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Sugar Rush Project Progress

Well, well, well, it seems that the people have spoken.

What am I talking about, you ask?  I'm talking about my planned comic project that I had narrowed things down to.  And since this was something I couldn't really figure on, I thought I would let you people vote on which I should do.  The results of the poll are as follows:

12% said I should keep some Sugar Rush comic ideas in reserve... and just so you know, this was the choice that I personally voted for when I created this poll.  That's right, I voted to keep some ideas for my own stuff in reserve.  Honesty is a wonderful thing

18% said I should make a Girls Race Only, which when you look at the characters in Sugar Rush, is bound to happen eventually.
18% also said the SR crew get a Sequel Game after losing Their Home Game.  Honestly, I thought this idea would've gotten more of a percentage... and as always, democracy throws a wrench into plans

24% said Sugar Rush Romance stuff.  Shipping was the runner-up choice... go figure.  Alas, democracy says that my hand at Vanilla Butter will have to wait.

29% want Sugar Rush Speedway to get hit with the elusive "Naked Code".  You know what?  Democracy must really love controversy... either that, or that are many of you reeeaaaallllyyy wanna see how I approach this subject.  All I can tell you is I'm not the one who pushes envelope, I cram envelope down throats.

Then again, the Lot of you managed to stomach Huckleberry's Hijink (though many of you think it's loli) and you folks are enjoying Coming to Terms very well, so why not.  If I can do nothing but side bet on the craps tables and play $20 for an entire hour and not bust at the table, then this is something I'll be able to do, right?  Just remember two things: 1) This'll be safe for DeviantArt--Hey, don't give me that shit.  If you haven't learned anything from my felonius style of writing from Mario Project, know that I may make things safe for DeviantArt, but I don't water shit down.  Just take the Baby segment of Mario Project 2 as an example.  2) You the people voted for this, so don't get pissed if your expectations are met or not.

On a Sugar Rush related note, I'm liking some of the OCs that are being made, some I've even offered to name, but more of them need to be with color, with the car and/or both.  Mine will be there soon enough.  and now, I have art to do.  Thanks for your votes and support.  And feel free to discuss the poll, or what you think you may / may not want to see...  of course, it probably won't go here over the human rule...
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
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