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The craziness goes geometric

so yush, obama, another antiwar candidate, who only goal that can be accertained is to make a islamic brotherhood type caliphate reappear, as another superstate, next to the EU, the forming north american union, etc, cuz its easier to control 10 states rather than 200.

so why are we shipping weapons illegally to syrian rebels via al aqaeda (who it really looks like its been our puppets the whole time since we financed them 30 yrs ago)...they did the libya raid which we stood down on, which are presumably in control of libya now.  And the bengazi thing was some arms shipment which maybe our ambassador said, wtf and got killed over.  Yeah its in the news peeps, but not the mainstream, they dont want to hear about such things.

So now the rush to war with Syria, because we must have continual war.  Its the bread and circuses of Rome theory.  the war is your circus.

but why?  al quaeda is the rebels, and we want to support them?  um why?  UN reports claim the rebels had the chemical weapons and one attack is conveniently staged when the inspectors are there?  do you think any sane monarch would do that?  and then threats russia, china, and iran will step up responses...

so why do we even care?  to help rebels who are our enemies, cuz 'bama says so.

who lines up to support him?  mccain, kerry?  really all former Presidential candidates...if this doesnt point to the fact they are bought and paid for....what thinking person can, yes lets start a war supporting our "enemy" that we have been funding for years apparently, to overthrown a government, why?  why why why

and the president has no authority to do so, ONLY CONGRESS CAN START A WAR.  Course thats been ignored for 50 years

so protest.  spread the word if you think this is yet another pointless war baseless war they are dragging us into


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Added: 5 years, 5 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
anyone noticing the comments to this disappear? hmmmm
5 years, 5 months ago
*sticks toung out* conspiracy theory bad for furry yiffiness, there's places for that cobra, and a site dealing with artistic expression isn't one of them...im sure there's a dozen conspiracy sights you could go throw your opinion on this at, i personally don't think obama is doing shit other then siting on his private island sipping maitais on our tax dollars waiting for congress to ask him to make a speech or other to legitimize a decision they made.
5 years, 5 months ago
what conspiracy theory?  this is all in the news, hell its on yahoo front page every other day...mccain, obama, kerry, others are the top faces wanting to get us involved in the war.  It is also in the news that al aqeada is fighting with the rebels.  It's also come out that the bengazi embassy attack was a botched arms deal to get arms to those rebels aka al aqaeda.  And we did initially fund them when they were fighting the russians in the 80s, now we're apparently doing it again.
5 years, 5 months ago
if you want to talk conspiracy, a guy named Paul Wolfowitz planned all this during the 90s in various posts in defense department to overthrow 7 countries before the russians regained power after their fall.  Syria, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Somailia,, Sudan and ending with Iraq....when he became 2nd highest person at defense dept, he was the one pushing for us to invade Iraq, continuing his plan.

Looks kinda like Obama is continuing that plan with 1 one more nation overthrown and we're about to help overthrow another.

And yes this is an art site, but artists cant stick their heads in the sand when we're gearing up the propaganda campaign to enter ANOTHER pointless war.
5 years, 5 months ago
I have yet to see evidence that it's not just that knee-jerk response Americans seem to have that makes many believe that all popular uprisings are automatically good, and military coups like the one in Egypt are evil.

Though the defending of Islam might go past simple fear of reprisal, and seems a bit hypocritical that the party that keeps talking about separation of church and state is so apologetic towards Islam.  That's why I still like Richard Dawkins.

Also I don't think you should worry about a new caliphate, Muslims have been killing each other since the prophet kicked the bucket, despite the koran specifically forbidding it.
5 years, 5 months ago
it's more just getting into a new war for no reason that's pissing me off
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