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dancing piki! by lustfulbats
dancing piki!
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dancing piki! by lustfulbats
dancing piki!
as if baby by lustfulbats
as if baby
Night-Shayde by lustfulbats

welcome now that you have stumbled upon my page i own your soul

you can have it back later just kidding never! maybe if you give me bacon

warning : page may contain dubstep, sexy girls, demons, imagine dragons, tattoos, gasmasks, bats, metallica, snake bites, many piercings, marvel, iron man, deadpool, TITTIES! and general all around BAD ASSNESS if any of this offends you well... I DONT GIVE A F***


gender: female
birthday!: may 26 th 1994
sexuality: pan_furry
religon: proud pagan / wiccan dont like it..dont care
music: metal
im also a polyamorous
im an out going crazy person you loves to do all kind of things
im actually an artist but im more of a traditional one
i dance alot
im a vocalist and the photographer for a band
i do modeling but i have to find a new agency
im getting a fursuit made soon
and if there is anything else please dont hesitate to ask

Fursona: Alexandria
Species: wolf/bat hybrid
Ref: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10555913/
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