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Pimping my first furry fantasy novella set in the Tales world.

Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd drop a little bug for those of you enjoying the Tales From the Kingdom of the Red Sun stories, I'm currently hitting the first draft of a new novella called “Bloom of the Blood Rose” set in the Tales world which introduces two new major characters that we will be meeting here in the next week or so. I'm really excited about it and I hope you are as well, because it's going to open up the first threads of the overarching meta plot which the serial will be heading into here very shortly. Oh, and we're going to meet the first 'big baddie' of the series, it should be exciting. :)

 The novella is getting a cover done by the lovely and talented CrimsonKarma (of SoFurry fame), and will be posted up pretty soon. Now, if I'm doing my job right, this will be ready for preliminary beta-ing by the end of the week, maybe next Monday. Then after the wrinkles have been smoothed out and I get this in front of an editor, you can expect it to hit the mainstream in both ebook and print (via CreateSpace) versions.

 I am really excited to get this off the ground and I can't wait to see how it does. If you're interested in hearing more about it, check out my blog at http://johnenright.info/blog where you'll find updates, excerpts and some goodies I'll be giving away through the 'build' cycle. If you've never heard of Tales From the Kingdom of the Red Sun, I invite you to check it out at http://johnenright.info/TalesKORS.html


The war for the island kingdom of Heperon is nearing an end, finally laying to rest the War of One Thousand Generations and heralding a new age of peace. Lead by the mysterious warlord known only as Tikasha. Scattered villages try hold out even as their sponsor Lords are forced to bow before the might of the Tikasha armies, leaving behind empty cities and burned villages.

Thousands disappear without a trace and by the end of the first month, more than half of the kingdom's population is gone. With Tikasha's armies closing in with every hour, the tiny fishing village of Dres can only watch and wonder when their time will come.

The village's elders has decreed that they will submit to their new ruler and hope for the best, but one of their elders has chosen to fight instead. As one of the last living Perterian, a veteran of dozens of wars between warlords, submission in the face of an enemy is unforgivable and dying in honor is the only path to heaven.

Unfortunately, his beliefs are well known by the council and when his daughter, Naomi, uncovers a plot to assassinate him. She must choose to break the most sacred of Heperon's taboos; she must pick up a weapon and defend all she holds dear.

Naomi will pay a terrible price to stand between the council's assassins and the Star Iron swords of the relentless Tikasha as she tries to protect her friends and the honor of her family name. With no formal training, she will turn to the skills she has learned from living a fish monger's life to defend all she has ever known and in so doing, she will sacrifice everything to die a Perterian's death.

The field is set, the lines are blurred and blood will feed the soil one last time.

Excerpt (Subject to change):
" It started with a breath, the most fundamental part of living and the most crucial to controlling a battle. Naomi breathed. In and out, eying the ten heavily armored lupine warriors in front of her. Within the sauna of her mask that breath betrayed her, forming sweat that stung her eyes and tendrils of hot condensation which trickled down either side of her muzzle. The rusty tang of blood she knew was hers assaulted her nose as the captain of the Tikasha soldiers broke free from the orderly line.
Battles were won and lost by bargains, her father had said. You bargained your prayers to the gods for protection, you bargained your memories to the ancestral spirits for courage and you bargained your body by toiling in the fields for long hours so that when times like this came, you had made all the deals possible to tip the scales in your favor.
But bargains like those were meant for males; women could not pray to the gods of war, women could not train to fight and, being keepers of the family legacy, they were not allowed to forsake their memories. Naomi had nothing to bargain with, there was only her and her sword. She clenched it tighter, slid her foot back as she had seen her father do a thousand times and watched as the captain strolled towards her.

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