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Zura Rhaz, final
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Zija of House Arakka

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Character Sheet for Zija of House Arakka
Bigender Hermaphrodite
Drarakh'sa (Psionic Dragon)
Young Adult
Character Description
Much longer profile here.

As Zija is a shapeshifter, shi has many different forms.

Hir trueform is that of a feral dragon. Zija stands at around 16' tall, almost as tall as a two-story house, with a wingspan of ~60' and a nose-to-tailtip length of ~30'. Hir figure is lean, well muscled but still slender, with hir strength hidden below hir fluffy fur. Hir psionic voice is a medium ranged androgynous tone, between a tenor and a second soprano, with a cheerful brightness. Hir aura, and the colors shi projects alongside hir emotions, is a green-blue iridescent shimmer.

Zija has the ability to breathe fire, and can emit a jet of flames that reaches well over 10’ in front of hir. These flames burn in a shade of white-yellow and are incredibly hot; the flames can melt steel and damage stone. Fire is expelled from two fleshy tubes in the mouth at either side of the tongue which lie flat when not in use. Hir fire is naturally generated within hir body in a special organ, but enhanced strongly by hir magical nature.

Drarakh'sa are a species of draconic being native to the world of Eyria. They are a hermaphroditic species with fur and feathers; they are only one of several different draconic species on Eyria. They are similar to these other draconic species in head and body shape, having four legs and wings, a conical tail and reptilian toes. Their shapes are quite varied, from heavyset to ethereal, but all are capable fliers with long-distance soaring ability.

From their cheeks, their eyebrows, or both, they tend to have long “quills”, flexible whiskers tipped with sensitive feathers. These quills are capable of establishing a direct, emotional psionic link with another Drarakh'sa, and are even of great effect when used on non-psionic species.

Their eyes are slitted like a reptile or cat's and glow faintly, and their vision is low-light capable. They have external ears that are elongated, somewhat horse- or deer-like, sensitive and mobile, which are able to rotate and raise or lower to catch sounds. Atop their heads, they have horns, usually two or four in pairs. Their snouts have sharp teeth and soft, rounded horse-like nostrils. The bones, teeth, claws and horns of Drarakh’sa are black, due to their extremely high iron content.

Their body conformation is a clean blend between a sleek draconic serpentine form, and tiger or lion's heavier bodyshape. Their forepaws are handlike dragon claws with thumbs, and their hindfeet have long, reptilian toes. All have a prehensile tail which is typically longer than proportion dictates, and is serpentine in its motions and shape. Their tails grow even longer with age, and they are capable of holding their body-weight up with them, and restraining another being completely.

Drarakh'sa have minor psionic abilities, known as Talents, usually limited to simple Empathy and Telepathy but which can also include Precognition.

The empathy Drarakh'sa are known for is a nonverbal, nonphysical transference of emotions and certain physical sensations. Empaths both send and receive these signals with other empaths; this leads to Drarakh'sa having an innate closeness with other members of their species. However, it is an atypical sort; it's a visual-physical mix of colorful projections and anomalous sensations, in addition to feeling someone else's presence almost physically within the mind. Drarakh'sa are capable of Bonding to another being.

Empathic Bonding occurs when an Empath imprints strongly upon another being's emotional state and being. Even non-Empaths can benefit from Empathic Bonding, as long as one member of the relationship is Empathic. When a Bonded individual experiences extreme emotions or strong physical sensations, the other members of the Bond will feel it, no matter how far away they are from each other.
Zija is the youngest child of a powerful Lord, and as the youngest shi has few responsibilities. Hir easy life has made hir an easygoing and kind person. Shi is warm-hearted and friendly, energetic and playful, having grown up in a time of peace and plentiful harvests. While dishonorable and unjust actions can stir hir to action, shi tends to favor a diplomatic approach to tense situations. Shi feels that war and battle have never solved anything, and only made a new series of problems, while negotiation and kindness can end feuds forever.
Shi greatly enjoys indoor activities like reading, artwork, flower arranging, and dance. However, shi is also found outside just as often, flying or on horseback, frequently hunting or honing hir skill with the sword. Shi loves flowers and birds and the outdoors, and has a great affinity for animals.

Hir dislikes are simpler; loud noises, barking dogs, bad smells, unjust or dishonorable actions. Shi is harsh on criminals brought before hir, though hir punishments are rarely violent. Despite hir skill with hir weapons, shi has a great aversion to bloodshed and cannot stand to see someone injured; even when it puts hir own self in danger, shi has to help and try to save the injured party.
Zija is the youngest child of a powerful Lord, who swears his fealty to the Emperor of Niraan and holds a modest amount of land. As the youngest shi has few responsibilities; shi was trained classically in hunting, swordplay, archery, music, and magic. Hir best talent is the Healing Arts, combining magic and physical doctoring with great efficacy.

Having lived hir whole life in an era of peace and prosperity, hir childhood was easy, and shi had many friends. Shi generally liked hir teachers, hir favorite mentor being the castle's dedicated Healer, the old man Asajai, with whom shi always got along very well.

However, shi rarely saw hir royal parents, save for the formal feasts and meetings of the Court which shi was always required to join. Their relationship was distant, and their expectations always high. While Zija wasn't expected to become a Lord and rule over a castle like hir elder siblings, shi was still expected to be a Lady and leave a good impression on the common folk. Upholding hir royal family's honor has always been the heaviest task weighing on hir shoulders. Through hir pursuit of justice shi hopes to impress hir father and earn his favor, and his praise.
Father: Reizajhan Arakka
Masculine. Tall, golden mane, black fur with gold stripes on legs and rump, black and gold wings
Mother: Koh-Irima Arakka, formerly of House Zarkhan
Ambiguous gender. Shorter, red mane, red fur, red and white wings
Eldest sibling: Serazha Arakka
Effeminate. Looks like Father. Tall, golden mane, black fur with faint gold stripes on legs, black and gold wings
Middle sibling: Feiya Arakka
Effeminate. Tall, red mane, red fur with gold stripes on the rump, black wings
Middle sibling: Azla-Rahn Arakka
Masculine. Shorter, black and gold striped mane, black fur, black wings with gold speckles
The planet is known to its people as Eyria. Eyria is an alternate version of the Earth, with many similarities and yet almost entirely unrecognizable. The cultures of the people are similar, but modified with the presence of dragons and magic since antiquity. The geography and climate are what is most similar to the Earth. Eyria is populated mostly by humans - however, anthropomorphic creatures known as Furres are commonly found across the globe and have their own unique cultures. Furres come in many different species, and this diversity leads to the belief that Furres were created from magic, like dragons, where humans arose from evolution.

Eyria is a realm where dragons are revered and worshipped as forces of nature, regarded as divine and born from divine magic. As such they are given birthright rule of the humans and Furres living in their territory. Those with a breath weapon are pressed by not only their own people but by mortals to use their power for the good of the land and their people. There's a faction of dragons who opposes the advance of mortal-dragon relations and rejects half-dragons, but they are widely regarded as insane rebels. Most dragons are content to be worshipped in exchange for the loss of some of their herds and land for their serfs to use.

While magic is very real, however, very few humans have access to it, and those who are discovered to be magical are controlled by dragons and kept under strict surveillance. Dragons are capable of enchanting artifacts and imbuing them with magical powers as well; they often give enchanted weapons and armor to their personal guards and servants. These enchantments can range from the ability to mimic a dragon’s elemental breath, to enhancements of their physical abilities like strength and speed, or enhancing their mental abilities like intellect, persuasiveness or creativity, to more mundane things like suppressing hunger or thirst when worn or making the wearer warmer or colder. The enchantments can be imbued using carved runes, or a carved gem set into the object.

The region Zija's family rules is an island nation called Niraan. The islands are studded with a ridge of mountains curving down its spine, in hir version of the Earth's Asiatic region; there are several large islands and many, many smaller ones. The people are a pre-Gunpowder society just beginning to be touched by the influences of the world across the ocean. Because of the protection of their sacred dragons, the people regard themselves as Chosen of Divine and thus better than those who have no dragons. They are as proud as the fearsome dragons that watch over them.

The region is rich in bamboo, timber, rice, and seafood, and their mountains are full of gems and minerals, shallow and deep alike. They are masters of the ocean and with their trade routes, they have ready access to silk, spices and other fine goods.

Overall, the culture is similar to ancient Japan, in a universe where magic and dragons are real and very influential. The clothes, food, language, mannerisms and ways of the sword are the same, but modified as a result of the circumstances.
Hir body has short silky fur over it and a pair of feathery wings. Shi is large and built well, with powerful muscles; hir shape has a smaller waist and larger chest, and shi is wrapped in the lean muscles of a long-distance runner and flier. Hir conical, serpentine tail is rather long, its prehensile length strong enough to hold hir up by itself if shi needed to hang from it alone. Hir neck is long and flexible, enabling hir to look around with ease.

Hir tongue is long and prehensile like a giraffe’s. Hir eyes are large and expressive, framed with thick black lashes. The pupils are slitted, and hir irises are colored a vivid, cool leaf green. Hir maw is lined with sharp fossil-black teeth, fit for a carnivorous diet; hir sharp claws are the same shiny black shade. Below the skin, hir bones are also shiny, iron-rich black.

Near hir cheekbones, shi has two long “quills”, thick flexible whiskers each tipped with a sensitive feather, typically stretching out straight but able to be bent, curled and moved freely. These quills allow hir to directly connect with other sentient minds, in addition to being able to sense vibrations in the air and the direction of the wind. Atop hir head, shi has two pairs of horns, which curve backwards smoothly, the first pair larger than the second placed slightly lower. Hir ears are elongated and shaped somewhat like a deer’s, able to move to better catch sounds and express hir feelings.

A mane of thick, bright red fur runs down hir entire spine, beginning at hir forehead and ending in a thick fluff which encircles the tip of hir tail. It’s long enough to flop over, generally to one side, and is soft and pleasant to the touch, and immensely fluffy. Hir fur is thick and shaggy all over hir body, but overall sleek and silken, and is generally a deep, charcoal black. Hir feathers are mostly crow black with the tips of hir long flight feathers striped in bright red, and hir quills end in feathers the same vivid red shade.
Shi tends to wear the richly detailed, expensive clothing of the nobles in hir region. Niraani nobility tends to garb themselves in many-layered robes of expensive silks covered over in exquisitely detailed designs of natural scenery or mythic events. Underneath, layers of soft cotton robes protect the skin and scales from the rough, scratchy embroidering thread sometimes used on those designs. These robes tend to be tied with large, ornate sashes tied into big looping bows.

However, these robes can be very heavy; in the humid Niraani summers it's more common to see rich and poor alike wearing light-weight, thin cotton robes that come only to the knees and elbows. One can still tell the difference between the classes by comparing the designs on the fabric however; the wealthy and powerful of Niraan favor bright colors and are rarely seen in anything plain. Every garment has to have designs on it, whether they be of simple flowers, swimming fish, or a full tapestry showing horses, riders and dragons at war.
Zija is a Shapeshifter from a realm called Eyria, a world where furries, humans, and a great many mythical creatures all share the same space. Shi hails from the region of the planet called Niraan. Where shi is from, dragons are regarded as divine, and are given rule over humanity and furries as a birthright. It is a realm of magic, yet only few beings can master it; the bulk of magic in the world is in enchantments, a great many objects bearing them. Niraan is isolated from the rest of Eyria by a tempestuous sea that rarely brokers safe passage, and its people are simple, living in an age uncomplicated by gunpowder or electricity. Its people regard themselves superior to outsiders as well given they are ruled and protected by divine dragons. Niraan is a land ruled by dragons, but its laws are enforced by the sword; dragon-sanctioned lords and dragon-knights rule over small holdings.

Zija is the youngest child of a powerful Lord, who swears his fealty to the Emperor of Niraan and holds a modest amount of land. As the youngest shi has few responsibilities; shi was trained classically in hunting, swordplay, archery, music, and magic. Hir best talent is the Healing Arts, combining magic and physical doctoring with great efficacy. Shi is warm-hearted and friendly, energetic and playful, having grown up in a time of peace and plentiful harvests.

dragon 87,211, sketch 33,739, herm 29,943, reference 8,524
Type: Character Sheet
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