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Favourite Babyfur Stories

I thought I had already done a list like this, but looking over my journals here, it seems I haven't! So here we are, a list of some of my favourite babyfur stories, with some rough descriptions to try to explain what they're about or why they are good.

A Good Neighbor by Andlat
Hunter, a 15-year old lion, is sent on an errand by his mother to deliver back a jar of jam. Physical and mental age regression, some reality alteration, and "sissification". Short and sweet, and I love the way the regression is handled, and the final paragraph.

Spike by Fieval
Spike the wolf makes an attempt to befriend fellow high school student Justin the husky, who's suspiciously anxious and shy. Turns out Justin might not be as big as he lets on, but Spike doesn't mind. In fact, he indulges and encourages him. Too bad there aren't more people like that.

Jesse by Fieval
Jesse the lion pulls a prank on his younger brother, and as a result gets punished by his mother by being forcefully babied. A bit heavy on the embarrassment and punishment at times, but still very enjoyable, especially with his younger siblings helping to take care of / baby him.

An Unexpected Visit by Skribble
Alex the husky enjoys some diaper / cubby time while home alone. That is, until he's walked in on by his best friend, Cameron the tiger! Oh no! Fortunately, his friend doesn't react in quite the way he had feared. Another short and very sweet story - with some minor yiffy content. We need more nice, understanding, paternal people like Cameron and Spike.

Off The Record by LionStories
Okay, I'm not entirely "neutral" in regards to this one: I won a free story by providing the author with the details for a character (loosely based off of myself / my fursona), and this is the result. I like it! Trivia: A follow-up was at one point in the works. Also, I had / have a slight "thing" for horses, as they're large powerful animals, while still appearing cute and friendly. Same goes for lions, tigers, and bears.

Blue Glow by Onecho
A good old "transported to a parallel universe, except here I'm a baby anthropomorphic animal" story, in the tradition of C.S. Fox's Kit Fox. Lengthy, meaty, sweet, and belittling, with plenty of cute diaper-usage scenes.

2 Weeks With Ms. Roo by C.S. Fox
A ski holiday with a group of teenagers takes a curious turn as some of them starts acting increasingly babyish. Unfortunately this was never finished and we're never given an explanation (nor do we get to see the characters regressing further), but I think it's still enjoyable for what's there.

Timothy by Firemane
A follow-up to the story Corporate Pride (which is also worth reading), Timothy the business lion gets to mingle with some other cubs his age at a daycare for the late bloomers. One of the early classics in the babyfur fandom.

And that's it for now! Might be a few I missed and a few which aren't that easily available online, perhaps having been posted to forums which are now defunct. Sadly there doesn't seem to be that many new babyfur stories being written, and fewer still which appeal to me. Often they also include elements I don't enjoy so much (perhaps being overly yiffy or sci-fi / fantasy related), or they don't include elements I do enjoy (such as age regression, loving caretakers, and full-on diaper usage).

But I'm curious, what are some of your own favourites? I'd love a few good recommendations.
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The Fox Roars Mightier Than the Lion
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