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Folder for my story, "Michael and Amanda" and characters contained in the story.
27 submissions
Michael and Amanda, Introduction by MviluUatusun
Michael and Amanda, Chapter 1 by MviluUatusun
Michael and Amanda, Chapter 2 by MviluUatusun
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This pool is of artwork from my story "Marooned on Tashoo".  It will include any and everything pertaining to this story.
10 submissions
Chy, the Kootona by MviluUatusun
Adult Chy by MviluUatusun
My-Rora Protecting His Mate, Zo-Kyta by MviluUatusun
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Artwork of my character Amanda Fuchs.  These drawings were done by an artist I found on Fur Affinity by the name of Yamidog.
17 submissions
Amanda Fuchs by MviluUatusun
Amanda Fuchs at Dogtona Beach by MviluUatusun
Bertha Karhu by MviluUatusun
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This pool is for commissioned drawings of all of my OCs from all of my stories.
14 submissions
Jinse Xiongmao by MviluUatusun
Foxy Amanda Fuchs by MviluUatusun
Penny Wydra by MviluUatusun
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This is Amanda at Dogtona Beach, FL.  She is looking at her friend, Michael Thomson and seeing him in his swimsuit.  She's smiling because she likes what she sees.
5 submissions
Amanda Fuchs at Dogtona Beach by MviluUatusun
Walk on the Beach Sketch by MviluUatusun
Walk on the Beach in Color by MviluUatusun
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This is for all species I created, either for stories or others.
13 submissions
Sketch of Ashtlaka by MviluUatusun
Ahstlaka 2 by MviluUatusun
Ashtlaka 3/4 view by MviluUatusun
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Drawings and photographs of my pets
9 submissions
My Sweet Lovey Girl, Pixie by MviluUatusun
New Kitten #1 by MviluUatusun
New Kitten #2 by MviluUatusun
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Drawings of my fursona, a Palla's cat, aka Manul.
2 submissions
My Fursona by MviluUatusun
New Fursona Drawing by MviluUatusun
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Pool for characters from my story "The Chanalan Princess".
1 submission
Oldetha Krakule by MviluUatusun
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