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Pokemon White and black Zoroark's for Trade

THAT Right I have a lot and I mean A LOT of Zorua's that evo into Zoroark for Trade on my pokemon white and black

I am a Breeder on the pokemon games I love to breed all pokemon starters and rare ones that can be breed

SO These pokemon Zorua's I got 2 box's full 1 of males 1 of females

[it took me over a WEEK to breed a box full of Female Zorua's... I had like 12 or more box's of male Zorua's XD full heheh

so I am willing to Trade anyone a Zorua so they can have a Zoroark ^^

also if there the starters you want I got them to, not as many but still.

I don't mind what you Trade me for them but I am looking for the Following if anyone got them ^^;...

"the Event mew"

"First Anniversary Mewtwo"

"Zekrom" ^^; I just want 1 heheh


and "event one of Meloetta"

if anyone want a Zorua to breed their own Zoroark cause in black/white 1 you need the event legionary dogs get zoroark and celebi to get Zorua. witch I did get and got them that how I was able to breed so many XD that and my Ditto is a MONSTER ^^;... 5 steps and the old man call me got more eggs...

my Pokemon White1 friend Code
name: Runhurd
FriendCode: 0175-9258-1348

^^ please give these Zorua's a good home
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
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