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Happy Soul
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[Spankeh Art] Border Patrol

Slink Slink

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by Cry
I drew this months ago. I was supposed to write a story to go with it. It's still half written. I guess if anyone wants it I can upload it eventually but yeah. I figured I should probably just post this darn thing seeing how it hasn't happened yet. I can tell you the premises of it though! I did it 8I I wrote the story thing that goes with it. But I only read it in pieces so I can't guarantee it makes sense. More than likely it should though.

    Here we have a picture of Death Wish and his sibling, Haunting Silence. I spontaneously wanted to draw Death Wish spanks the other day, so, this is what resulted. Haunting Silence is kind of an intimidating looking thing. Although he’s very much one of those can’t judge a book by it its cover types. He’s actually pretty reserved, haha.  <-- said I, over four months ago when I made it and foolishly thought I'd be uploading it that day.

  Him and Death Wish don’t always get along the best though, because the two have very different ideas of how they want to manage their lives and guess what? Older bro has final say! XP At least when he’s around. Haunting Silence is more the respectable type, his brother, not so much. Death Wish is more the trouble making type.

-----------Storeh Thingy-----------

“Death Wish, pick your tail.”


  “I said pick up your tail.” Haunting Silence repeated, gesturing to the black and white tail in apparent violation of Haunting Silence Rule Number 37, or probably some number near there Death Wish had decided.

  He sighed, but lifted his tail up enough that it wasn’t dragging the ground. Haunting Silence was one of Death Wish’s older siblings—a fellow black and white Shadowsky cell, but one usually stationed away from where Death Wish was. Of course occasionally when he was on leave he would stop in for a few weeks and visit his fellow faction-cells. These visits, in general, Death Wish did not particularly appreciate.

  One might say the two brothers had a conflict of views; a disagreement in conduct. And furtherly irritating was the fact that Haunting Silence seemed to think it was his brotherly right (and obligation) to make everyone else behave like him—a Shadowsky cell who had mutual respect for all his fellow cells and always listened to the officers. Death Wish was pretty sure his brother would cut off his own tail if an officer told him to do it.

  “Don’t you think it’s kind of obsessive?” Death Wish asked. “I mean what difference does it really make?”

  “Nonsense. You know presentation is all part of being a good cell. Shadowsky faction is full of strong, confident Keh’kitteh, not dishonest shadow-slinkers.” Haunting Silence’s ear twitched, “You need to represent our faction appropriately.”

  Death Wish couldn’t help but roll his eyes when his brother looked away to indicate other Keh’kitteh who he felt were ‘representing the faction’ in an appropriate way. Like anyone really cared about how a Keh’kitteh carried themselves. A good majority of Shadowsky slinked around in shadows, and yeah they sometimes had a bit of a bad reputation but they were still respected, or maybe feared.

  Death Wish certainly had never heard another faction compliment them for keeping their tails from dragging the ground. He doubted anyone would even notice for that matter. He opted to tune his brother out as the older Keh’kitteh began ranting about conduct yet again and the reflection it had on their own faction. Death Wish hadn’t been interested in it last time; he wasn’t sure what made his brother think he would find it any more interesting this time. Death Wish grumbled to himself as he skulked along behind the slightly taller Keh’kitteh. Hopefully he would get tired of hearing his own voice and shut up soon. Haunting Silence had insisted Death Wish come along on a border patrol so they could, ‘talk.’ ‘Talk’ usually translated to Silence scolding and ranting on and on about these particular topics.

  The two had left the other Keh’kitteh behind, having now been traveling outside of the camp and into their surrounding territory. Border patrols were simple enough, nothing out of the ordinary, just the daily check up to make sure no fur-brained cells from other factions had decided to cross the boundaries.

  Unfortunately the others rarely did, meaning Death Wish rarely had the satisfaction of raking his claws through their kitten-soft fur. In his opinion the others were all significantly weaker and spoiled. He silently wished one would have wandered over on this particular foggy morning. It would have saved him from his brother’s boring speech of doom.

  Death Wish rolled his eyes yet again, and redirected his attention to the right. The two were walking along a rocky path that wound around one of the jagged mountain ridges. Needles and leaves crumpled beneath his paws, damp with dew from the ever preset fog. The sun had yet to pierce the sparse forest and the spindly trees appeared more like distant shadows.

  Death Wish came to an abrupt halt, nearly slipping on the wet leaves. Silence had stopped without warning, or maybe there had been warning and Death Wish simply hadn’t heard it. Whatever had caused the pause, Silence had turned around and was facing Death Wish with a most disapproving glare. Death Wish blinked at his brother a couple times before remembering his tail. He quickly glanced back—yep, he still had it held up off the ground. So what was Silence’s deal then?

  After a few moments more, Haunting Silence finally spoke up. “I talked with some of the officers last night.” And then he resumed walking, leaving Death Wish a bit confused, not entirely all that concerned, but confused none the less.


  Silence tended to get his fur ruffled if Death Wish wasn’t being ‘polite’ in showing interest in the going on’s of others, so he figured he may as well indulge the stupid furball.

  “Yes. Most didn’t have a report in your favor.” There was a certain level of warning to the way Haunting Silence glanced back at Death Wish as he spoke. Death Wish grinned for a moment, letting his ears fold down against his head, and said nothing more. Neither did his brother actually, not for quite some time.

  Tension was still entirely detectable between the two, but neither spoke. Death Wish opted for keeping his gaze in the direction of Whisperpool’s territory, while Haunting Silence seemed more interested in the surroundings nearest them. They were reaching the peak of this particular mountain ridge. It was a place that allowed Shadowsky to easily look over to Whisperpool’s territory. Or well, the trees of Whisperpool’s territory more like; the stupid plant life was so thick over there that was all one could ever see unless some dumb Whisperpool apprentice happened to be climbing a tree.

  The ground was mostly flat and rocky up here, bare of anything else. Death Wish decided to run along the far edge closest to the Whisperpool border while his brother did whatever he was doing—Death Wish honestly didn’t much care. Sadly there wasn’t any movement in Whisperpool’s direction.

  “This place should do just fine.” Silence’s voice suddenly declared from somewhere behind.

  Death Wish glanced over his shoulder with a usual scowl. “Do just fine for w—“

  That’s as far as he got before his brother firmly grasped his shoulder, and then in one swift sweep, had him draped over his shoulder and heading back to the place he had found to be suffice. Death Wish didn’t even have a chance to complain before Silence had knelt down and set his brother over his knee, rump propped up more or less in the air.

  Death Wish’s ears shot up in apparent surprise.

  “What in all Shattermind do you think you’re doing?”

  Haunting Silence just held the smaller ‘kitteh in place as he just as confidently as ever set about lowering the other’s pants and underwear, sliding them down his asymmetrical striped, black and white legs.

  “Siiiileeence..!” Death Wish yowled in disapproval, his brother had him secured in place quite well though, so despite his struggle to get free, he was stuck.

  “What do you think I’m doing? I would hope it’s fairly obvious.” After briefly giving Death Wish a look that very much said, surely you should know what I’m doing, he wasted no time in bringing his paw down against the furred rump in a quick, sharp smack. “I said we needed to talk, you should know the drill by now. I go away, you get the furbrained idea to go act like some kind of tyrant to the others, I hear about it when I get back, I do the best I can to set you on the right path, and then for reasons that are beyond my comprehension you repeat the same mistakes.” Several more spanks followed the first as Haunting Silence spoke. “So let’s review the things you should already know—“

  “What? Really? Nooo can we not?” Death Wish huffed, as usual he was determined not to show that any of this bothered him, although the light blush across his face hinted that perhaps having his uniform bottom down around his ankles in the middle of a border patrol may have bothered him more than he was letting on to.

  Haunting Silence sighed and gave his head a subtle shake. Sometimes his brother seemed simply hopeless. “All Keh’kitteh should be treated with respect.” Haunting Silence began, giving the upturned rump several firm smacks. “That means both those within our faction and those of the other factions.”

  Death Wish muttered something under his breath as he used one finger to doodle in the dust. His fur suddenly spiked out every direction when he was given a particularly firm smack.

  “What was that?”

  “Er…nothing.” Death Wish replied, lowering his head atop his paws submissively.

  Haunting Silence nodded. “That’s what I thought. I recommend losing the attitude if you’d like to have a chance of sitting comfortably in the near future, we’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

  Death Wish gave a complaintive meow and an irritated huff, but that was about it.

  “Just because you’re not a kitten anymore and I’m not around all the time to keep you in line is not an excuse to act like a total…total…”

  “Boss?” Death Wish forced a grin, doing his best, as per usual, not to admit that any of this actually hurt.

  Haunting Silence gave his younger brother a disapproving glare before giving his upturned rump a good smack. The smaller black and white kitty yelped and settled his head and paws down closer to the ground again.

  “No. Like a delinquent.” He grumbled and then picked up the pace, settling into a steady rhythm of stinging slaps to the white furred rump over his knee. It was quickly obtaining a pink hue through the fur, something that would certainly serve as a reminder for a good while at least.

  “Keep your tail out of the way.”

  “I am.” Death Wish retorted with a glare, yet again earning a rather hard smack that made him mew and jump slightly.

  His brother couldn’t help but grin a bit, Death Wish surely liked to play tough, but he was well aware that this was far more effective than Death Wish ever liked to let on to. “If you were keeping it out of the way I wouldn’t have had to say something about it, would I have?”

  “No, sorry.”

  “That’s better.”

  Death Wish sighed yet again, resisting the urge to roll his eyes as he struggled to stay in place and not start kicking his paws up. Shouldn’t it have ended already? The barrage of stingy slaps was getting to be too much to ignore.

  “Next point!” Haunting Silence carried on, “You should do as told by your superiors instantly; not when you feel like it.”

  Death Wish was still trying his best to act nonchalant about it, but the more he did the firmer his brother’s paw was upon his backside.

  “And Great Shattermind you carry yourself like some kind of lowlife space scum. A Keh’kitteh cell should carry themselves with dignity and honor.”

  “This sure is dignifying…”

  Again with the harder smacks. “You always have to have something smart to say don’t you? Since you insist on being difficult, no, this isn’t a very dignifying position to find oneself in, if you’d just behave, we wouldn’t have to stoop to this level now would we?”  

  “So what other lessons are on the agenda?” Death Wish asked, breathing in sharply and then gently biting down on his lower lip to avoid mewing.

  “That was the basics. The rest? Just giving something to remember it by.”

  “Oh joy…”

  The black and white Keh’kitteh tried keeping his act up for some time, but with each passing moment it grew harder and harder to act like he didn’t care. His rump felt like he may as well have had it all warm in front of a fire—but this was by far more unpleasant. Maybe it was more like sitting in front of a fire while trying to fight off a hive of angry bees for the same territory or something. It was an odd way to describe it but it worked.

  Death Wish’s paw gently pressed against the dust, his hind paws kept coming up off the ground in turn. First the right, then the left, then the right again. Each time he lifted one up, the toes of said paw would curl. As far as Haunting Silence was concerned, that was a satisfactory reaction. He kept at it though, warming the wayward ‘kitteh’s backside, it was a much more vivid shade of darkening pink now, right on the border of red—a good color for a bad kitty, in Silence’s opinion.

  Death Wish’s mews and yelps were coming much more frequent now, as tears dripped to the dusty ground. Deciding it was probably a good time to finish up, Silence delivered ten more firm spanks in rapid succession and then pulled his brother’s lower uniform half back up. For a moment he let him stay there, giving his back a few pats and then he simply helped his younger brother back to his feet. The younger cat’s tail was whipping back and forth at a frantic pace. No doubt he had certainly ruffled the ‘kitteh’s fur with his decision, but hey, that was tough luck.

 The smaller Keh’kitteh turned his face away so that he could wipe the remaining tears that dampened the fur of his face away. Of course…it really wasn’t half as discrete as he’d have liked to think it was. Silence simply waited for him, arms crossed, and tail swishing idly. Death Wish gave his head a shake and looked over at Silence, his expression quite a mix of emotions that didn’t seem quite able to decide how he wanted to feel or act about anything at the moment.

  “Oh come on, you furball.” Silence called, before moving to his brother and wrapping one arm around his head and tugging him over to himself in a quick, albeit rough, hug. Simultaneously ruffling his head fur with his other hand, then he simply let his sibling go and started walking. “Don’t be so dramatic. Isn’t that what you always tell me?”

  Hands clasped behind his back, Silence set his sights on the downward curve of the opposite side of the ridge, lending Death Wish plenty of time to follow along…and rub the sting out of his rump without anyone knowing, or he could think that anyway.

  “That’s easy for you to say.” Death Wish muttered, not entirely sure if he was upset at his brother or not.

“Tsh, you’re so sensitive when you get your fur ruffled. Makes me wonder how any of the others could possibly find you intimidating.”

  “It’s not funny!”

  “It sort of is.”

  “No it’s not!” Death Wish insisted, face quite flushed as he caught up with his brother.

  “Really. It quite is.” Silence insisted, a light grin upon his face.

  “It is not! You wouldn’t think it was funny if it was you.”

  “Probably. But that would require me being as fur-brained as you. We both know that won’t happen.”

  “Could to!”

  “You just agreed that you’re fur-brained, you know. Oh, and could not.”

  “Could to!”

    Silence paused, mostly just to give his younger brother’s head a gentle shove, then he resumed walking. “Just because you got yourself spanked like a kitten doesn’t mean you have to act like one”

  Death Wish’s blush intensified. “Great Shattermind, stop it, Silence!”

  “You started it.”

  “I did not!”

  “Did too.”

Also, yes, clearly this needed to be rated for violence. I never like rating it for nudity because it seems so mild to be considered such. XD SO YEH.

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Type: Picture/Pinup
Published: 3 years ago
Rating: Mature

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3 years ago
Da spanks ouo
3 years ago
that they are
3 years ago
“Siiiileeence..!” Death Wish yowled in disapproval

such epic line
3 years ago
Gotta love goofy namesXPXP They make all kinds of odd sounding dialogue.
3 years ago
Poor Death Wish, great story, though it kinda ended a bit abruptly cx
3 years ago
Story = a scene XD
And abrupt = their dynamic.
3 years ago
Hehe oki x3
3 years ago
I probably shoul'da said scene not story. I'm not sure why I said story XD  I'm not allowed to write stories for them, if I did they would be a full length story cause I can't do one shots 8I Ahm too wordsy.
3 years ago
Can imagine, would actually be interested in reading a full length story doe x3
3 years ago
Epic win spanking and epic win story!^^
3 years ago
3 years ago
That is one cute picture, looks painful though hehe
3 years ago
Haha yeah it does. XD
3 years ago
Also, Silence might earn himself a tanning if he keeps egging on Death like that in such a childish way hehe, talk about revenge XD
3 years ago
Hahaha that's true...that's true. XDXD Kitty better watch it haha.
3 years ago
One big problem now, I'm making myself want to write it if you don't and I am so backed up already XD
3 years ago
Hahaha XD Oh dear.  He'd probably have to team up with his friends to achieve that lololol. If he brought Seven along maybe it'd be possible. XD Seven's taller XDXD
3 years ago
maybe we could collaborate on this XD
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