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68 submissions
*PayWhatYouWant YCHs*_Cubs by Fuf
*PayWhatYouWant YCHs*_Males by Fuf
*PayWhatYouWant YCHs*_Females by Fuf
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The tale of an ambitious fennekin and friends involving lots of NSFW mischief!
73 submissions
Blazing a trail -page 1 by Fuf
Blazing a trail -page 2 by Fuf
Blazing a trail -page 3 by Fuf
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614 submissions
Evil lapras by Fuf
Cuddle by Fuf
Nidorino by Fuf
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110 submissions
*C*_Jake with a filled tummy by Fuf
Lady Marian by Fuf
*C*_Flik dem toes by Fuf
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767 submissions
Kiki by Fuf
*Commission*_Collin's_pounding by Fuf
*Commission*_Mikky's going fast by Fuf
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16 submissions
*C*_Big puppeh Rocky by Fuf
*C*_Sweetie by Fuf
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148 submissions
Martin's ref sheet by Fuf
*C*_Ursula reference sheet by Fuf
*C*_The many faces of Snofox by Fuf
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Hoooooomans and humans with different ears and hoofs glued to them... still too human :Y
132 submissions
*C*_Pima pinup by Fuf
Skarlet's bloodbath by Fuf
Cute thing for roomie by Fuf
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209 submissions
*Commission*Hero and Twillight by Fuf
*C*_Dusty and Pepper by Fuf
*C*_Luna and Pipsqueak by Fuf
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122 submissions
SF_Poison by Fuf
SF_Cammy by Fuf
Kitana by Fuf
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Cute critters for adoption
195 submissions
*SOLD OUT*_Skunks by Fuf
*SOLD OUT*_Ferrets by Fuf
*SOLD OUT*_Twins by Fuf
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48 submissions
*C*_Avatar for PebbleLion by Fuf
New avatar, yay cB by Fuf
GIFS_Meet Karaimon by Fuf
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Footsies! o:
15 submissions
*C*_Resting Ranno by Fuf
*C*_Come closer.. by Fuf
*W*_SFW wing-it commissions by Fuf
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Putting things into other things
105 submissions
*C*_Jake with a filled tummy by Fuf
*C*_Tailbain's tummy by Fuf
*C_Revenge of the pony by Fuf
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From red buttocks to red fluids :U
114 submissions
*C_Would you be my Valentine?.. by Fuf
*C*_Bullied -PAGE 2 by Fuf
*C*_Whoop yo ass! by Fuf
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23 submissions
*C*_Tickle-tickle! by Fuf
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5 submissions
Tree frog family by Fuf
Kingfisher by Fuf
Poison dart frog by Fuf
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56 submissions
*W*_SFW wing-it commissions 3 by Fuf
*Q*_Gargofeets by Fuf
*C*_Cutie in a labcoat by Fuf
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36 submissions
Spyro-another practice by Fuf
I did a Spurro by Fuf
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17 submissions
Vampire Rogue by Fuf
Bad hedgie by Fuf
Can we fix it?  by Fuf
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27 submissions
*C*_Teamwork by Fuf
*C*_Femsniper Nicci by Fuf
*C*_Pop it, don't drop it! by Fuf
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Planes, robots, and others
24 submissions
Mark V painting by Fuf
Toy Bonnie by Fuf
Foxy the pirate by Fuf
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19 submissions
Ready, Freddy? by Fuf
Oh clumsy me.. by Fuf
A night at Freddy's.. by Fuf
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5 submissions
*C*_The Art of Illusion -cover by Fuf
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10 submissions
*C*_A plan nicely executed B3 by Fuf
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11 submissions
Military Flaky by Fuf
Petunia by Fuf
Lammy by Fuf
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11 submissions
*C*_Tame me! -pg. 1 by Fuf
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18 submissions
*C*_Secret of the stallions.. part 6 by Fuf
*C*_Secret of the stallions.. part 7 by Fuf
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46 submissions
*Warmth of love PAGE-1 by Fuf
Dirty rear by Fuf
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10 submissions
*C*_Sweet dreams pg. 1 by Fuf
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