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I seem to have acquired a 3D printer...
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Building Hype for Rabbit Ranchers
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by rainChu
Building Hype for Rabbit Ranchers
Meet the family!
Hey! So, I got excited to show off my game and its characters. I haven't been posting much, and I was overcome with the need to show where I've been.

These four rabbits are going to star in a game I'm working on called Rabbit Ranchers. It's a sort of mashup of Harvest Moon and The Sims. It's more of a macromanagement game than a micromanagement game, though. Unlike in The Sims, you can pick tasks and the nearest available rabbit does them. It's a lot closer to Dwarf Fortress in that regard, though it's much easier.

The game starts as the family moves into their new home, and find out there's just a shack. They work hard to turn the field into a prosperous farm, planting carrots and gaining skill in various tasks. More furniture can be bought, and walls and floors can be built, a la Sims. The shack can turn into a mansion, created by you.

Each of the rabbits has flaws, and instead of a character designer, I decided to go with four pre-designed, and well thought out characters, each with their own dialog and story. I want them to all behave very differently, much more so than the way Sims all act. With just four characters, it is manageable, I hope.

Each character's flaws are numerous and not really explained in game text, but by looking at how the characters look, you should be able to intuit how they will respond to any given scenario by a mix of stereotyping and reading their speech dialog. Running a successful farm involves allowing each character to succeed in what they're good at, and making sure the family bonds are strong.

(Everything in this post is subject to change, as I'm still working through playtesting. This is the initial sales pitch.)

Meet the characters:

Rosemary, mother: She is overprotective, sometimes smothering. Her major flaw is an extra need to dote on family and make sure they're okay. If she doesn't get enough positive interaction with the kids, she will seek them out on her own. She loves all her family and refuses to pick favorites.

Trento, father: He is chill, and doesn't like work. While he's happy to lend in if it's not too much effort, he's probably best suited to jobs without much movement. He loves carrot pizza and sometimes has Rosemary go on a Lettuce Bell run. He loves his kids the most, but also adores his wife. The kids both love him a lot.

Mint, older sister: She's been treated as a princess her whole life, and babied by her mother, and is now going through a very rebellious phase as a result. Her major flaw is her social meter, which, for some reason, seems to be installed backwards... She will refuse to work and mope alone if she's talked to too much, until she feels de-stressed. Keep her away from Rosemary! She likes all her family deep down, but acts rude to her little brother because she's afraid to admit she likes him.

Sage, younger brother: He loves video games, computer games, and internet. His deepest secret is that he likes his sister's fanfics, being her first watcher via a burner account. While he will help out on the farm, his major flaw is being too young for hard labor. He will help out on the farm where he can, but isn't yet old enough for heavy lifting, long hours of field work, and building construction. He loves Rosemary the most, but absolutely detests his older sister, Mint.


I plan to tell stories about this family in different chapters, taking them through illnesses, losses, successes, and new happy memories. I plan on having a small town, NPCS... the scope of the game is very big, but I plan to start out small. In the playable alpha, it will be a very limited demo, with none of these interactions in the journal. Here's what you can expect:

* Rabbits wake up in the morning
* Can forage wild carrots
* One type of each kind of furniture (one chair, one table, one bed, one fridge, one crate, one lamp)
* Basic cooking system
* Able to sow seeds
* Able to harvest
* Able to sell foraged and grown carrots
* Able to buy new furniture
* Can build walls and floors.

I don't plan to release this alpha version except to close friends for testing purposes, unless there is some real interest. If you send me a PM or comment and say you're super interested, I will be happy to show you more, in private. This alpha is not intended to be fun. The hardest part of making this game is going from nothing to something, and that's what I'm doing now. If I can get the alpha, adding each new feature in is going to be very easy. I'll have a public beta once I feel comfortable that there are enough features to be fun.

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Published: 1 year, 7 months ago
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1 year, 7 months ago
Lettuce tie?
1 year, 7 months ago
It does look rather like lettuce, huh... That was not intentional :P His color is green. I wanted to theme all the rabbits with a consistent color in the UI and game, so the major accessories of each should have that color. I want to keep his color green, it's kind of a joke to me that he's on rabbitnip. I'll see about changing the tie to make it less lettuce-like, though.

1 year, 7 months ago
No need to change it.  I'd actually make it more lettuce like since the other one has a carrot.
1 year, 6 months ago
I was thinking the very same thing. Make it more lettuce like. It also reminds me of Trento having Rosemary go on a Lettuce Bell run, what ever that is. The look of what each have on make it seem as though Rosemary favors, carrots, and Trento favoring lettuce just as a funny fashion statement.

Also, if the fans like it even though the lettuce tie not being intentional, some successes in some positive fan reactions are at times made by mistake, or just not intentional. Perhaps just roll with it. ^.^

Also, if you have something playable, be it very ruff and vary far from finished, I would not mind getting a link to the game to play test. I have play tested many a starter games in the past. Not long ago, I was one of 100 players chosen over a few thousand to play test a startup game, Legends Of Equestria. Found and sent in many of bugs to be fixed others simply did not know about. Some of them very strange. 0.o

I am no stranger to play testing and have tested close to eight or more games in development, and given much info back to those developers on errors, game play anomalies they may have overlooked, and what I felt should be kept in the game and what I felt could help make the game better. The game developer makes the calls as to what to change according to what anybody may say about the game. It's what play testing is all about.

I just got an e-mail form one whom sent in a game to Steam Greenlight. He was not happy with the results. Seems a well know game reviewer working for Steam got a hold of his game and hammered on it hard. Now the guy has giving up on the idea of making any other games due to this. Shame he took it badly, rather than an opportunity to have some incite into what may have made his game no good, and try to fix it.

I told him of a time such a reviewer got a hold of one of my stories, and did much the same to it. Though I fixed my story up a lot according to what the guy said.

What was disappointing to me is after the fixes I did make, and telling the reviewer about it, he said noting more about it, not one thing about the fixes I made. I do at times find no info more disappointing than a negative one, mostly if I can use that negative info to make some improvements in what I intend to do.

I have still been thinking about what you said about my avatar, and intend to change it still, but I have not been able to find the original model. I will have to construct a totally new one from scratch. Would be neat to find out what you think of it, after I make a new one.

As for this game you are working on, the game play manics seems like an RTS of sorts. Or even one called Black And White. In that game you decide on something to have done, and the little people go about their busyness in trying to get it done, entirely on their own. Its a dumb down example of the game, and is far more complex to explain than in a simple posting. A little like yours.

This could be a neat concept for a game. As for character development in the game. One thing I next to never see, and think there should be, is have an ability or skill go up for every successful try in that very task one tries.

Example: In the game D&D, one collects skill points. And those skill points can go towards most any skill on the list. So as one has fights in a city for forest and never tried to swim, but feels that character might need to at some point, the player can still boost the character's swim skill so he/she can swim good, even if the character never stepped foot in any water. Same with riding a horse, one can just boost a skill in horse riding even if that character has never been on a horse.

I feel it better to have a skill boosted only if the player has their character try the task, and has some success in it, then I would call that to have gained some good experience in that task, and is able to be better in it each time it goes up in that way.

Have more to say, but run out of text.
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