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Commission Prices and Details (updated)

Before making your request be aware that I can only receive payments via PayPal and only using the following address:


Contact details

If you wish to contact me about prices, commission details or discuss anything else please use Ink Bunny’s PM system as it is the quickest and easiest means for me to respond to.
Alternatively if you wish to email me as the above email is strictly for paypal transactions I can be reached at zenuzenu@live.com but be aware since I manage about 5 or so email address’ I will rarely check it.
I do not use MSN messenger, AIM or any other chat software that I am willing to give out my personal details for.  

Process details

Sometimes I may be overrun by commission requests so don’t always expect a timely completion of yours during such periods. I try to work as fast as I can but I always place quality above all to the degree I am capable.  I have a relatively demanding real life like anyone else so delays can be common, please keep this in mind.  I am very respectful and grateful for people’s time and patience.   If however you should treat me in a rude or insultful manner at all before or during your commission expect me to ignore you.  The day I accept money from an asshole is the day I lose all my self-respect.

Also depending on what I am working on at any given time this will also change the rate at which I am able to finish commissions.  When I am working on a big ass flash game of my own for example it will have a huge impact on when commissions will be made and posted.

What I will and will not make

I am happy to create pretty much anything and there are only really two sub genres of “art” I utterly refuse to create due to my own personal tastes and interests, those being Guro and Scat. If you do not know what these things are then be happy but if you want a short explanation Guro involves the physical harm of a character to the point of excessive amounts of blood and gore being present while Scat is anything involving bodily fluids or substances of the digestive or excremental type.

While I understand a large portion of the furry community enjoys a fair amount of male homosexual themed art it is generally not in my interest though I am not averse to depicting it.  


The following are all in US dollars for simplicities sake.


Type                                        Price
Lineart per character                                            $3
Colored, flat shaded lineart per character         $5
Colored, shaded and lit Lineart per character   $10
Single comic strip (fully colored and shaded)    $25
Comic strip x 3                                                      $40


Type                                                                 Price              Regulars prices/specials

Colored looping gif                                        $6                  $4
Flash “game” with 1 animated sequence            $10               $8    
Flash “game” with 2 animated sequences          $15               $12
Flash “game” with 3 animated sequences          $20               $16
Flash “game” with 4 animated sequences          $25               $20
Full extras per sequence                               $5                 free
Flash "game" with 4 animated sequences          $45              $25
+ full extras for all
Extra character per sequence (standard is 2)    $2                 free
Three character single sequence                        $12               N/A
Four character single sequence                          $14               N/A

Animated short                                                       $50

"Sequences" Explained:

A sequence is a single set of frames of animation derived from one initial drawing.  One sequence will typically consist of a character or characters having a start, middle and end without their being any camera angle or substantial character position changes.  When a flash game has multiple starting options, each option will usually lead to a different animation and thus be more than one unique sequence overall.

Where things get a little confusing is if these options are instead simply side additions to the initial sequence. These don't count as entirely new sequences, they are just alternate versions of the one.

Request enough of these though and for example if you are commissioning one sequence with full extras I will ask that you pay as if you are paying for a two sequence animation.  Here is a rough estimate how I want this pricing to work:

1 sequence with insert, loop and end = standard single sequence. = $10
1 sequence with 2x insert options, 2x loops and 2x ends = standard sequence plus full extras = $15
2 standard sequences with no extras = $15

Now say you ask for two separate characters, each with their own sequence without extras this is also $15

Lastly the number of characters per flash game will vary but the consistent is that regardless of how many may be in a given scene this is always a single sequence.  However if a single scene involves say three characters all interacting in full this will make for excess cost, the cost being $2 per extra.    

Prices and options will vary in the future and often just depending on certain details.  Regulars get discounts and some free stuff with eventual bonus' for dedicated commission-ing fans of my work which I have yet to decide upon.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
These are very very reasonable. I just wish I could get over my "naughty ideas" mental block... I will keep you in mind for when that time comes, since so few artists I have found are willing to do cub large insertions, and you do them so beautifully.
8 years ago
Do i count as a regular? XD
8 years ago
*in voice of soup-nazi* NO COMMISSION FOR YOU!

I kid I kid, yeah sherly you're still awesome so you get treated special lol  
8 years ago
lol my commissions are that hard? XD
by the way what does it mean sequences ^^ (yeah im already thinking on animation XD)
8 years ago
Typically all its going to mean is 1 sequence = 1 set of animation frames based off the same initial drawing.

I think I will go ahead and update this in a few mins with more specific details now that you've made me realize its a little too vague.
8 years ago
Ok ok, when you're open then i want an animation worth $35 total then :o
8 years ago
Sounds good, I'll make a new commission file then and put you at the top for when my project is done =)
8 years ago
Perfect :D
7 years, 9 months ago
how much for 2 characters flat color?
7 years, 9 months ago
5 per character, so 10 bucks if you want 2 =)
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