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The Secret Serum [Fan Art]
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[TMNT OCs] Dark Dragon Lizards [BIOs][Backstory]

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Tears of the Alpha
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These four were created in the year 2105. They were created by the evil gem eater Rutha. She created them for a purpose to destroy the crystal lizards.Each of them being unique.
Icey was the leader of the team. He was very rough and had no care in the world except for what he wanted to be done.If he were to be killing someone he'd kill them with lots of pain until he decides his foe has suffered enough which in many cases is never enough for his amusement.

Kyana is the more scientific lizard. She builds things with her technician and science skills. She of course listens to every order of her brother Icey she's very loyal to him and would mostly do anything to appease him. She like to torture her victims just like Icey does. But she's twice as worse as he is.

Volcano is of course the big brute of the bunch. He smashes and destroys everything in sight. On occasion (which is very common) he burns things. He enjoys to make fun of his brother all tho that just ends him up having Icey to either blast him with ice or roar and scare him off.
He gladly enjoys to tease anyone that he is against. Which is one of his strengths in battles. If he teases his foe enough they might lose their concentration having Volcano to hit them or even knock them out.

Calypso is a crazy one. She deeply enjoys the pain she inflicts to others. She listens to her brother but not as much. She sometimes goofs off having Icey to yell at her. She likes destruction just like her other siblings. She enjoys to make things explode also. Which is why her other lizard siblings let her set off explosives.

Rutha allied with the evil "Dread Lord" Sh'Okanabo since both of them had most of the exact points of view....destruction and taking over the world.
After both the creation of the dark clones and the lizards. They were sent of to destroy the original turtles and gems.

Occurrences after the events in Bad Blood

The dark lizards thought they had beaten their crystal counterparts but they were wrong. The brawl between them ended in the darks loosing. Then something weird occurred ... Something that never happens to a lizard that only has one point in it's life. When Icey saw how Dark Leo got taken down his senses went wild. He jumped high in the air stomping in front of Leonardo's way stopping him from getting closer to the blue terrapin. He roared out.
" "Back away from him!"

Icey couldn't quite understand why he did that. He never ever felt close to anyone. He tried to forget about it but it just rolled over and over in his head.
After their retreat Icey dragged out the unconscious blue turtle away with the others.

After the events in The Fall of Darius Dunn

That's the time when the darks went after the turtles once again. As their "boss" had told them to keep them away from Cody and him as they fight.
The dark lizards had found a way to win against the crystals. Tiring them out.
The darks didn't even strike them once until the crystals started to lose their power. After a few moments Icey roared out having his siblings transforming into their dragon forms attack afterwards.
Having the crystals in their weak state the darks were almost at the merge to defeat them. But of course the crystals found a way to defeat them. But there was one in the dark group that didn't want to give up. It was of course Icey. He would not let to be beaten again by these as he calls them "weaklings". He went after Frost as he was with his back turned in his face. He then stabbed his blade trough Frost throwing him down into the cement ground poofing him.
The gray lizard jumped down about to shatter the gem but then he heard a crash sound. He saw Dark Leonardo had been beaten and thrown against a wall. Icey quickly forgot about his foe and retreaded with the others.
On that day he felt like he won...but that feeling was just taken down by his thoughts of why he so deeply feels over-protective of the blue terrapin.

Lastly after the events in DNA is thicker than Water

It had been a few weeks. Icey seemingly had felt even closer to Dark Leo. Even if he was not showing it to him it was purely visible that he was trying to have him safe from anything.
The next day Darius had sent them off to attack the other mutants. Dark Leonardo had a plan which Icey was unclear with.
As they attacked the tower of "O'Neil Tech" from the roof they fought off with the others. The Icey saw something which was horrifying in his eyes. He saw how dark Leo got blasted with a laser right into his chest. As he swooped down to him one of the rooftop outer defenses hit him making him poof.

After he re-spawned he wasn't himself.....literally. He spawned but he was shorter and smaller. But yet he was still the little competitive little brat. He and the blue terrapin stayed there for a few weeks until dark Leo had healed from his wounds and Icey had gained his powers.
In the meantime both had started to change in behavior. Feeling more attached. They felt almost to say "accepted". Frost and Leo had both tought them things about family and not being different from one another. But sadly both of them could not sink into the good side fully.
One night Frost and Icey went off to talk. Both of them started to feel more like allies instead of foes. Then Frost decided to confess something to Icey from their last fight. He told him how Icey got the chance to hit him. He told him that he let himself be hit. Icey then felt.... angered. He tought he actually had striked him down. Icey snarled and attacked Frost.
Both fought off until Frost was pinned to a wall. Icey was about to slice him but he heard his family. Then his alpha senses made him go for his family.

Later on the darks had come back to their base. Icey was thinking about his time at the ninja mutants' place. He then heard his brother Volcano make a comment of how soft he had turned but Icey just ignored it and walked off. That was odd of him because regularly
he attacks his brother. But he learned something. That his family is important. And it is never a good thing to keep them distant or hurt.



Gender: Male  
Dragon species: Bewilderbeast
Class: Tidal
Status/Rank: Leader/Alpha

Necklace/Scarf: Hot-red Gem.He control water and freeze it at will.Turns him into his dragon form.Without the scarf he turns back into his normal age.

Weapon: Blaster Swords.One is a sword other is a blaster.He mostly uses the blaster.When he knocks out a dragon lizard he uses his sword to slash them into their gem form.
Power: Control over water.And freezing water as well.

Behavior: Very competitive and sadistic. He isn't the one to trust anyone. But know if he trusts you better not disappoint him.

Dragon Statistics
Fire Type: Masses of water that freeze upon exiting mouth
Features: Large spikes protruding from back of neck,Large tusks,Fins around tail
Abilities: Mind Controlling Dragons
Colors: Dark-Gray with Charcoal-Blue Highlighted tips
Size: Gigantic: 520 feet (158.5 meters) long
160 feet 5 1/2 inches (48.9 meters) tall

Gender: Female
Dragon species: Screaming Death
Class: Boulder
Status/Rank: Technician/Scientist

Necklace: Rose-red Gem.Turns her into her dragon form.

Weapon: Drill Claws.She uses them dig under her enemies and claw them.She also uses her tail spikes to daze her enemies.
Power: Sonic Scream

Behavior: Sadistic and Sarcastic. But also very loyal and smart.

Dragon Statistics
Fire Type: Gatling concentric rings of fireballs
Features: Long snake-like body, Large chomping mouth , Rows of teeth, Small wings ,Spiny frills along underbelly, Red spikes on head, Expandable spiny frill layers on neck
Abilities: Spine shot, Disorienting shriek,Tunneling
Colors: Albino White with Red highlights
Size: Gigantic: 16 feet (4.9 meters) tall

Gender: Male
Dragon species: Monstrous Nightmare
Class: Stoker
Status/Rank: Brute/Soldier

Necklace: Bright-orange Gem.He can ignite himself on fire.Turns him into his dragon form.

Weapon: Fire Gauntlets.He uses them all of the time.He can knock his foe out in just one or two hits.His weapon also can ignite on fire.
Power: Fire tornado , Fire Cartwheel.

Behavior: Brutish and teasing.Sarcastic and sassy at times.

Dragon Statistics
Fire Type: Kerosene gel
Features: Double clawed wings ,Two pairs of long horns ,Sharp spines ,Sharp fangs ,Talons ,Snake-like neck ,Snake-like tail with frills,Barbels ,Nasal horn
Abilities: Fire burst ,Wing blast ,Jaw expansion
Colors: Various shades of red
Size: Large: 61 feet (18.6 meters) long

Gender: Female
Dragon Species: Deadly Nadder
Class: Tracker (Former Sharp)
Status/Rank: Soldier/Guard

Necklace: Green & purple Gem. Turns her into her dragon form.

Weapon: Twin Maces.The mace balls can have their spikes appear and reappear.She uses her spike tail too shoot spikes at her foes.
Power: Spike ball.

Behavior: Very goofy and unconstrained.

Dragon Statistics
Fire Type: Magnesium fire
Features: Nasal Horn,Spiky head frill,Spiny tail,Beak-like upper jaw,Overbite
Abilities: Spine shot,Incredible sense of smell,Enhanced speed
Colors: Peachy-orange with creamish highlights
Size: Medium: 30 feet (9.1 meters) long
30 feet (9.1 meters) tall

If you would like to see my other dragon lizards click here

Hope you like em! ^^

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All OCs (C)

male 695,428, female 574,835, dragon 88,344, oc 30,696, lizard 13,502, tmnt 7,691, dark 6,588, gem 1,374, tmnt2003 442, gem dragon 3
Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 2 years, 2 months ago
Rating: General

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2 years, 2 months ago
they all look so interesting ocs :3
2 years, 2 months ago
Thank you so much! :D Which do you think you like most?
2 years, 2 months ago
you're welcome! hmmm I think I'm gonna go with Volcano, he just for some reason reminds me of DR XD
2 years, 2 months ago
Hahah! Thank you! :D It's cuz of the horns and the red skin ain't it X'D
2 years, 2 months ago
XD Welcome! hahaha yes! lol
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