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Review of Zootopia

Zootopia earned its 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Also, the stereoscopic 3D was excellent. The high framerate took away all the annoyances of 3D, and this kind of world demands depth. Or at least it seemed like high framerate. I find no mention of it anywhere, but there was none of the "next scene in right eye, previous scene in left eye" for a single frame like I saw in Guardians of the Galaxy(great movie). It was absolutely comfortable. The 3D also helped emphasize the difference in scale between characters and the scenery.
There are great puns on the billboards in the background, but you probably won't notice them in the theater. The only way I noticed them was from the clips I saw online beforehand. I'll have to buy the Blu-ray so I can see everything. Definitely seeing it a second time in the theater, something I rarely do.
The theme of racism(species-ism?) felt a little thick, I generally don't like to see it even if it's to demonstrate how bad it is, but they do a good job with showing how it hurts everyone. Most of the species have stereotypes limiting them in some way. They balance it with humor very well. I had some big laughs, even in the DMV bit which I had seen several times before online. Anticipation really works for that scene.
And the lemmings. Not a single lemming jumped off a cliff. They were shown as wealthy business rodents. I'm happy to see, of all people, the company that started the myth that lemmings jump off cliffs, portraying them differently. And they like popsicles. I might have to let that inspire a drawing.
I'm disappointed there were no ferrets.

As for the 20 minutes of previews beforehand, Jungle Book seemed better than it seemed from the other trailers, but I think it was mostly due to the fully-orchestrated "Bear Necessities" playing in the background. I really like hearing different takes on songs.
The next Ice Age movie... my first and last thought on that trailer was, "ANOTHER one?! Why?" Going into space really seemed like a jump-the-shark moment. Yes, Scrat goes to space, I am not kidding. The humor seemed cheap, and I have no intent of seeing this one. I'm sure I skipped the previous one, but I've lost track.
The Secret Life Of Pets trailer was better than the Ice Age one, but the only scene that remotely makes me feel like watching it is when the poodle rocks out. Besides that great scene, the rest of the trailer was okay.
Angry Birds... meh.
Finding Dory had previously held no interest with me. Now it seems possibly good. Seems like a rehash of the first movie, but with lower stakes.
And then there was some trailer for some movie where some kids are in an unrealistic situation where they go against authority.
None of my trailer reviews are in the order they played, except maybe Jungle Book. I think that one was first.
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