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Mohana Dutt
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Natalie Rivlise

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Character Sheet for Natalie Rivalise
Nat, Kurokuro
Character Description
Natalie is a professional gamer, specializing in a wide variety of fighting games, while also having a knack for MOBAs, shooters, and RTS's. She's very competitive by nature, and has a tendency to come off as rather gruff and angry.
Abrasive, temperamental, and rather pessimistic. Respects those who she deems her equals, such as anyone who can go even with her in a fair match. She has a tendency to focus more on her games than anything else, and if someone distracts her she'll be annoyed.
-Fighting games
-regular games
-a fair fight
-advancing the meta
-studying matchup data.

-poorly balanced fighting games
-physical sports
-her parents.
Natalie grew up in Japan and had a copy of Virtua Fighter 4 on her Playstation 2 growing up, which she played frequently. The complexities of the game seemed almost second nature, and so she took to it quickly. As she grew older, she began checking out the local arcades, finding a wide variety of games such as Street Fighter, BlazBlue, and Mortal Kombat. Then her interests expanded to other titles, such as Starcraft and Halo, which she also came to dominate.

Natalie’s home life had never been perfect. Her parents had a tendency to push their strong values on her. This had given her a tendency to reject them and rebel, often getting into fights both verbal and physical, especially with her father. They do not agree with her passion for competitive gaming, seeing it as having no value (thanks to outdated gambling laws), which only served to push her further away from them and closer to her games, as she would often use them to vent her frustration. On top of this, her father was often drunk, which simply made things worse for obvious reasons.

All these years have left her rather abrasive and angry, prone to fighting everyone and everything. She tends to have a very negative perspective on the world, taking a pessimistic approach to all things. On top of this, her years playing competitive games online left her with a tendency to get angry and upset when things don’t go her way, especially if she perceives what happened as unfair. However, if there is one thing she respects, it’s someone who is able to best her on fair terms, whatever those may be.

Shortly after the latest BlazBlue launched, she entered a local tournament and dominated. She and her friend, known by the tag “Shina", got to grand finals and battled it out. Except the match seemed to be going oddly in her friend’s favor, more so than usual. Their combo game was off the charts, and they seemed especially fond of one particular extensive combo. One that should have been far more difficult to execute. She suspected them of cheating, using macros to win the game more easily. This angered her immensely, but she hid it, for now.

After the tournament, she took Shina to her home, wanting to “celebrate” the victory, by bringing out her father’s drinks and encouraging them to get drunk.

As the hours went on, Natalie pestered Shina about the game, trying to use the drunken stupor to make them admit to cheating. Finally, after some time, a drunken Shina proudly admitted to making a perfect macro for their favorite combo.

This upset Nat immensely. Her own friend, cheating to get the upper hand and passing it off as skill? She was disgusted. And in her drunken rage, she felt there was only one thing she could do. One thing which could make up for this.

And that was why, when the red cleared from her vision, the first thing Natalie saw was her friend, a knife sticking out of their chest. Shina was dead, and Natalie had killed her. So she rushed to hide the body and cleaned everything up, the adrenaline clearing her head immediately. She had to hide this. Nobody could know what had happened here, the horrible thing she had done.

Ever since that moment, she continued to play harder, trying to make it up to her. She also refused to ever talk about her friend again, saying it was "too hard to think about".

As Natalie’s success grew in every game she played, so too did her opportunities in life. Several major esports teams seeked her out, and she decided to join Dark Titan Gaming. She frequently traveled to any and all tournaments her time will allow (EVO, Dreamhack, local majors in Japan, etc.) And has learned three languages (French, Japanese, and English) to help her out across the world.

And that success is what led her to be scouted out by Hope's Peak Academy.
Father and Mother
Earth, set in the universe of Danganronpa, before the events of the Killing Game.
Natalie is a 5'2 Caucasian girl with green eyes, which have a crosshair highlight in them, and silver-white hair, fashioned in a messy style with a ponytail in the back, and purple dye on the ends. She has a scar framing her left eye from an injury she doesn’t like talking about, and several smaller ones along her arms that she hides with her sleeves.
She generally wears a graphic t-shirt (usually themed around her games or tournaments), blue shorts, and a hoodie of her esports team, Dark Titan Gaming, which is themed black, white, and light blue. She also wears black shoes with white soles, and long white socks which go halfway up her calves.
She always carries a slightly oversized Guilty Gear bookbag packed with various controllers and fightsticks for all of her games, and also her laptop, Nintendo Switch, and 3DS.
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Mohana Dutt
Meet Natalie, the Super High School Level Competitive Gamer! She's mastered basically any competitive esport you can think of, though her real focus is in fighting games!

She's one of my darker characters, backstory-wise.

The second image is there so you can see her lower body, the design in her eyes, and the bag. Use the first one for reference on her hair.


Natalie Rivalise belongs to

Art by ExpiredTwink
The second image was done in this Dollmaker (warning: nsfw) with minor edits.

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Type: Character Sheet
Published: 11 months, 3 weeks ago
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