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1 submission
New Submission by Kindar
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Stories about the Orr family, a family of tigers with particular customs and tastes.
118 submissions
Damian - 4 years old by Kindar
Damian - 18 years old by Kindar
Patrick, part 01 by Kindar
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Stories relating to my Patreon
17 submissions
Excerpt of Part 1 of Connor's Story by Kindar
The Reignhearts, An Excerpt by Kindar
The Founding of Tiranis, Part 1 (an Excerpt) by Kindar
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Denton Brislow is a detective with the Denver police, and in the process of investigating a triple murder he makes a discovery that changes how he views the world.
41 submissions
The Society, CH 01 by Kindar
Kindar/Denton Badge, by boneitis by Kindar
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here is where you'll find the story about Tristan and Alex.
17 submissions
Tristan Chapter 01 by Kindar
Tristan Chapter 02 by Kindar
Tristan Chapter 03 by Kindar
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Here you will find the stories I've written about Marlot and Trembor, as they investigate unclaimed deaths.
7 submissions
Wasteful Death, CH 07 by Kindar
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Here you will find interviews and articles produced for TCN
11 submissions
TCN Interview, Patrick Sanders by Kindar
TCN Interview, Byron Orr by Kindar
TCN Report - Orr Family/The Society by Kindar
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