not required to re-read but does have some good info.

Invader Name: Loan Shark

Official Name: Kiikrukekeke Cru’ax

Height: 5’2’’

Nickname: Shark / Sharky

Technical Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Arctic/Common Qwuedeviv

Rank: Private First Class

Official Specialty: Infiltration, Espionage and Sniper

Disguised As: Average Business Cat

Appearance: Loan Shark has somewhat ‘sharky’ looking eyes with the sclera being black and pupils white. Its fur markings are very similar to that of the great white shark and consist of a bluish-gray and white. Its ears have black stripes on the back of them that somewhat resemble gills. It has rather long sensors over the center top of its head with smaller ones in between the two sets of larger sensors.

  Just like all Qwuedeviv, Loan Shark has an invader uniform. Its is white with torn off ear covers and sleeves, the ‘hem’ of which is now tattered. It also wears a black collar far too large for itself that has various Qwuedeviv teeth attached to it. It is supposed to be used for intimidation. Its ‘eyes’ glow blue through the distortion eye disguise. Finally, it has a light brownish tan wrap around its ankles and lower legs. This uniform is of the arctic region type.

  Loan Shark has another uniform as well that has the same basic appearance, but in black. The uniform is sleeveless and the tips of its feet are uncovered. It has a few bands around its leg with this uniform as well as one around its left arm. Black gloves cover its hands. The uniform was a birthday gift from Smiley.

  Loan Shark’s disguise is a simple black and white suit. It does not cover its head when in its ‘disguise.’

  Later on Loan Shark acquires two other sets of gear. Although armor looking in appearance, only the helmet is of any true armor. The rest is all made from a mix of soft materials, some with protective plates sewn into the lining. It is primarily for intimidation and ability to blend in with the surrounding environment. The white is for arctic regions, the black is for missions elsewhere. Both provide adequate warmth and allow it to move silently.

Personality: Loan Shark’s most remarkable characteristic is its outstanding loyalty to both their species and all those it works alongside. It is rather sacrificial in its relations to all the rest—a trait that no one really seems to value regardless. Loan Shark has always been incredibly dedicated and persistent. Even despite its more timid tendencies, Loan Shark has worked all its life towards trying to be a valuable asset to their species. Personal fame and prestige are not important to this Qwuedeviv. Its main weakness is, debatably, reluctance. Loan Shark tends to hesitate when it comes to harming others as it would prefer a more peaceful solution.

  Loan Shark is considerably sensitive. It gets walked all over regularly. Sometimes it seems to realize this is what is taking place and other times it does not. Regardless, the blue and white alien cat is often frustrated and struggles to work with the crew around it. Loan Shark has a tendency to take everything without complaint until it builds up too much at which point it usually bursts into a rant—which is very mild by all standards. They usually end in crying and apologizing for being ‘mean.’ The others just think it’s crazy.

  Much shier and less outspoken than most Qwuedeviv, Loan Shark is considered sweet, selfless, attentive and sympathetic. Loan Shark can keep calm in situations that others would be long lost in a fit of rage. Unfortunately Loan Shark is usually troubled by many things and keeps an almost permanent frown. It prefers to keep all its worries, concerns and unpleasant memories contained to itself as to not clutter the others with unnecessary emotional luggage—not that they would listen anyway.

  Loan Shark follows the rules of the Qwuedeviv to an extent most others do not even consider. It has a complete inability to operate without sufficient rules being in place and abided by thus it has a large portion of them memorized. The other units think Loan Shark is strange and kind of a pain for its constant referencing of rules and protocol.

  Loan Shark once lived with its sibling, Swordfish, at the Qwuedeviv Arctic Region base. It spent many of its younger years there up until it was about eleven. Unlike the main H.Q. this particular base had more interaction between parental units and kittens. Loan Shark thus remained with its parental units until H.Q. declared war upon the Qwujakuhl.

  The Arctic base—being a smaller force than some of the other bases—followed the order to attack and took on the nearby city of Qwujakuhl. Many Qwuedeviv were killed in the battle which lasted nearly eight months. The war was overall a failure for the Qwuedeviv and did little more than create hatred between the two species.

  Loan Shark’s parental units as well as those of several others were amongst those who did not return from the battle. With a sudden increase in mentor and parentless kittens, the Arctic base had to make arrangements with the main H.Q. to home some of the kittens whilst they went about rebuilding the glorious base they once were.

  Loan Shark and its sibling were two of the kittens who were sent to H.Q. Unfortunately for the kitten transfers, H.Q. and their Arctic Region base were in a long disagreement of practice and behavior, thus Qwuedeviv from H.Q. and Qwuedeviv from the Arctic Base rarely got along. It was no huge surprise then that the new kitten arrivals were shunned by the other kittens and in some cases, even the Warrant Officers.

  There wasn’t much time to transition between having individualized attention to suddenly being amongst a ton of kittens—all of which were strangers—at H.Q. Gone were the days of having any sort of bond or relationship with parental units and mentors. Now in the equivalent of an orphanage, Loan Shark quickly found itself lost in a sea of more gifted kittens, shunned by the others for reasons it could not understand.

  Eventually shying away from the other kittens and learning to take care of itself, Loan Shark did its best to watch out for its younger sibling whenever it could find the other. Swordfish had an easier time making a few friends though it seemed, whereas, none of the kittens Loan Shark was around wanted anything to do with it. Constantly bullied and shoved around for being ‘superior and elite,’ Loan Shark had to learn much of H.Q’s basics on its own. It had a hard time adjusting its techniques to work in non arctic conditions as well and mostly fumbled and struggled to keep up with the rest of the class for some time.

  Invisible to Warrant Officers, and rejected by its future fellow units, Loan Shark grew distant and resilient. It gave up its hopes of making friends or even enjoying life. With little ability to find a purpose amongst its sadness, Loan Shark only resisted running away for the sake of its sibling. Someone had to watch out for the little daredevil after all. Swordfish was a little overzealous, as far as Loan Shark was concerned, to impress its new friends.

  Loan Shark eventually forced itself out of its state of self pity and decided it would strive to be the best soldier that it could be. The other kittens’ constant teasing died down after some time as classes grew harder and the newness of its arrival had worn off. Now alone more than anything else, Loan Shark was able to focus on learning. It didn’t take long from that point for someone to notice something different.

  Miduhst Zenuc (or Pi-R-Gewd), one of the Warrant Officers acting as an instructor to Loan Shark, was the first to take note of the blue and white kitten. It was convinced Loan Shark had a lot of potential. It continued to watch the kitten’s progress over the course of several months, noticing particularly that the kitten was self disciplined—not requiring constant guidance to stay on track like the rest of the wild lot.

  Miduhst made it a point to go and actually meet the kitten personally. Although Miduhst was not the friendliest Qwuedeviv, Loan Shark was glad to have been considered valuable enough for someone to have noticed and possibly care about. It did the best it could in its studies and combat exercises.

  It wasn’t long before Loan Shark met its first actual friend; a little blue-gray kitten named Smiley. It was an odd individual in Loan Shark’s opinion, but who was it to judge? Its new found friend just sort of clung to it and followed it wherever it went. Although confused as to why Smiley seemed to think they knew each other, Loan Shark welcomed having a friend.  

  Smiley would tell Loan Shark about all sorts of odd things—things that Loan Shark was sure no normal kitten would have knowledge of—namely different things their leaders apparently did or talked about. Loan Shark never questioned the validity of its friend’s claims though.

  The two were always together and had an incredibly close friendship. This all worked fine for quite some time until Smiley gradually began to do things as it pleased. Loan Shark always supported its friend fiercely, but when the kitten started leaping at more…questionable…ideas Loan Shark began to worry.  There wasn’t anything it could do to convince its friend otherwise though and fearing it would lose the only friend it had, began to go along with it.

  In that same time frame, Miduhst had decided to adopt Loan Shark. It had no intentions of being an official mentor to it as Stealth was not its specialty, but was there to give it general guidance and be a sort of parental figure. Loan Shark was thrilled and with renewed zest, pushed itself to the limit of its ability in its schooling.  Miduhst was quite proud of the kitten and the two got along great despite all the rumors that had traveled to Loan Shark in regards to how horribly mean Miduhst was. As far as Loan Shark could tell, Miduhst wasn’t really mean—it just expected everyone’s best.

  But good things cannot last forever. After some time Smiley’s questionable ideas had become the frequent practice. It wasn’t long before the kitten got caught with its disruptive ways and begged Loan Shark to take the blame instead. Smiley insisted Miduhst liked Loan Shark better and wouldn’t be as upset. Loan Shark, being a rather compassionate being, felt bad for its friend and agreed.

  Once Smiley learned it could guilt its friend into getting what it wanted, the bail outs became more frequent. Miduhst took notice of this and confronted Loan Shark on the matter. The blue and white kitten insisted it would improve the way it conducted itself to which Miduhst consented fairly graciously.

  However, when Loan Shark confronted Smiley about the same problem, Smiley was not all that concerned with what its friend had to say, assuring it that nothing bad would happen. As far as Loan Shark was concerned, bad things were already happening though—Miduhst didn’t approve of its behavior, which was not something it wanted at all. It wanted to make the Qwuedeviv proud, not disappointed.

  Regardless, Loan Shark couldn’t pull itself away from its friend and continued to go along with the gray-blue kitten regretfully. Time and time again Loan Shark took its friend aside and tried to explain that it needed to change, but Smiley continually refused, sometimes nodding along with what Loan Shark said but never changing.

  Smiley, at the time, was dead set on becoming a commander, and if it tarnished its record too much, would never achieve such a feat. Feeling it was part of its personal responsibility, Loan Shark became accustomed to taking the blame for all of Smiley’s short comings, mess ups, and flat out defiance with the hopes its friend would take the new chance to get on track. It never did.

  Although Loan Shark was more than capable of doing what it was supposed to, its grades went down, and its records were marred by the many, many orders for disciplinary action it had. It was a strange turn of events that Miduhst did not really seem to understand. Whenever it would talk to Loan Shark about it, it would simply reply that it didn’t know.

  After some time Miduhst decided Loan Shark just wasn’t the kitten it had seemed like. Eventually Miduhst grew frustrated. Unsure of how to solve the problem as nothing seemed to be working, it relinquished the kitten. Loan Shark felt terrible that it had upset Miduhst enough to turn it back over. With grades lower than ever and a horrible reputation, Loan Shark was once again alone and lost amongst a huge group of varying kittens that nobody seemed to care about.

  It hit Loan Shark pretty hard to get rejected in such a manner and seen as a failure by a lot of the higher ups, but it refused to tell on its friend and so it resumed its less happy way of life, just struggling to get through. Its grades continued to make a spiral down from the promise it had shown before. Most of the Warrant Officers didn’t waste any time trying to figure out what was wrong with the blue and white Qwuedeviv. After all, they had hundreds and in some cases thousands of Qwuedeviv kittens they were dealing with every day—there was no time to waste on failures.

  Miduhst always checked up on the kitten though—making a special point of going beyond what its actual job required. To most of the other kittens around, it would have been a bad thing, since more often than not it meant Loan Shark would get scolded and taken aside for talks quite regularly. Along with that however, Loan Shark was encouraged to keep working towards its goals. After all, it still showed the same dedication and promise in doing its tasks. Working around Smiley as best it could, Loan Shark strove not to let down the Qwuedeviv who had taken the time to get to know it.

  This was essentially Loan Shark’s life and struggles for quite a few years. It gave up on convincing its friend to change its behavior for the most part. Still fearful it would lose its only friend and fearing it would be alone forever it continued to cover for Smiley as the cat constantly threatened not to be its friend anymore. With how desperate Loan Shark was to keep a friend, it ignored the fact that Smiley was not being a good friend.

  Loan Shark was eventually able to share why it had such a terrible reputation with Miduhst; it wasn’t really by choice, but it was made known. Loan Shark pleaded with Miduhst not to tell anyone. Miduhst found it to be a rather odd request, especially considering it could to some degree save Loan Shark’s own career, but eventually agreed.

  Miduhst unofficially continued to be a sort of mentor to Loan Shark, practically the same as a parent to the blue and white Qwuedeviv really.

  Loan Shark’s career was ruined thanks to Smiley. It is unlikely that it will ever receive a higher rank than the one that it possesses, but the way Loan Shark sees it is it’ll do the best it can for its species under whatever rank it has and will go above and beyond what it is required to do. Just like its mentor and unofficial parental unit did for it.

  After graduating from the Academy, Loan Shark was assigned to Crew 52, a scout crew led by Smiley. The crew was sent to observe Earth where the Qwuedeviv found their crew split up. They regrouped into two primary halves. Under Licorice Gumdrop’s command, Loan Shark went about learning the ways of Earth’s inhabitants. It silently questioned Licorice’s refusal to try and find the rest of the crew, but did as ordered regardless.

  Loan Shark began working in an office for a cash advance agency under the direct—and overbearing—guidance of Licorice Gumdrop. Since their portion of the crew did not have much in the way of finances, both Loan Shark and Do not Refrigerate took up a job to obtain monetary resources. Loan Shark stands firmly by the ideal that all non Qwuedeviv are enemies, however it does a very convincing job of appearing friendly towards them for business purposes.

  Later on Loan Shark decides to accompany Pokeyoo in a search for the remainder of their crew despite its moral dilemma of disregarding a higher rank. The two do eventually make contact with the others and through a series of events are reunited and thus the beginning of even more adventures for the crew.

Random Facts:
Loan Shark considers Smiley to be its best (and possibly only) friend.

Loan Shark is highly jealous of Hearts, even if it tries its best not to show it.

Loan Shark operates very strictly along Qwuedeviv guidelines, refusing to waver from them much at all.

Its rather long official name is considered to be some kind of sarcastic joke amongst the Qwuedeviv, it was renamed such when it transferred bases and some of its identification info was lost in the process.

Loan Shark actually hangs out with Pokeyoo quite a lot when their crew is split apart. For one, it is pretty lonely by itself. Q rarely speaks, DN Refrigerate lives elsewhere with Fishsticks and Licorice is rather abusive to it. Pokeyoo and Loan Shark have common grounds in the fact that Licorice doesn’t like either of them though and Loan Shark is accustomed to being walked all over so it tends to overlook Pokeyoo’s displays of such. Its company is better than nothing after all and since Pokeyoo is interested in what Stealth units can do anyway it gives some common ground for conversation.

Miduhst considers Loan Shark to be its kitten even if there is no official adoption documentation.
Smiley has helped Loan Shark attain some of its other gear and uniforms. These are not standard issue and cannot be obtained by common Qwuedeviv.

Loan Shark’s invader name was supposed to be Lone Shark, however in the record department’s infinite knowledge they spelled it wrong, not realizing that it had a different meaning entirely.

Loan Shark’s custom gear relates to things that happen much further along in the story series. Although already planned and showing the visuals of said armor, I will leave the information of how this all takes place out of the profile at this time.

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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 5 years, 8 months ago
Rating: General

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5 years, 8 months ago
If he is a Loan Shark,
Shouldn't he be hunting for loans?
*chuckles a bit*
5 years, 8 months ago
Poor Shark's name gets it asked strange questions a lot =p
5 years, 8 months ago
Why is he mad at us in the last picture?
5 years, 8 months ago
'cause =o loan shark can be mad too c=
5 years, 8 months ago
I thought it was because I stole his cookies.
5 years, 8 months ago
Aww cute.
5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
before reading his background: Aww thats a cute kiteh. After reading his background *hugs sharky and bursts out crying*
5 years, 7 months ago
D'awww X3 Yeah Loan Shark is pretty easy to end up pitying for sure. X3
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