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Ty's Spooky Surprise
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Jacob's Favorite Halloween Outfit

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Because  https://solarisdragon.deviantart.com/ is doing a story featuring my Luis in were form I got inspired to draw what I though that would look like for reference. I also threw in https://goronic.deviantart.com/ 's underwear because why not? I also  went a little nuts and did another one of my terrible little stories below.

    Dan went over Luis's place not too long before Halloween with a package. After getting a little too much enjoyment out of Luis's curiosity he finally showed off what it was. Two pairs of Halloween themed pumpkin briefs in each of their sizes. Luis got all starry eyed as Dan explained his plan that they both wear them and hang out in just them and have a Halloween horror movie marathon at his place to which Luis eagerly agreed.

       When the night arrived Luis went over Dan's house and knocked on the door. Dan answered already in just his pumpkin briefs.

"Remember to wear them?" He asked, and Luis happily tugged his own pair out of his shorts a little to show them off. "I knew you'd remember, now come in and de-pants while I get us some fuel for the marathon."

With that Dan strolled off to the kitchen. Luis was so excited as he walked to the living room, thinking about all the cool movies he and Dan were going to watch. Just as he put his paws onto the waistband of his pants to take them off Luis noticed the moon was shining in through the window, he also noticed for some reason it was a lot brighter and more intense than usual. It almost hurt to look at. A second later he then noticed something else strange. The briefs he was wearing were getting really warm, almost hot, like they just came out of the dryer, which scared him because he'd never even washed them before yet. Before he could wonder what the hell was happening he felt his heart starting to pound. He clutched his chest and collapsed onto his knees, he thought he was having a heart attack and planned to yell for Dan, until that is, as he was looking down he watched as his claws grew out, his fur bushed out, and his white fur patch on his chest bushed out into a collar so violently it tore his pink shirt to shreds. Luis fell on his side and grabbed his sides in pain from all this transformation and tried finally to yell for Dan but was shocked when instead of words only a growl came out of his mouth. That was the last coherent thought he had as the transformation finished and his mind was overtaken by raw animal wrath and need for destruction. He then looked out the window at the moon and the desire to hunt pulled him outside.

    Dan meanwhile was totally unaware of what was going on. He didn't hear the grunt, but he did hear it when Luis jumped out the window. Dan ran in thinking Luis had just knocked something over but what he found instead stunned him. Broken window glass, the tatters of Luis's pink shirt, and claw marks all over the floor.

"What the hell..?" Was all he could manage. Then he heard a rustle of the bushes outside the window, he looked in time to see a familiar green shape running away on all fours. "Luis..? LUIS!!" But the shape didn't listen.

Dan stood alone and wondered what happened to him. Then he remembered that when he got the briefs there was a warning, but Dan had brushed it off immediately thinking what could there possibly be a need for a warning for a pair of underwear. Curious he slid his own off and stood there naked and read the tag of the pair he had. He saw the logo and the company name Goronic Inc. Below that in barely readable print was some disturbing text "In case of emergency consult handbook."

"Handbook?!" Dan yelled in surprise. He then strolled over, still nude and holding his own underwear to the packaging for the briefs he'd ordered him and Luis.Quick as he could he started leafing through it looking for answers. After the introductory section going on and on about how great the briefs were and how they were quality made he came to the part he was looking for. "In Case Of Transfiguration" Dan started reading and as quickly as he could skimmed over the leagaleeze and disclaimers that said he was responsible for anything that happened, as if he needed anything else to make him feel guilty. Finally he got to the meat of the section. He didn't get very far into it before he started reading it out loud in shock.

"Rarely but occasionally some subjects have had adverse effects while wearing this product in the presence of lunar light in the form of biological transformation, and enhanced strength?! HE'S A WERE LUCARIO!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!"

Dan was never more pissed off at a purchase in his life. Without another moment to lose he ran for the door and opened it planning to go out in his car and try to get his friend back, as he opened the door though the cold breeze hit him and only then did he remember he was still naked and holding the accursed briefs. He turned heel and ran to his room to get a little more dressed while also throwing the pumpkin briefs on the floor in disgust, as quick as he could he threw on a jacket, a pair of his plain non-mutating briefs, and a pair of jeans. After he was dressed a little more appropriately he rushed through the house back to the car. Along the way he picked up the manual again. Maybe there was something in it to cure Luis. It couldn't hurt to hope. He then ran to his car, fumbled a little for his keys, and got in. Only then did he realize the entire time he was saying "Oh god, I'm sorry." The entire time and made himself stop. Dan inserted the keys and sped off as fast as he could without getting pulled over. He didn't have any more time to waste.

    As he drove he also tried his best to read the manual without crashing looking for a way to stop this and get his friend back to safety before he hurt himself or someone else. After a while he decided better and pulled to the side of the road to read it as quickly as he could. Near the end of the chapter past all the technical and scientific stuff he found it. 'Transformation can only be reversed via sunrise and removing of the product...'

"So I have to pants him..." Dan laughed at the irony that one of the pranks he loved to play most on his friend was what was going to save him. Dan then jumped quite badly when the music he was listening to cut out and a needlessly lout announcement came on.

"Wild animal reported loose in Little Italy section of town, all motorists in the are are advised to take caution. Animal is reported to be green, with large claws and wearing beige shorts. Authorities advise you take a detou..." Dan switched off the radio and with a grunt of understanding floored the gas  for that part of town.

    When he arrived he found the area deserted. Dan guessed the police or some other authority had evacuated everyone. Which was perfect because it means he and Luis had the place to themselves. Dan strolled the empty streets calling Luis's name. After searching almost the entire area Dan was about to give up and look somewhere else. As he turned though he saw a green furry hump in the closest alley. As he got closer he saw the lump was wearing beige shorts that were sagging badly. Putting his own fears aside he approached the shape and called out.

"Luis..?" The shape turned to look at Dan. He saw instead of his friend's normal gold eyes he now had glowing orange ones. "Luis it's me man..." Were-Luis clutched the garbage can he was eating out of instinctively as if to protect it's meal from this new intruder. Dan extended his paw to his friend. " It's me Dan, don't you remember?"

Were-Luis seemed to stop and look around confused, seeming to ponder the old familiar name, but then snapped out of it and threw the can at Dan knocking him over as he leapt out of the alley past him. Dan struggled to his feet to follow him, he caught up in time to see him climbing a nearby building with his shorts almost fallen off. "Luis stop!! You have to come with me!!" Were-Luis turned while still clung onto the building and growled at Dan as he tore off the remains of his shorts and threw them at Dan. Dan once again fell over. He got up quickly enough to see Were-Luis swing from a flagpole and land on the roof before leaping across them to somewhere else. Dan then looked down sadly at Luis's favorite pair of shorts now torn to shreds.

"This has to stop..." Was all he could say. With a determined look on his face he got up, ran back to the car, got in throwing the torn shorts in the next seat and drove off after Were-Luis again. He didn't want to lose him again.

    After driving in the general direction he saw Were-Luis go he thought he really did take too long and lost him, until he looked up and saw the familiar greening shadow jumping over the rooftops above. Dan would have been more relieved if he wasn't so terrified right now. Dan did his very best to keep track of his mutated friend and not crash at the same time. Eventually the road opened up and Dan saw they were now next to a large park that was in the middle of town. What he saw next was Were-Luis jump don onto the side of the road now without roofs to jump off, he was actually running right next to the car as it drove. Even still Dan could barely keep up. As Dan looked around a little he realized he and Luis were heading right for downtown, which wasn't good. He rolled down the window on Luis's side. "LUIS!!! YOU HAVE TO STOP!!!" He tried yelling. But Were-Luis only roared at the pest telling him what to do again. Dan saw it wasn't going to work and tried thinking again. He and Luis were heading right for the most densely populated part of town. They had gotten lucky in Little Italy that he had come right when everyone was evacuated and before whoever animal control was. If Luis ran down the street there, the police would come and who knows what else. They'd capture him and experiment on him, or shoot him... Dan stopped the thought right there, and made a decision.

"I'm sorry buddy..." He said to himself as he swerved the car into his friend. There was a thump and he saw Luis fly headlong into the park. Dan worried he'd went too far, he braked just before he hit so he wouldn't right out kill him or anything, but it still didn't look good. Dan went to the trunk and got out a rope. He then approached the still form of his friend. As he grabbed Were-Luis to start tying him up, Luis started waking up. Dan was both relieved and shocked as he struggled to control Were-Luis. He then realized the only reason he was able to hold on at all was because of the car hit, and otherwise Luis would just throw him off like a toy. Still it was hard, Were-Luis struggled and thrashed and growled. As Dan started to feel his grip slipping on Luis he knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer and all that could start all over again and so he made yet another tough decision.

"I'm sorry again buddy..." He said. Were-Luis gave a quizzical growl as the next instant Dan punched him right in the face, with that Were-Luis collapsed at last. Again Dan figured he would never have been able to do that if Were-Luis was at full strength. Feeling bad about all the mean things he had to do that night he quickly and securely tied Were-Luis up tight, when he was done he heard Luis snore and was surprised to see he had fallen into a deep sleep. He then proceeded to drag Luis away from the road and behind some tall bushes to hide them both so no one would see them from there and capture his troubled friend. Dan thought everything was finally settled until he looked down at Luis still wearing the damned briefs that started all this.

"Wait here I'll be right back okay?" Were-Luis growled a little in his sleep as Dan ran off to his car. He hoped they were still there, once again he opened the trunk and saw they were. A pair of Luis's trusty old briefs. He and Luis had fought about something, he didn't even remember what, and as payback Luis refused to take his underwear home with him. They both just forgot about it even being there. Again Dan shook his head at all the irony of the night. If Luis had done what he was told they'd be doomed right now. Dan grabbed the tighty whities and ran back to Were-Luis who had rolled over in his sleep and grunted a bit. Dan then carefully started to remove the pumpkin briefs. It was harder than he though because they seemed stuck to his skin at first. Dan started to get worried but then they gave and slid off of him. He angrily threw them to the side before sliding Luis into his old briefs. When they were on Dan saw Were-Luis's eyes finally loose their ferocity and relax.

"It's finally over buddy." He said to the sleeping Luis. He looked at his watch and saw it was only a few hours till dawn. So he sat, pulled Luis's head to rest in his lap, and faced east to wait for it to rise. He was more exhausted than he thought because he woke up a few hours later to Luis yawning in his lap.

"What the.... What the hell?!" Luis struggled and found himself tied up. "AHH!! Why am I in the park!? And why am I in my underwear!? Dammit Dan! Is this one of your stupid pranks again?"

Dan blinked in surprise. Luis was now totally un-mutated, and didn't seem to remember anything about last night. He didn't see any reason to scare Luis anymore than he needed to be so he played along. " Yeah bro." He said with a smile. "It's called sleeping under the stars, it's good for you."

Luis got an annoyed look on his face. "Oh yeah? Then why did you need to tie me up like this?" Dan scrambled for an answer.

"Because it's funnier." Was all he could come up with. He was relieved for once when Luis yelled at him.

"YOU IDIOT! You're lucky I didn't get poison ivy or something sleeping out here like this! Untie me right now dammit!"

Dan sighed in relief. "Sure thing buddy." He agreed, and did so throwing the rope over his shoulder. "Now lets get back home, don't want you catching cold." With that he started for the nearby car.

"Okay..." Luis said, he was still pissed off. As he tried to get up he wobbled on his feet and then collapsed again. Dan saw this and ran back to him to help him up. "Oh man... I'm sore all over.... What did we do last night..?" Dan frowned looking for an excuse.

"It was crazy man. I got this new motion tracking dancing game and you danced all night. It was incredible!" Luis's head lolled onto Dan's shoulder.

"Really..? Was I any good?" Luis gave a weak smile which cheered Dan up.

"Nah... You were terrible but I never knew you could have so much energy. When you passed out from it all is when I did this."

"Oh..." Was Luis's only response. After that Dan with Luis under his arm helping him along got to the car and Dan helped him in the back where he curled up and fell asleep again almost at once. Dan smiled once again just glad all the craziness was over for good and covered him up with an old blanket. Just then he remembered the pumpkin briefs which started this all he had thrown on the ground. He wanted to pick them up and take them back to his house where he could properly destroy them. When he reached the spot though, the briefs were gone. He looked everywhere for them. In the bushes, under the tree he and Luis were sleeping under, but nothing, he guessed someone or something had come while they were asleep and taken them, he just hoped whoever it was wasn't also on the list of reactive species, or they just didn't go out in moonlight anytime soon if they were. When he returned to the car a little shaken by his discovery he jumped a little when he heard Luis mumble from the backseat.

"Aren't we doing the monster movie thing tonight?" That showed how far back Luis's memory got erased.

Dan thought and shuddered a bit having the entire night flash before his eyes. "If it's all the same to you bud, I'm sort of over horror movies for a while. Now let's get back to my place for breakfast huh?" Luis mumbled something that sounded like agreement and then drifted to sleep again.

Dan guessed Luis would be mad at him for keeping this secret from him, but the secret was horrible and he figured in the end it was better if Luis never remembered it. He also thought he might wonder what happened to the pumpkin briefs, he sort of loved those. If it came to that, he thought, he'd make up some story like that they were defective, or got eaten by raccoons or some damn thing. Who cared as long as they stayed gone. As he started his car for home he looked over at the passenger seat and saw the shredded shorts from earlier, he'd totally forgot they were there, he pushed them onto the floor to hide them. Just then he remembered something else, he hoped Luis slept long enough for him to hide the evidence of his transformation that was still at his home.

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