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mad as a wolf
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the longest road, page#1

Ask the Express Riders 004

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this is the start of a hopefuly longrunning web-comic, it is furry/anthro. the base genre is sci-fi as in there's a hovver car every once in a while but the cosmetic genres are still to be decided so enjoy and i'll see where i can take this and boys and girls i love to hear your feedback.

all characters, story, plot and detail are my own (with the excption of one guest character)
do not repost without my permition or elce i will (metaphoricaly with the use of copyright law) fuck you up with a knife in your sleep.



In the car was two diamond ice white rabbits, brother and sister, the sister driving and listening to the low humm and crackle of old far off rock and blues on the analogue waves. The brother was sat in the back passenger side seat with a young earthy impish she-wolf perched on his lap as the pair gazed up in awe at the stars, the whole world frictionlessly passing by as the deep red dawn devoured the nights horizon as was its relentless nature. Next to them on the back seat two more sleeping figures slumped beneath a threadbare blanket a white tigress whom no one actually sure what gender it was and a black and red wolf-maiden the two of them stirred from the many folds of sleep as the sun slowly crested upon their dreaming faces. The front passenger side seat was occupied by what was most definitely a male otter and who could only be described as the pride of place specimen of his species.
Seeing as these are the first people I’ve decided to introduce I think it’s fitting to have these as the main characters, and if that is to be the case I s’pose I should probably give this freebird rabble a proper introduction before they think I’m being Impolite. Ok here goes who to start with? Her, the rabbit girl behind the wheel is called Bellatrix Noir, she’s rather nice and she’s only really ever happy when everyone else is happy but when the chips are down she’s quite the guiltless Darwinist. Now who next? Ah yes her twin brother on the back seat watching the world go by his name’s Analogue (it’s only a nic-name, he always finds a way to understand everyone so like an old coms radio he has a way of reaching threw to everyone just like an “analogue” frequency) but everyone shortens it to Annie, Annie Noir, after so many near misses he’s just happy to be alive so the smile is always there. Next I think the earthy wolf girl sat on his lap, her name is Ghost (again a nic-name, whatever she does she tends to lose herself in it almost disappearing, as if she were a “ghost”) and she quite simply likes Annie and is happy so long as he is too witch considering what I said earlier is pretty much all the time. Now on we go to the otter in the front seat, he was tall, strong, and gentle giant who’s name is Jessie so he was very much everything an otter should be: big dark eyes, deliciously hazel fur that rapidly faded to gold on his chest to highlight his godly Zeus like muscle structure that he was very modest and at times even embarrassed about so he covered it with a good taste in Hawaiian shirts and requests to go sailing at every possible opportunity, he’s a good guy the oldest in the group often coming across as a surrogate father figure for many of his friends but he’s fine with it and enjoys knowing he’s needed.
And finally we come to the two snuggling beneath the blanket on the back seat as they wake up, the first is a black she-wolf named Stitch (yes another nic-name, let’s just say that if all the relationships she’d walked out of were car crashes then her body would be made up of more surgical thread than animal) and all that matters to her are the ones who show her love so given the present company I’d say she’s in a good place. And the white tigress (we say tigress but only Stitch really knows what gender she is) next to her/beneath/ontop of/wrapped around her is named Sophie, she’d just finished university and this road trip is really a present for her success in her years of hard work.
Now I leave you on your way with our heroes as the sun reaches its peak at 1:30pm and in the baking heat lunchtime nears.

Chapter one…Mindless direction

After winding down the passenger side window to aerate and vent the cabin with a cooling breeze that accompanied by a round of sighs was approved by all Jessie the otter leaned his head out into the oncoming wind with a smile as his hair flapped wildly behind him, taking a brief glance down at the thick and heavy haze rippling from the airquestrian’s pressure balancing fans before seating himself again to attentively navigate the array of driver’s dials before settling on one “Hmmmm” Jessie mused for a moment as Bella took a fleeting glance at the dial he’d picked then placing her eyes back on the road “how’s it look Jess? Good?”
“Yeah she’s in good shape, but we’ll need to pull soon to let the balance fans cool off for an hour or so”
“How long do you think we can go for before then?”
“I’d say about another forty minuets till we need to stop”
“Well this road gotta lead somewhere, what say you lil’ bro?” she said, glancing back at Annie as he raised his head out of a daydream “need somewhere to stop? Where are we?”
“Travelling westbound along road stretch number 47 of the lesser Mid Atlantic dessert, so, know anywhere nearby?” stated Jessie, pulling a set of shades from the glove box as the glare from the windscreen met with his eyes
“Well there’s an oil field with a big pumping complex along this road at some point, pick up the pace and we could be there in thirty minutes, they also have a small road café there so we can get some lunch as well, I’m getting hungry”
“To the crude wells it is then” muttered Bella as she squeezed the throttle down into the foot-well.

The Hovvercar and its crew darted across the mid day inferno, the sun baring down on them and giant whirring beam pumps and drilling towers peaked over the horizon, almost wobbling in the heat haze. Drawing nearer and passing through the gates of the drilling complex yes the surroundings were from a distance an eyesore but once in amongst it all rusted surfaces, countless weather worn fading serial numbers and white paint peeling back from the seemingly endless welded and bolted dense skeletal latticework gave it character enough to please anyone and the vast, towering perspective sprawling outwards in all directions just forced you to realise how small you actually are. Driving through toward the centre every so often a religious symbol can be seen welded by a worker in memory of another (there were sometimes incidents where a worker has fallen to his death but that is rare, most of the maintenance crew members die of old age/loneliness) to chains hanging from one of the many precarious labyrinthine overhead walkways only to show that this cathedral of twisted metal is home to any god or twisted soul who wants to stay and oil the gears of this leviathan beast, and it’s awesome presence is only doubled in the slick inky black reflections of stray oil pooling on the dusty ground.
On approach to a void compound in the maze of metal acting as a car park Sophie and Stitch were quite violently shaken into consciousness when the car was rattled by the pressure wave accompanied by a loud rush of air through the open windows off of a monstrous twenty-eight wheeler trans terren bison tanker as it powered past them in the opposite direction “IIEEEEeeee! Whatjusthappenedamistillalive!?” squealed Sophie, burying her head into Stitch’s tummy, Stitch’s sleeping body on the other hand was swung towards Annie only to stop quite abruptly as their heads somewhat painfully collided “OOWWUch!” the two beasts moaned in unison, Bella and Jessie quietly chuckling to themselves at the disorganised mess of the back seat.

Once the landing gear was down Stitch and Annie both stumbled from the backdoor, rubbing their heads while their eyes adjusted to the light and took a sweeping look around at their surroundings “Yup, this is definitely the place, only thing I’d say has changed is the amount of rust and patch jobs but I must say I am surprised to see this place is still going” the rabbit muttered to himself,
“you’re talking to yourself again Annie” said Ghost as she climbed from the back seat, swishing her tail and stroking his arm
“sorry” letting his ears twitch a while
“Yeah, people will think you’re mad if ya keep that up” jived Stitch, raising a paw to shield her eyes from the sun
“I said I was sorry” the rabbit persisted
“Too late for that bro, we all know you should have been in a nut house a long time ago” Bella teased while wiping a bug from the windscreen
“You guys are horrible, we love you really, good call by the way, this place is big but we coulda’ easy missed it. So what do we have around here then?” said Jessie.
Taking his time to stretch out and running his paws through his hair “Well being a pumping facility we definitely have access to fuel for the boost jets, last time I was here they had a big underground chemical store so if they still have that we should be able to top up our primary electrolysis burners as well. There’s a few shops so we can stock up food, water and get our selves any extra clothes we may need, talking of clothes we should be able to use our researcher licences for permission to use their on site dry cleaning facilities, once we’ve done that there’s a café where we can have lunch while the fans cool and stretch our legs. Then we can be on our way over that horizon to where we want to be, how’s that sound to you guys?” the rabbit’s plan was met with a round of nods and agreeing grunts. “Well” Jessie started “if I take our dirty gear to the dry cleaners then Stitch an’ Soph’ you can get food and water, Annie, Ghost, you two can go get a fuel line over here and see weather we can top up our chem tanks.”
“We’re cool with that” said Ghost
Waving a thumbs up and an “I’m on it” as Stitch wandered off toward the site shop, Sophie chasing after her, tail flicking side to side shouting “HEY! Wait for me!”
Jessie was quick to shout out to the pair as they wandered away “we’ll meet back here once we’re done! Then we can get sommin’ to eat!”

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 7 years, 7 months ago
Rating: General

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