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Tails in the Jungle

Perfect Squeeze

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Naga Silver info
Perfect Squeeze
It was a nice, warm morning in the Mobian Jungle. The sun was high and there were no clouds, though the deep foliage partially blocked the sun beams, keeping the air fresh. Tails inhaled happily as he walked around the forest, looking at the high trees and the beautiful flowers around. He flied up and picked a nice, round and juicy apple, taking a bite of it “MMM!!❤❤ So good!” he said to himself, tasting it. As he kept walking he soon reached the deepest part of the forest, staring at an immense tree, probably the biggest and oldest tree of the jungle “Woah! It's huge! I wonder how old it is!” He said, impressed, though there was something… odd. There were no birds chirping, not a single animal around. He wondered why that could be as he walked around the tree. On the highest and thickest branch rested the biggest predator of the jungle. He had the upper body of an hedgehog with wild silvery hair descending from his head to his back, an incredibly fluffy like chestfur and quite muscular body. His lower body, however, was that of a snake. Where his abs ended started a 25 meters long and 50 cm thick snake tail with warm gray scales and a cyan ring pattern. He was sleeping with his head on his muscular arms when his ear flickened, his superior hearing catched something. The naga lazily opened one eye and looked down, seeing the young fox walking amazed around his resting place. A smirk formed on his face “Well well well… What do we have here? A nice little foxcub…” he said to himself, licking his lips…
Tails was now sitting on a root, catching his breath a bit, when he suddenly heard a voice. His ears perked up trying to locate where the sound came from. Wherever it came from, Tails had to admit that it was a rather beautiful voice, singing about love in its purest form. He looked around more then he looked up and saw a silver hedgehog on a branch. He was combing his long hair while singing and Tails couldn't help but look at his beautiful mane and muscular body. He realized that Tails had spotted him and looked down smiling “Oh, hi there, little fox… I didn't saw you there…” he said, although it wasn't true but Tails didn't knew that “Um… H-hello there…” he said, a bit intimidated by his beauty. He could see that he had golden eyes with a peculiar split pupil. What a beautiful science miracle, he pondered getting closer to the trunk “Uh, what are you doing up there?” He asked “Oh, just enjoying this beautiful day and catching some rays, you know?” he replied, from Tails's point of view he wasn't seeing his snake half and he wasn't planning to let him see it “Oh, how rude of me… My name is Silver. What's yours, pretty?” he added, smiling “Oh, um… M-mine is Tails…” he replied, stuttering
“Tails… Such a wonderful name…” he said, aulic, like if he was tasting a fine wine “T-thanks… Y-you have a… P-pretty name too…” he answered, rubbing the back of his head and blushing a bit. That stranger was so gentle, and yet Tails couldn't help but think that there was something strange about him… “Um… Silver… What was that song you were singing?” He asked curious “Oh, it is a song from the old jungle tribe. It is said that, if sanged by a man or woman with a pure heart, his or her love will show up in front of them…” he replied, winking “Of course it's just a stupid myth but, who knows… Legends always hide some truth beneath them…” Tails listened, fascinated by it “Say, would you like to join me up here? The view is… Breath-taking…” he said, patting the branch next to him and chuckling. Tails nodded and started flying “Wow! You have two tails! That's rare!” He said, amazed by his skill “Yeah… Though pretty much everyone consider me a freak… HUH?!” he almost shrieked as he saw Silver’s real body “Trust me, little one… I totally understand you…” he said, flicking his forked tongue in the air. Tails stood there still. He didn’t knew what to do. He could’ve fly away, but there was something about him, about how he looked… Snake tail aside, he didn't seemed like a bad guy. He slowly approached him and sat next to him. Silver made him some space by removing a part of his tail so that Tails could be comfy. They stood there in embarassing silence until Tails swallowed down and decided to talk with him a bit.
“S-so… A naga, huh?” He asked “Yeah… Sorry if I didn't told you… I was afraid that… You would’ve escaped… Just like anyone else…” he said, lowering his ears. Tails could relate very well, most of the Mobians treated him like a freakshow and he always felt bad about it. He placed a hand on Silver's body and patted him “I'm… Sorry about it… It must've been hard for you…” Silver nodded, looking down, then Tails started to feel his body. His scales were so rough and cool at the touch, truly an amazing feeling “Like it?” Asked Silver, smiling at Tails. He nodded “Y-yeah, you're very pleasant at the touch…” he said, smiling back and blushing. Snakes always fascinated him in a way, especially constrictors. Their strenght was incredible. A smirk formed on Silver's face “Say, would you like to feel me more?” He asked, crawling onto Tails until he was on top of him “H-huh? W-what do you mean?” He asked, blushing a lot  “Hmhmhm…” he snickered as the tip of his tail wrapped on his ankle and tugged playfully “Would you like me to show you… How my preys feel in these coils of mine?” He asked, sensually moving his slender hips in front of him “B-but…” Tails stuttered, although the idea of feeling helplessly wrapped in his coils and squirm pointlessly as he squeezed him didn't sounded so bad in his mind “Do not worry, pretty… I can be very, very gentle with them… I can either give pleasant massages… Or death squeezes… Plus I don't eat intelligent beings and you really look like someone with lots of brains…” he said, making his fingers walk on Tails's chestfur and booping his nose. Tails giggled a bit “If you put it that way… How can I say no? Just… Be gentle, please…” he said, blushing a bit.
Tail got up and stood still, his arms limp on his sides, his legs shaking a bit as he was a bit scared about what was going to happen. What if Silver decided to eat him? How could he trust him? Silver saw his fear in his eyes but he knew how to turn that into pleasure. He slowly slithered closer to him, wanting to fully enjoy the moment. He started by his ankles, coiling slowly around them and securing them togheter. The feeling caused Tails’s tails to wag in happiness. The soft body wrapping him, the rough texture of the scales… It all felt divine for him. Silver smiled and continued to wrap him slowly, a second coil forming right above the first one. With another coil his thighs vanished into the snuggly cocoon that was forming around his smaller body. He looked at Silver's smiling face then at his rising tail and a shiver went down his spine “F-faster, please…” he moaned, wagging his tails. “Where's the fun in that? I like to do things nice and slow… You're my pretty little prey, so why don't you behave like it?” he said, smiling, although with a slightly dominant tone in his voice. Tails whined a bit but decided to let him do as he wished. After all he was the prey and Silver the predator. He didn't wanted to upset him. Silver smiled and ruffled Tails's hair as he started to coil his hips, still very slowly. Tails moaned a bit as his hands were engulfed by the muscular coils. He tried to remove them but Silver's muscles kept him nice and steady. He couldn't hold a blush as he felt the naga's body taking over him.
After five minutes he was coiled up to his chest, the rolling coils slowly massaging his tummy and making him giggle. He'd pretend to free himself every once in a while just for the fun of it, but at this point he was trapped. Helpless. He couldn't move a muscle. And he absolutely liked it! Silver smiled and cupped his face in his hands, looking lovingly at him “How is my little prey?” He asked “Mmm… He's wonderful… Your coils feels so great…” he moaned, smiling at him “Hehehe… Thank you… These coils of mine are magic… Just relax and let them soothe your body and mind…” he whispered, as he started to tighten them slightly, almost like an hug. A moan escaped Tails's mouth, he didn't expected it to feel so great! Yet the strong and warm body’s massage slowly drived him over the edge, making him moan and squirm under Silver's tender care. The naga smiled widely and petted his hair, hugging him closer to his upper body and making his head sink in his soft chestfur. The difference between Silver's rough tail and his fluffy fur only delighted Tails more, as he started to whimper for more. Silver nodded at him as his tail started to move again, this time quickly engulfing his shoulders and neck into the cocoon. Tails’s tongue lolled out as he felt divine in his grasp. Inside it was so tight and warm that his body started to sweat a lot and that made it easier for Silver to coil him
“M-more… Aahhnn… S-squeeze me m-more…” he moaned, almost going crazy from the pleasure Silver was giving him “Hihihi sure thing pretty… If the situation gets too tight, tap on me, okay?” he said, petting his cheeks. As soon as Tails nodded, Silver tightened a lot more than before. His coils squeezed Tails's little body like a vice. The fox's eyes widened as Silver squeezed him. It was so different from before, the pleasant tightness turned into a hellish grasp that could've easily broken him if Silver didn't controlled his own strenght. He couldn't even squirm since his whole body was swallowed by Silver's and could only moan in a pleasure he didn't knew existed “AAAHHHNNN!!!! Y-YESSSS!!!! SQUEEZE ME!! UUUUHHHH… T-TIGHTER, PUH-PLEASE… GAAAAHHHHH!!!!” he yelled, starting to tear up. Silver did so, making sure to not apply too much pressure because the last thing he wanted was to break him. Tails could hear his bones starting to creak and he had some trouble breathing but nevertheless he felt good. Like if he was born for this. Only to be this naga's plaything. The grip on his body grew tighter until Tails started to tap on him, before he really could crack him. Keeping that exact pressure, Silver layed his arms on the higher coil and stared lovingly at Tails, which was breathing roughly through his mouth, his tongue sticking out “You’re so cute when you can't breathe❤…” he said. Then his tail coiled over his eyes and head, leaving him blind “W-what a-are y-you… MMMPPPHHH?!” he moaned before Silver locked his lips onto Tails's, smothering them in a passionate kiss that made the little fox see fireworks. He moaned as the naga's mouth pressed into his own, his tongue swirling inside his mouth and coiling over Tails's tongue. The kiss lasted for a good minute then Silver parted from his mouth and uncoiled him. Tails staggered a bit but managed to regain balance. He still had markings of Silver's body on his own “You… You kissed me?” He asked, touching his lips “I couldn't help it… You were too cute…” Silver replied shrugging “I think I like you a lot, Tails… Why don't you come visit me more often? We could have some more… Quality time togheter…” he said, smirking and licking his lips. Tails nodded happily and gave Silver a hug before flying down the tree and going home. He looked back at the tree and saw his new boyfriend waving at him. He smiled, waved back and headed home, already dying to meet Silver again…

My first Naga Silver story. Hope you'll like it!!

fox 136,900, hedgehog 48,310, kissing 9,245, yaoi 9,003, miles tails prower 6,376, male on male 4,383, naga 2,459, silver the hedgehog 2,328, domination/submission 2,248, prey 1,534, predator 1,330, long tail 1,153, singing 1,096, seduction 984, blindfolded 638, coiling 425, squeezing 376, thick tail 176, tailver 18
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 8 months, 4 weeks ago
Rating: General

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