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In attempt for more commishes and such! (READ FULLY EVERYONE)

Because as said i always need them XD


Im going to do a little offer! You guys pimp me out for commishes!

Basically the Rules are:

You pimp me out in a journal and say im taking commishes, link this journal to it, show me a link to said journal, and youll be entered from there to get coupons off Commishes!

About the coupons, Basically i give two coupons out, one to the referrer, and one to the commisher, so these coupons are based on commishers! if they commish me and i find the commmishers referrer person is X, they both will get a coupon off a commish, 3 for a referrer and 3/5/7 for the commisher, (Depending on which commished level of quality it is) so a little bit off the commish for the commisher, and a free coupon for the refferer for some money off your next commish!

and no, being a refferer and then commishing me (if you have a coupon already,otherwise it does for that said commish) does not add that "commisher" coupon to it, because you already have a savings coupon XD

Coupons are unlimited, but to prevent free commishes ill only allow so many to be used for this that and other levels of commish XD (1 for sketch to lines, 2 for flats, and 3 for complex) (that goes more for the referrers. XD)

**People that are REFFERED here! PLEASE Leave your comment below your Refferer to ease out said coupons!

If your going to JOIN this savings deal and feel you can get me commishers say "I was reffered here by X and i want to get in on this, then post another solid comment with this journal pimped as the Refferers would do, that dosent reply to the other ones,

Youll still count as reffered by the other person, but you can start saving up your own coupons,

If you ARE going to commish me, also, PM me and make it easy on my life by telling me who referred you so i can mete out the coupons without having to search through endless messages XD

Im trying to keep this sales as organized as possible xD so yeh X3 But if i have to ill probably jot this down on a notepad

Hope this is a good idea maybe to you guys! i sacrifice abit of money but id make alot more profit i think x3

On With the Show! X3 Prices are Below!

EDIT: Due to something hun told me, ill need to make a limit on this, this deal is going on until 9/15/13! thats half a month! x3 otherwise im lowering prices forever XD

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Added: 5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
5 years, 4 months ago
I could pimp but I don't have many watchers here and I think most of them already watch you....  But Thank you for the artz I got already won't be doing any more commissions until next year likely....  I saves everything at the moment, if all goes well I'll have a dream come true at the beginning of next year.

And yes I pimped it.
5 years, 4 months ago
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