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Getting Back On My Feet

Insomnia is kicking my ass, so I guess I'll make another update.

I got a pretty nice car for $1800. The body's in good shape, it runs well, the electronics need a bit of work (I have to play with 2 different switches to get a turn signal to work), but overall not a bad deal. It's also a 4 cylinder, which will save me some money in gas. Where it hurts is that I spent everything I had on it. As soon as I thought, "Oh, it didn't cost as much as I expected. Awesome!", I got to go buy tags and insurance. Ouch. Registration and title transfer came out to over $400 WITH me lying about what I paid for the car.

I go back to work tomo.. in a few hours. I won't see the money for 2 weeks. I have some computer parts listed for sale, but they aren't really in demand. Maybe I can list my camera and iPod too as my phone kind of makes them unnecessary. Everything has just lost so much value I haven't bothered. I need to start working my tail off again to bring myself back up, but seeing 2 years of saving and being notoriously cheap go up in flames...I'm not super motivated. I've been living in a very uncomfortable situation so that I WOULDN'T be living paycheck to paycheck, but that's where I am again. I used more than 30% of my credit, but I paid it back before it was due. I had to take out a large personal loan, but I paid it back in full tonight.

I'm left with $68.41 to my name. And a nicer car. I feel like this is the second time I've had to start my adult life over again from square one. There were things I wanted, goals I had,... I worked so damn hard, and I have nothing to show for it except that I'm not in debt. It's pretty depressing.
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
Poor little bunny :C

You've gotten experience since your first start at adult life! And more friends! I didn't even know you at the start of your adult life!

5 years, 6 months ago
Nice to hear you have a good car now! i'm sorry you are upset about having to restart, im in a similar situation, cept i dont have a job now and im in insane debt forever. I hope you feel better soon, if you need some assistance for like food let me know :3
5 years, 6 months ago
Glad to hear the good news. =) Hope things keep getting better. [hug] Also, I bet if you look for it, you'll see some things that may not have been a goal but is a positive thing to keep in mind. Take care of yourself, Eiko. ^^
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