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Getting stuff off my chest, plus moving Monday!

Ok folks, I'm getting this off my chest because it's really beginning to fuck me off. I know too many people that expect/want two things out of me. Either they want a "yiffy", sexy rp or straight up free art. I'm either an E-Cock for someone to ride/suck or a trained monkey with a Bamboo Tablet. And honestly, it's stopping NOW. I see so many of my friends who meet these new people and they get all that attention because those people revel in the sordid side of the fandom. They pig out on the side of the fandom that puts Porn Commissioners on the top pedestal while artists/people that would rather try and keep away from that shit get sweet fuck all.

Today is the day where I'm putting my foot down and I'm gonna be fucking blunt. If you just want sexy/yiffy roleplays or free art from me, there's the fucking door. WALK OUT OF IT! When I first joined the fandom I made some great friends, then shit started to change when I started to draw. It's killing me that people just expect me to draw shit for them without me getting anything in return. I love trades because I'm getting something in return. Shit is stopping now on all fronts, people. I will not bend over and take it in the ass anymore. I'll offer freebies if and when I WANT. I'll get down and freaky in a roleplay if and when I FEEL THE URGE! Right now I know too many people that only send me a message when they want one or the other. Almost no one messages me just for a chat. Almost no one messages me for a simple little roleplay.

So folks, in a nutshell I'm saying this. If you only want to be "friends" with me to snag free art or to have a quick jerk off, fuck off and leave me alone. I want to just have the people around me that actually care, enjoy my company because they actually enjoy my company and dont expect me to just smile and unzip my roleplay pants. Is that understood, people? Yes? Good! Lets see how many people actually stay around after this fucking journal, eh?

Now, onto less annoying matters. I'M MOVING MONDAY! :D Things are all set, money is all counted. Me and my boyfriend are moving in together! Finally! The thing is, once I'm out of my current place I'll be without the internet for maybe a week. That'll suck, but it has to be done D: But I will be back as soon as I can be! ^__^ So, this'll probably be my last journal until I get the internet at my new place. What a journal to go out on, eh?! Let me say one thing about the first part of this journal. It's aimed at specific people who I wont name because they should know who they are. And if they truly value me as a friend they'll change this shit. Because I've had enough.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
i wanna have your freebies~
5 years, 7 months ago
Oh gawds...FINE!

-Drags her into the bedroom-
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