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Just another random superiority rant heh

sigh  thats really the gist of this

now I may have some intent genetic talents....but everything I am and have done is through work.  In school.  I worked harder than others. I was working 30 hrs  a week to help support my family in High school, but still managed to get A's and B's in high school.  Not only that, because of the workload, I ummmmm...often skipped a lot of days of school ( My AP ENglish class gave me the award of most absent).  I sill managed since middle school to corrupt the curves on tests.  Middle school history test, turned my final in early, teacher was grading them and smiled when he got to mine.  I got 2 questions wrong out of 150....class hated me....

kinda been my experience my whole life.  people hating me due to me excelling.  I actually wrote compendiums of all I learned up to 11th grade when it was 5 notebooks in length.  That's when I took first college level history class in HS.  Think that history scene in Good will hunting.  That's when I learned, people just made this scheiße up  And I further learned it applies to EVERYTHING, science, politics, etc.  They are all lying to you.

Even my most successful career.  I took a job at Macy's.  Didnt want it, but I was on unemployment from my last job as a hotel manager and um couldnt refuse.  so lowly salesperson.  It was on commission tho, so I learned my product and sold my ass off.  Made $17 an hour in 2003.  Pretty much from the start.  My other coworkers made min wage at the time, $6.50 (ie i sold 2.5x what they did).  Did that for 3 yrs, increasing each year as I got more clientele.  There  were their special sale days that I would sell $10,000 in stuff a day+ which meant I made $800 in a day.  One of those days, from so many phone calls asking people to come in to buy and staying 15 hrs to sell to people, I had nearly lost my voice from talking so much.  I think thats glorious.  My coworkers response?  They called so many times to security as I must be doing something wrong to make so many sales, that I was taken off the salesfloor to talk to the 2nd in charge of the store...yeah just making money.  I had made so many sales by noon, that i had 25% of the whole store's sales ( of some 200 salespeople).  My store manager's response?  You need to tighten that tie.

Eventually, the manager's bought into the lie that I must be doing something wrong and constricted  me to 1 department where I waited on 2 customers a day..  I read a lot of books in those 2 months, including the collective works of HG wells.  only like 1500 pages.  sadly I left that tome at the store when I quit including my nice altho ripped leather suede jacket.  so they forced me out, by cutting my pay 60%.  After I left their sales for mattresses fell 70% and their sales for luggage fell 50% for the YEAR.  MUHAHHA, cuz its not skill, its just scamming people.  Damn I wish I knew the address of the person who dismissed my case (its all internal) where i could point this out..., literally 100,000s of $ lost for for store.  yay

that's the worst case of the drive to medocrity I've seen since high school.  2nd was working at Kane's furniture where people were kinda jealous that I would only work 40 hrs yet sold more than them.

so have any of you guys been persecuted for being above average?
or do you want to admit you were jealous or took down people who worked harder than you?

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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
funny thing is, i got fired from radio shack not that long ago. Now i admit i'm not always the best at dealing with people. You can blame it on the ADHD or the mild aspergers syndrome i have, but i think it's because ppl are dicks. After being told by my boss several times on how much i needed to get better, the last two months i was there i pulled the most sales of anyone in the district i live in. My goal during my last month was only like 10k in sales, was at 13k with a week to go when i got canned. So i can relate. Also, i'm another case of "really frigging smart, but can't use it in real life." (at least that's what ppl keep telling me, asshats) I also think i got canned because i kept complaining about the redictulous lack of security systems in the store. We got shit stolen all the time, and the sad part is they don't have cameras in that store or even the door alarms for products. Stupid ass company.
5 years, 6 months ago
" AtomicBurn wrote:
"really frigging smart, but can't use it in real life."

story of my life, man.
5 years, 6 months ago
well see that's was kinda my point, I was REALLY good at dealing with people.    I have 2 funny stories of a man about to sign for a $1000 mattress looking mystified at me, I just came in to buy a toaster.  And This elderly lady seeing me come up to say hello, screaming we dont wanna buy anything, were just browsing, stay away  (I had sold her about $5000 of stuff after showing her the best deals on the clearance tables...do you have any other deals?  well.....)
5 years, 6 months ago
there's a saying.  live on your knees or die on your feet.  I like the rephrasing I heard in a KMFDM song, drown in your blood, or live in your shit.  either way, same meaning.  someone does better than me, I ask how I can do that.  once I find out I'm not good enough, or too lazy to put in the work, I just say big ups for doin' better, and revel in my mediocrity.

one of my friends goes to CCG tournaments and almost has a tantrum when she doesn't win the whole thing.  not naming names, she's on here.  but my POV of those kinds of tournaments?  one winner, everyone else loses.  or I could picture it as how far away, and which way, from the mean?  oh no, I lost three games.  but I won four.  I'm better than average.  half of them did worse than I did.  I'm just happy to not get last place, straight losses.  because every one of those, someone got straight losses.  and without the guys getting straight losses, if only winners showed up, one of the finalists otherwise, would have, you guessed it, straight losses.

not saying that converts directly to real life.  but people sometimes try reaching past their means.  wait, sometimes?  make that all the time.  and knocking someone down to get better than them, they still got better than them.  even as a group loss, they're up a rung in the group.  that's all that matters.

some people gotta learn to live on their knees in the shit than to stand up and get blood to the face and drown everyone they pull down with them.
5 years, 6 months ago
well its a game...um enjoy the experience?  to me selling to people was a game.  I was very good at it both at Kane's and Macy's...and although I did put in extra hours on important days, generally worked 40 hours a week at both places.  People at Kane's were mystified because you could literally work open to close everyday.  One buffoon did that, had no life but made 100k a year after 10 years of working there.  I was happy working 40 hrs a week and making 35k right when I started, would probably still be doing that, but the credit market was drying up and company was cutting back in stupid ways from its 60 yr old VP turf wars.
5 years, 6 months ago
Look, I don't trust salespeople in general, to me it's the same basic skillset needed for politics and confidence scams.

So I don't blame your co-workers for thinking you were up to something.
5 years, 6 months ago
there's a difference between a salesman and a huckster.  Hucksters try to get you to buy things you don't need or things of poor or no quality.  A salesman guides to what you need quicker than you could do on your own because they know their product.  They can tell you what's crap and what's good.  My goal as a salesman was to know what I was selling intimately so I could guide people to the right things that they were needed within their price range.  An example would be someone who one went on car trips doesn't need the most expensive luggage, but can do with something lightweight and cheaper.  So I often steered people away from the most expensive stuff if they didnt need it.  Some things I would talk people into spending as much as they can for like cookware or mattresses.  Cookware they can buy a $50 set that will be trash in a year or a better set for $100 that has less pieces but will last 5-6 yrs.  That's the job of a real salesman.

And my coworkers were "salespeople" too, who didnt know their product and were the can I help you find anything?  no well I'll just stand here and let you look around types
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